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Dog Bites

Did you know that there are millions of dog bites every year? Sometimes dog bites result in serious injuries. If your dog bites someone, in most cases, the liability is yours. The bitten person may have a legal right to damages. It’s important to understand your responsibilities in the event that your dog bites someone. You should also take steps to avoid the likelihood of a bite.

small-dogIf your dog is aggressive, you can take simple steps to minimize your liability. Keep the dog away from people. Don’t walk the animal in public parks or in areas where there are likely to be crowds. You can also reduce the likelihood of a bite by putting a muzzle on the dog when others are near the animal. Never let the dog off a leash or let it run free. You can reduce your liability merely by avoiding situations where a bite is likely to occur. If there are visitors to your home, lock the dog up securely in another room or in a crate.

A good animal trainer can help you learn to control aggression in your dog. You should learn as much as possible about the animal’s breed. Some types of dogs are more likely to be aggressive than others. These types of dogs are best kept out of situations where they may be approached by children or other strangers. Children can easily frighten an animal which leads to a bite. The dog may become aggressive if it thinks you are threatened in any way. It’s natural for the animal to be protective of you, but it can be disastrous if a person is harmed.

You should purchase insurance to protect yourself in the case your dog bites someone. Your liability is significant if the animal hurts the person. Most people have liability policies for dogs that pay out a maximum of around $100,000. This may not be enough to cover the damages. There have been cases where dogs have seriously injured people. If someone sustains significant harm, you may need to turn to an umbrella policy to cover major damages. It’s a good idea to talk with an experienced insurance agent about your coverage in the event of a dog bite.