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How to Write Quality Content for Social Media

quality contentIf you’re reaching out to clients through social media, you need to be conscious of the message you are sending at all times. These means caring about the complete images your customers receive. Your social media strategy should align with your business goals. The content of your communications, blogs, postings and Tweets is important. You want to send rich, interesting information. However, it’s also important that you pay attention to the details. Don’t be so focused on speed that you neglect the quality of the writing in your communications.

Why does quality matter?

Why does the quality of writing matter so much? Isn’t the information the most important thing? It’s easy to think of social media as a place where normal writing and grammar rules don’t apply. Some writers use abbreviations and don’t capitalize letters or check their spelling. Just because it is common doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Customers notice the quality of your writing and make judgments based on what they read. They will see carelessness as an indication of a bad attitude and low commitment to quality. If you don’t care enough about the quality of a simple message, will you really care about your customers’ needs? Will you take the time to do your work properly if you can’t even communicate clearly?

Clean copy

The copy in your messages needs to be easy to read and free of errors .Typographical errors are signs of carelessness. Your messages send a lot of information about your business. Potential customers may be exposed to your company for the first time through social media. The first message they read can make or break their impression of you and your services. You may never have a chance to undo a bad impression you’ve made through social media. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time. .


You should use an informal, but professional style when writing online. You don’t want the sentence structure to be extremely formal because it will alienate readers. It’s fine to use first and second person terms like “you” and “I”. You can do this and still maintain a professional tone. You want to avoid social media traps that make you sound unprofessional.

  1. The first is using common but inaccurate word spelling. Don’t make words plural using a “z” instead of an “s”. You’ve probably seen text like “good eatz” or “winterz new style!” These spellings might be common on social media but they’re not business-like and you should avoid them.
  2. Another common trap is “capslacking”. This means that the writer doesn’t properly capitalize words in a sentence. It’s a sloppy habit that reflects poorly on the writer.

Confusing terms

Be careful to avoid abbreviations and insider terms. If you use an abbreviation, make sure it is a commonly understood one that the average reader will understand. Don’t use terms that are exclusive to your industry. They may confuse new readers. If you must use an industry term, take the time to explain it. This will minimize frustration for the reader. Some writers include glossaries when they need to use a lot of industry terms. It’s easy to create hyperlinks to definitions in blogging engines like WordPress. This simplifies things for the reader. Don’t talk over the reader’s head. It won’t impress anyone and it will turn readers off. Social media is a way to connect with your readers through easy to understand material.

Grammar guidance

There are a wide variety of grammar sites that can give you guidance on good grammar. It’s a good idea to ask a colleague to read through anything you’ve written. Often, when you’ve worked hard writing something, you don’t notice errors because you’ve read the text so many times. A second pair of eyes will help you spot errors. You can also hire editors on a per-project basis at a low cost. Even professional writers need editing support on a regular basis.

Breaking up text

You can make text easier to read by breaking it up with subheadings or bullet points, like what we’re doing in this article. You can often prepare a post ahead of time by outlining some bullet points and then filling in text on each point. It will be easy to pick out subheadings and keep yourself organized if you outline a post ahead of time. Bullet points are popular on social media because they are easy and quick to read. Subheadings are also popular because readers can scan the heading and decide what parts of the text they want to read.

Simplicity is key

Keep in mind that well-written text is important because it is easy to read. Good writing simplifies material and helps readers gather information quickly. People often turn to social media to help them understand complex topics. Try dividing information into easy to read capsules, such as simple steps and easy categories. You can also do question and answer formats in your blog post. These work well if customers have common questions about your business or related issues. Think about common questions and concerns that your customers have and address them in your blog. If you can simplify issues and information for people through social media, they will come to rely on you in the future.

How can you tell if your text is easy to read? Try reading it out loud to yourself. If it’s difficult or awkward out loud, readers will have problems with it as well. Have someone outside your company read it quickly and ask them a few questions to make all the information is clear to the reader. Always ask someone who is willing to give an honest opinion. Remember, you can’t undo a first impression so you should edit your work carefully.

If you write interesting posts that are relevant to readers, your blog will boost the traffic to your website. Try to provide them with information they can’t find anywhere else. Explain complex information to them in simple terms. Consolidate a difficult process into simple-to-follow steps. Help them find additional information. Following these simple steps will help you get results with your social media efforts.

What is a Good Content Management System?

wordpress themeThe Content Management System or CMS that you choose should be intuitive to use. Once your marketing team has you up and running, you should feel comfortable taking over at least some of the tasks associated with managing your website. That’s where a good content management system can make the difference.


What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is a web application used in the creating, managing, storing and deploying of website content. A good content management system focuses on allowing the non-programmer to write, edit and post content and photos using a simple to navigate web interface, which is why WordPress is considered one of the best CMS tools available.


When WordPress was first released it was best known for its ease of use by bloggers, but over the years, the platform has morphed into much more. WordPress is completely customizable, allowing small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to work with their design and development teams to create a custom them specific to their brand that is also search engine friendly, while having the ability manage their content.



Make sure you choose a CMS that doesn’t just focus on those that are highly tech savvy. Website frameworks comes with endless bells and whistles that you can take advantage of, but you aren’t going to use these if you need an IT degree to be able to make them work. Instead choose a CMS that’s designed for your level of understanding, your marketing consultant can help you pick a winner. WordPress CMS frameworks offer you an easy way to take advantage of what a CMS has to offer.


Easy to Create and Edit

Make your business task simpler and hire a marketing team to design your custom website –branded just for you, help you select a reliable hosting provider with the proper CMS security in place, and get your initial website up and then, you can take it over the content and photo additions. Keeping your site’s content up-to-date is key to gaining placement on the web. Good and frequently added web copy drives traffic to your company’s website. If you want to easily update your content without having a webmaster on retainer, an HTML program or FTP software, then you need WordPress as your platform.


There are four popular Content Management Systems: Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine and WordPress. However, WordPress is the most popular of all and the most recommended by marketing specialists. WordPress is an open source framework that has thousands of developers working on it – creating new plug-ins, identifying and fixing security risks, and improving both user and admin interface experiences. With WordPress you have a team of developers and teachers world-wide. Talk to your marketing team to find out why WordPress is the most recommended CMS.

The Value of Hiring a Professional SEO Company

SEOYou’ve built a great looking website, but without the proper search engine optimization you aren’t going to bring the targeted traffic you need to your site. While you can attempt to do your own optimization, the success rate is slim if you’re not informed of the latest indexing algorithms from Google and trends. Since your site’s naturalized optimization is critical to the success of your website, you should hire a SEO company that has professionals on staff to help create a winning, customized strategy to fit your goals and budget.


Today organic SEO is recognized as the way to go. Naturalized SEO focuses on your site’s content and code, along with ensuring your keywords are within the content and appear the appropriate number of times to maintain the correct keyword density for the search engines to pay attention.


How organic SEO will change your business:

  • Increase the traffic to your website that is targeted and therefore more likely to purchase
  • Improve your current rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Improve your long term traffic and rankings so that you can maintain this over the years
  • Control your expenses because you are not paying for PPC advertising that can be very costly; organic campaigns are usually billed at a set monthly amount


Organic SEO practices will also make ensure that your website isn’t participating in unethical practices (commonly known as Black Hat) that over the long term will harm your business’s online presence. With truly naturalized web placement there is no blog spamming, no email spamming, no link farms, no random links, no 3-way links and no redirect hijacking.


Why Organic SEO is so Successful

  • With naturalized SEO the content is the focus, because it is this content that the search engine spiders will read to determine what your site pages are all about.
  • The search engines will often utilize the content you provide in your title tag to learn what your page is about, so make sure that this is accurate.
  • When you take time doing your research and include a useable link structure that’s relevant to your site, you make the search engines happy.
  • You don’t pay per click and there’s no advertising, so organic listings helps eliminate fraudulent clicks and make it more likely that quality traffic is reaching your business’ website.


Some complain that organic SEO requires too much time and effort, but what they don’t realize is that the benefits are significant, making it worth the time you put into it or the money you spend with a professional. Others are impatient; instead they prefer the immediate effects of using a link

Why You Should Use WordPress as Your Website’s CMS

wordpressWordPress has grown from a blog site to so much more. In fact, today it’s by far the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for building a website. Of course, you can still build a blog, but it’s important to realize you can do so much more!

The Difference Between Non CMS Websites and WordPress

When a developer builds a website with standard HTML, he/she creates a static template. Using this template each of the web pages is created and then it saves as its own file. Each page will contain both the template (presentation layer) and the content (content layer) for that page. This file is then uploaded to the site. If you want to make a change, big or small, to the content of the web page, you need to change the file and then upload it again. You always risk messing up your formatting during this process.

WordPress handles this differently, because all of the content is stored in a database. That means anytime you need to change content it’s very easy and you never have to be worried about messing up your template. The template or presentation layer and the content layer are always stored separately.

Great, so we’ve established why WordPress is better because it uses a content management system (CMS); now let’s look at for more reasons why this CMS based platform is a great choice.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

  1. The Ease of Content – You will find it is easy to create, edit, and manage all of your content. Once your site has been designed by your marketing team, you will be able to easily manage your content, without worry of destroying your template.

  2. Business Branding – This is an easy way to brand your website and business, making it an excellent choice for business. Your customers and potential customers need to recognize your business and your website is a powerful tool for achieving this.

  3. Extensibility – WordPress is Open Source, which means it offers a continuously growing and expanding number of developers who are constantly creating new themes and new plugins, including social media plugins, extending the functionality.

  4. Support – There is a very large support network for WordPress. You can find an experienced marketing and design company to create your website using WordPress.

WordPress with its content management system functionality offers you a superior alternative to non CMS functionality. Your marketing team will design your site to maximize your branding and exposure.

The Challenges of Today’s Social Media Manager

google +Social media managers have their work cut out for them. Whether you are working on your business image or a new brand, you need to be constantly penetrating niche markets, especially new ones as they appear. Let’s look at some of the challenges you might find yourself facing.

Content Asset Management

What many don’t realize is that all of your content are assets. If you were a financial manager, you would be carefully managing all of your financial assets. It’s the same when you are a social media manage, you should be carefully managing all of your content. Did you know that content can become very profitable? This can happen fast and for no obvious reason. If this happens to you, hopefully you have a content asset management strategy already in place so that you can boost your sales.

For example, you posted a blog almost 5 years ago, then today it ranks on page 1 of Google. Suddenly you receive tons of traffic from this old post. It would be a mistake to ignore what was going on and instead continue to focus on your new posts. It would be wise to see if you could figure out why suddenly this content is so hot and then turn that into an opportunity to make money.

Content Integrity

Social media managers have a tendency to copy the style, format, and tone that everyone else is using. To make sure your content is in line with your social media goals, and to ensure you maintain your integrity, you should develop your own set of parameters for the formating, spacing, tone, style, etc. that will apply to your social media. For example, you could use your own unique style on Twitter and Facebook to get more followers.

Good Enough Syndrome

One of the main challenges social media managers face is ‘what’s good enough?’ A common mistake is to think that if something sort of works, then it’s a win, and it’s good enough. This actually is wrong! Social media needs to go above and beyond. You need to pay close attention to detail. Average work isn’t acceptable.

Social media managers have their work cut out for them in what is still really much like the ‘wild west’ where the rules aren’t clear, especially for business owners. Another option you have is simply to hand this task over to a marketing company that ensures you get the most out of your social media.