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Custom Storage Features in Your Master Suite

You’re redoing your bedroom, and you are finally getting that walk-in closet and more storage space; things which you have always dreamed about. Now you just have to figure out how much space you need for your real wood custom designed closet. After you decide if you want electric or natural light in the closet, you also will need some type of organizing system. So, where do you start first?

master-closetHow big should your closet be?
At the least, a master walk-in closet needs to be about seven by ten square feet if two people are using it. This gives you room for shelves on the walls, more storage area and room to move around in. You can add bins to store sweaters and even small drawers to tuck away your lingerie too. Plus; if you budget extra space, you can make your custom closet more elaborate later.

Other suggested features
So you’re looking over your plans for your master closet, and you see that you have more room to expand than you thought; what can you do with this extra room? Well, with that extra room, you could put in more cabinet storage space for all those little extras. Also, how about a built-in laundry hamper or mirrored walls? You can even consider building a center island with storage underneath and a countertop for easier unpacking from trips. Additionally, there can be installed a special custom pull-out for belts, ties and scarves. You can install compartments and drawers which are lined with fabric too as well as a custom built-in ironing board for those quick “get the wrinkles out” pressing jobs. Also an accessory-plus-jewelry station to keep adorning items in one place would be quite the touch.

If safety features are a concern, consider having hidden compartments too in your closet installed as well as a fireproof safe. It would be the perfect place for expensive jewelry to be placed or important papers such as the house deed, wills or insurance papers.

As you can see, having the custom closet of your dreams can be easily attainable and the answer to all of your bedroom closet needs.