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Air Conditioning Repair Tips – How To Identify A Burned Out Compressor?

For someone looking forward to performing a DIY air conditioning repair, identifying the burned out compressor is one of the toughest tasks out there. Here is how you should start the diagnosis.

Signs Of A Deteriorating Compressor

A good thing about AC compressors is that they usually don’t go bad unexpectedly, but compressors, in most occasions, leave symptoms that indicate an upcoming air conditioning repair job. Difficulty starting is one of the early signs that indicate that your AC’s compressor is weak and should be replaced.

If the AC unit is noisy when it’s operating that may indicate your compressor is not in good shape and an air conditioning company is be contacted. A failing compressor can increase your energy bills making your unit work harder, causing a steady decline in its cooling efficacy.

The compressor wiring can be damaged permanently and your heat pump may eventually fail to build up pressure in the air conditioner. It’ moment likes these that you will be glad you have a relationship with a knowledgeable air conditioning repair company.

Basic Air Conditioning Repair Clues To Keep In Mind

When you attempt air conditioning repair, the first step is to disconnect the power connection to avoid a possible shock hazard. Stop and do not jump to conclusions, but inspect the AC properly using a flashlight. Loose or disconnected electrical components can stop the motor from running, so verify that the power source is working.

An overheated motor or a failed switch also can stop an AC from functioning, which are minor issues and must be resolved immediately in order to prevent additional inconvenience and damage.

Checking A Compressor – The Procedure And Tools Needed

Air conditioning repair is performed after disconnecting all the wires, which is the same for checking the compressor. You need a meter to check the resistance of your compressor as results are used to evaluate the condition of your compressor.

  1. Zero Resistance – Zero resistance indicates that the winding is either broken or open and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  2. Infinite Resistance – Infinite resistance indicates that the wiring is burned out.
  3. Low Resistance – Low resistance indicates a problem in the circuit but be careful when resolving this problem because replacement of switches and/or electrical components sometimes can cause fires when the operation is resumed.

Based on the results you get, you can decide which air conditioning repair task is to be performed by you and when you should call the professional HVAC company.