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Special Needs Features in Custom Kitchens

When a person has a physical disability, it doesn’t mean that living independently is impossible. When a home, and especially the kitchen is custom modified, it makes physical restrictions easier to manage. When thinking about remodeling a kitchen with a custom design, the balance has to be between what the requirements need to be for the storage, appliance and counters. Everything has to be within reach and considering those requirements needed to be accounted for. Below are several things to take into account when custom design cabinets, sinks, and counters:

  • Custom kitchen counters: A typical kitchen counter is at a height of 36” for a special needs kitchen the counter should be at a 34” height. Work space needs to be 30” wide and countertops need to be from 28” to 36” in height. Plus, adjustable counters are to be within a range of 28” to 36”. In addition, to allow for knee and toe clearance, be sure the countertop is not closed in with the cabinet base.
  • Kitchen sink: When planning the custom kitchen sink, it needs to have space under it to allow access for a wheelchair or a walker. Clearance for knees at a sink needs to be at least 27 inches high and 8 inches deep. For children, it needs to be 11 inches deep. Also, faucets can be a single level which makes control easier or touch control which will allow the person to turn it off and on with a touch.
  • Appliances: Appliances need to installed at a lower height at about 31 inches from floor. However, raise the dishwasher about 6 to 8 inches off the floor so accessibility can be from either side. By installing a side hinged oven door which opens to the side lets a seated cook get to the opening easier. Too, with the freezer on the bottom of the refrigerator, the freezer is easier to reach.

One last thing is to be sure that the doorway is at least 36 inches for easier passageway.

As you can see, an accessible kitchen is easier than you think.

Organizing Your Home Office

When you have a home office, trying to find a place for everything can be frustrating. Sometimes though you need to go beyond putting stuff in drawers and file cabinets and go vertical instead. Also, by going vertical you can find the space you need so that your office is more efficient and practical. So, listed below are some ideas to make your office a more manageable space:

home-office• Cabinets: You can have custom made cabinets designed to fit your office and your needs. Also when you have a cabinet custom designed, you can tell the designer where you want the shelves, how many drawers you need and how large you want everything to be. This is a very practical vertical way to get exactly what you want.

• Custom design: Another option is to have your office custom designed from the desk down to the trash can. Everything will be built to your specifications then and will suit both your space and the needs of your work.

• Wall shelves: By going vertical you can fill up a wall with functional shelving. Just make sure that whatever shelving you select will be able to handle to weight of what you’re going to put on it though.

• Custom drawers, shelving and compartments for storage: You can have custom drawers, shelving and compartments designed for your needs. You can also go vertical as you like and use wall space which would otherwise go to waste.

• Cord management system: This is a system to manage your cords so that they aren’t in a jumbled pile in the corner and a trip hazard. You can buy custom-cut grommets which will keep your cords tangled free and accessible for this.

• Wall mounted storage: This can be wall mounted file sorters or even magazine racks to keep papers from covering up your desk. Making more room to work isn’t just vertical; it’s also more efficient.

• Furniture with height: Using tall furniture such as bookcases or cabinets can make unused wall spaces into functional areas. If the bookcases have adjustable shelves, they will be even more handy and accessible too.

It isn’t difficult to organize your home office in an eye pleasing way if you smartly make use of every available nook and cranny.