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Custom Built Kitchen for Special Dietary Needs

Sometimes a kitchen needs to be custom designed for special dietary needs. Now two types of diets which would need a special kitchen as examples would be would be kosher and gluten-free. This is because in a kosher kitchen, meat and dairy have to be completely kept separate. As far as a gluten-free kitchen, you can’t have any foods which contain gluten in contact with gluten-free utensils, preparation or cooking areas. So below is a description about what each kitchen needs to become either kosher or gluten-free.

For a kosher kitchen

Although having two sinks, two stoves and two different working areas is ideal, it’s really a personal choice. However; custom built cabinets designed to keep two sets of dishes, silverware, pots, bread trays, serving dishes and salt shakers will be needed. Also separate custom drawers will be needed for kitchen utensils and dish towels, etc.

When designing a kosher kitchen, everything must be designed with the thought in mind that meat and dairy can’t touch down to even fragments of the foods, and dishes or utensils cannot be reused; even after being washed, for foods other than that which they were designated for. So there will probably be a need for new countertops, possibly separate sinks and maybe a two-sided refrigerator. So talk to your contractor about the special needs of your kitchen.

For a Gluten-free kitchen

For a gluten-free kitchen, separation of foods that contain gluten from foods that do is a necessity. So having custom made kitchen cabinets to keep foods separate is one way to keep accomplish this. Also, keeping all the utensils for gluten-free preparation in a different drawer just for that purpose is important to avoid cross contamination.

In addition, it’s important to keep have two separate toasters and have separate condiments jars which are labeled gluten-free. Squeeze containers are really an excellent idea too since nothing can be entered into them from the top. Another thing to remember is to prepare gluten-free foods first when preparing meals. Too, thoroughly clean all counters before preparing a gluten-free food so that there is no casual use of an item from that day’s previous food preparation.

Having separate preparation areas for special dietary needs isn’t impossible; it just takes some custom planning.

Master Bath Renovation – Adding a Custom-Made Vanity

master bath custom cabinetsSo you are remodeling your master bathroom and have added some great luxury items such as a whirl-pool tub and towel-warming drawers. Why not add a custom-made vanity to make every visit to your bathroom feel even more like an indulgent spa retreat?

A skilled contractor, preferably one that specializes in custom cabinetry, can remove the plain sink and mirror from your old bathroom, and replace them with a specialized, molded vanity that is a work of art. A stunning vanity cannot be bought premade from a store. It must be constructed precisely for your bathroom space and according to your individual desires and needs.

Contemporary bathrooms need a custom vanity table. Current trends are to build the vanity so that is looks like a separate piece of furniture sitting in your bathroom, not a fixture attached to the wall. Choose a quality wood and finish. Talk to your contractor about the types of wood that survive best under the humid conditions in a bathroom. Match the color of the wood and finish to the tile and paint or wallpaper that you will use when remodeling the room.

One great woodworking detail that can be added to your vanity is carved legs. Carved legs will make the vanity look expensive and sophisticated and add to the feel that it is a separate piece of furniture in the room.

Adding drawers and shelves to the vanity is also a good move. The shelves will add extra storage space and enable you to access toiletries and cosmetics nearby. You may also want to store hand towels and wash cloths in the vanity for quick access. Open shelves are great to display any valued items or to set frequently used items that you want to grab quickly.

Recently, a lot of vanities are created to resemble pieces of furniture from the dining room or bedroom. For example, contractors will make the vanity look like a sideboard or credenza from the dining room or an antique dresser from the bedroom. Sometimes, contractors will even begin their project with these old pieces of furniture, sand them down and refinish them, cut out an area to install the sink bowl and piping, and create a vanity from them. The result is a beautiful vintage piece in your bathroom that looks amazing and becomes the focal point of the room.

Talk to your contractor about constructing a vanity as part of your master bathroom renovation project. This striking piece will add to beauty and value to your new master bath.

How to Create a Personalized Style for Your Kitchen

custom-kitchenMany modern homes have similar décor. When buyers look at homes, they often find that most look the same and reflect the latest trends in kitchen design. However, many people want a more personalized style in the kitchen. Homeowners who want a unique look often have to turn to remodeling to give their homes the flair they are looking for. The advantage of remodeling is that it can increase the value of your home while helping you achieve the style you want. Experts often recommend focusing first on the kitchen to increase your property value. The kitchen is a central part of your home and a kitchen renovation can have a big impact.

A custom cabinetry company can help you through every step of the kitchen renovation process. One of the advantages of custom design is that the company will help you select a kitchen layout that will fit in naturally with the features of your home. They can also assist you in customizing a kitchen renovation that meets your individual needs. Many customers choose special features for their kitchen renovation, such as built-in features, drawers for lower cabinets and easy close drawers.

Another advantage of a cabinetry kitchen design company is that you will be able to choose many features of your kitchen remodel. You won’t have to rely on prefabricated designs that limit your choices. You can select the kind of wood and finish for your custom cabinets. You can enhance the attractiveness of your pieces by selecting the color of the cabinetry. You’ll even be able to add design features that will make your cabinetry stand out. Your personal taste will be reflected in your newly designed space.

When you work with a custom cabinet designer, you will begin with a consultation. They will ask questions and inspect your current kitchen to assess your needs. Then, they will make recommendations to help you improve the space so that you can maximize your investment. Study after study has shown that kitchen renovation can dramatically improve the value of your home. Down the line, if you want to sell, the effort and money you’ve invested will pay off during the sales process.