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Different Styles of Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island has come a long way in both style and practicality. So with a custom design kitchen island, you can have beauty and innovation as well an ideal space for entertaining. So below is a list of different styles of kitchen islands so that you can make your choice when custom designing your kitchen.

  1. The Waterfall Island has a benchtop surface which runs down the sides of the kitchen island. The name comes from the idea that the countertops are cascading over the side like a waterfall. This popular kitchen island is not only affordable, but practical and allows for custom cabinets for extra storage. It can be used as a breakfast bar.
  2. The Breakfast Bar Island has always been a staple in kitchen island design, but now it’s been refined. With new choices of color and materials with kick panels of wood or mirror available, its popularity is as strong as ever.
  3. The Solid Stone Island looks sophisticated with the entire island appearing to be custom crafted from one solid stone block. An excellent choice if you have wine and cheese parties.
  4. The Shelf and Storage Island has custom shelving and cupboards facing outward as well as drawers and space for appliances for easier access. This is a good island for a really busy kitchen with lots of activity. You can even add a wine rack.
  5. The Dining Table Island does away with the family dining room table. This not only maximizes space, but meals are in the kitchen for easy reach and cleanup.
  6. The Oversize Island is an island for enormously large kitchens. These kitchen islands are great for entertaining and also have more storage space and bigger food preparation areas.

There are so many choices for kitchen islands to suit all of your kitchen needs.

Unique Kitchen Features

There are many ways to make your kitchen your own when planning a kitchen rehab. Beautiful custom cabinets are usually the first item on the remodeling agenda so you can start here. You can have cabinets designed to suit whatever needs you have and also made to your specifications. Even clear down to the specially designed spice rack hanging to the left of your stove.

white-kitchenAlso, because a kitchen can be an expression of you, don’t be afraid to put your personality into it. You can mix styles and unique features which are all you if you do this. So maybe you want a double-decker pot drawer or a vegetable bin which is ventilated, cool and dark. Or how about installing a cutting board which you can pull out over a garbage bin which then saves messes from collecting on the counter. Just cut up what needs cut and brush the remaining garbage right into the garbage can.

Too, walls can be another way to express your personal taste. You can decide to use wallpaper or paint; the color and patterns are all you. You want to keep in mind easy care and cleanup though. Too, use colors that inspire you or colors from places you’ve been. Maybe you enjoy the ocean as an example. Well you could hang up a fishing net complete with seashells and a starfish as a background wall. Or perhaps you’re more country and want the rough knothole barn look, complete with window boxes for fresh easy to reach herbs.

If the high tech streamlined look is more you, install stainless steel appliances and glass surfaces with an island in the middle for cooking and eating. To complete the look, industrial light fixtures for that clean techno appearance are good. Or maybe a more country niche is what you’re about with roses and flowers everywhere. Or fluffy curtains at the windows, old fashioned wooden kitchen table and butcher block counters. Perhaps, an open faced jelly closet in your kitchen with your best china on display as well as jelly glasses on your window sill is you.

A kitchen can be an extension of you and the style or styles you enjoy. When deciding on a kitchen rehab, don’t be afraid to put what you want in your kitchen.

How to Build the Deluxe Man Cave

If you’ve always fantasized about having the ultimate man cave, you should seriously consider building it. A deluxe man cave is a great investment because it will bring you hours of enjoyment. Your friends and family will also enjoy it. Think about how fun it will be during the Super Bowl, March Madness and other sports events. You can also watch movies and listen to music. A man cave is also a great place to host parties if you build it with entertainment in mind.

mancave-barWhat are the essential items for the ultimate man cave? Much of this will have to do with your personal preferences. One element is often an entertainment center. Typically, it includes a large screen television, outstanding sound system with speakers and storage. Another popular part of a deluxe man cave is a bar that is suitable for guests to sit around when drinks and food are served. The bar can easily be the focal point of the design. The bar may include a variety of features such as a sink, storage for glasses, a toaster oven and a wine cooler. Other amenities may include a refrigerator, a built-in wine opener, an ice maker, pull-out drawers that store mixers and liqueur and countertop spaces that are convenient for mixing and pouring.

Many of the features of the ultimate man cave include cabinetry like the entertainment center and the bar area. If you are investing in the man cave of your dreams, custom cabinetry is a good choice for helping you find what you’re looking for. When it comes to your bar area, you can work with a designer to help you customize your bar in a way that works for you. For example, the designer will help you select wood that works with your décor but is also functional. You don’t want countertops that will stain or warp over time.

Your designer will also help you figure out what types of cabinetry you want for storage in your bar and how the bar should be designed for your needs. You will also receive assistance in configuring cabinetry around your entertainment center for storage. You can create the man cave of your dreams by working with the right custom cabinet designer.

How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is one of the best ways you can add value to your home. The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and is one of the first things potential buyers evaluate. Also, since your family is likely to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a kitchen remodel your family will enjoy kitchen renovations for years to come.

remodelingThe problem with any kind of home improvement project is the inevitable upheaval. This is especially difficult ­­when it comes to a kitchen project because it is such a vital room in the home. It is impossible for most families to function for long without a kitchen. Not only do they not have a place to gather, they don’t have a place to store food or prepare meals.

If you want to do a remodel project, the key to survive it, the key is good planning. You should work with an experienced contractor who can tell you exactly what to expect. Depending on the size of your project, the contractor may recommend that you do the project in stages so that it manageable for your family.

If you’re only installing cabinets, you can probably use your kitchen during the majority of the project. However, if you are installing high quality cabinets, there will be some sanding and staining during the installation process. Cheaper, pre-made cabinets produce less dust and are easier to install, but will won’t produce the high end effect that you want. The cabinets won’t last nearly as long and they will have a cheap, generic look. They also won’t fit into the room naturally. You’ll trade the shorter inconvenience time for substandard cabinets.

If your remodel includes custom cabinets, there will periods of time that you have to stay out of the room. Custom cabinets require some trimming and sanding. A good contractor will take many of the measurements before beginning the remodel which will minimize the amount of construction when they arrive in your home. However, you can plan with your contractor to determine the amount of time that you’ll need to plan to eat meals in other rooms or outside of the home.


Why China Cabinets are not Just for Grandmothers

When you think of china cabinets, you may dismiss them as the sort of furniture that is out of date. They may be perfect for grandmothers who grew up with them, but they don’t have a place in modern homes. Actually, many modern decorators find that china cabinets can enhance a home in a variety of ways and add a touch of elegance. China cabinets are a great way for collectors to show off interesting pieces. Many people treasure china sets that belonged to their ancestors and the cabinet can attractively show off those items. China cabinets can also protect fragile items which are especially important if small children are around.

China cabinets can enhance your home in a variety of ways. First, they can showcase china, figurines, glassware or other collectibles that you want to highlight. The cabinets can be constructed with mirrored backgrounds that make small rooms appear brighter. The mirroring may also show off the items in the cabinet more effectively than a plain background.

custom china cabinetYou can purchase custom cabinets that are designed to fit into your unique environment. Custom woodworkers can create a cabinet that incorporates your personal style. They can design a cabinet that fits into your home no matter what the size or shape of the room. Some cabinets can be built into corners to maximize the space in the room. You can request a china cabinet with many special features such as lighting and adjustable shelves or drawers. You can also select the door type which may vary depending on your storage needs.

Another advantage of custom china cabinets is the woodworking detail. Pre-fabricated cabinets tend to have a generic look. A custom cabinet can be created with intricate woodworking details that make your piece of furniture stand out. The piece will be wholly unique and can become a showpiece in your home. You can work with a custom cabinetry maker to create a china cabinet that has a classic, vintage look or opt for a more modern, sleek look. You can choose the type of wood, finish, shape and size of your china cabinet. You won’t have these options if you purchase pre-fabricated furniture.

Maximizing Your Media Storage

Everyone has different needs when it comes to media storage. However, most pre-fabricated entertainment centers have similar media storage features. The features aren’t adjustable so you are confined to a specific amount of media no matter what your preferences are. Many people end up buying other pieces of furniture to store their media.

custom fireplaceIt’s not necessary to stick to what furniture stores offer. You can maximize your media storage options by working with a custom cabinetry designer. You might think that custom cabinetry is mainly for kitchens and home offices, but these custom woodworkers can design a wide variety of products. They can work with you to create an entertainment center that is designed with your specific lifestyle in mind.

Do you have a lot of movies? Do you want to store vintage vinyl records in your entertainment center? Would you like to keep your CD collection in an easy-to-access area? A custom cabinetry company can create an entertainment that incorporates these and many other considerations into your furniture. A custom cabinetry employee can consult with you to learn about the style of your home, your media collection, what storage options you prefer and any special features you’d like to incorporate into your entertainment center.

There are a variety of televisions and audio systems available on the market. You have endless options when it comes to designing your media appliances. However, many mass-production media centers don’t accommodate all the various components you may own or want to purchase in the future. You may want an entertainment center that allows unusually shaped speakers and a variety of different media products like CDs, movies, records and other materials. Some people like to store musical and memorabilia near their media collection. A custom cabinetry company can help you design a furniture piece that has these unique features.

Your custom cabinetry partner can help you decide on a variety of storage options. You may want to incorporate drawers, shelves, racks or cabinets into your entertainment center. Your furniture will be created to meet your specific which eliminates the need for you to adjust your preferences to meet the entertainment center’s limitations.

Incorporating Bookcases into your Entertainment Center

Do you like to read? Do you have favorite books that you’d like to display? Do you collect vintage or other specialized books? You can display your books in traditional bookcases, but these may not fit into the décor of the main rooms in which you entertain. There is another option. If you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can incorporate bookcases into an entertainment center.

There are many pre-fabricated entertainment centers on the market, but they often don’t meet the desires of potential buyers. An entertainment center is often a major feature of a room and buyers like styles that coordinate with the overall décor of the home. A generic, mass-market entertainment center often detracts from the atmosphere of the room.

custom entertainment centerOne feature that many people like is bookcases within the entertainment center. Bookcases provide a variety of flexible options for owners. If you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can construct a piece of furniture that you can take pride in. You can also incorporate bookcases and other features that you desire. Bookcases can be integrated in a variety of ways. They may be on the sides, over the top or underneath. The entertainment center can also feature bookcases in more than one location.

These types of shelves aren’t just useful for books. You can use them for displaying figurines, plants, pictures and souvenirs. Many people request multiple shelves and use each shelf in a different way to create a pleasing display. This is one of the advantages of working with a custom woodworking company. The woodworker will be able to take all your ideas into consideration and come up with a style that you enjoy. You can revise plans until you get the custom style that most pleases you.

If you work with a custom cabinetry company, you will be involved in every stage of the process. You can show the woodworker the room and general style of your home so that the entertainment center will blend seamlessly with your décor. You can also select custom woodworking features that make your furniture attractive and functional.