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Where to Put the Towels

IMG_2738The age old problem in a bathroom seems to be where to put the extra towels. You could hang some on the towel on the back of the door or on the towel racks, but what about the remaining ones. Too, since towels do seem to take up a lot of space, you don’t want all you storage area going to the towels either. Well, below are some ideas on what to do for your towel overflow:

  • You can have a custom cubby made for your bathroom. If you have two made, you can run a towel bar from the end of one cubby to the other. With all these cubicles for storage, you’ll have more than enough room for all your bath towels, face cloths and hand towels then. Plus; when the towels are rolled up nicely and placed in a cubby, this can add color and a sense of warmth to your bathroom.
  • If you have space on your bathroom vanity or the back of your commode, in an attractive bathroom these places can be the perfect place to corral your bath towels.
  • Another option is having a towel storage space built in next to the bathtub. If it’s placed along the side, then the bather can easily access to clean towels.
  • If you have radiators in your bathroom, install a marble ledge above it and place your towels on there. You will not only have space for your towels; they’ll be warmed up and waiting to be used.
  • Another solution is to have a shelves made for towel rolls like a wine rack. The shelves are hung on the wall, and the rolled towels inserted in the slots.

There are ways to make room for your towels; sometimes the answer is a unique one.