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Dog Safety during the Summer Months

Summer days can be a great opportunity to spend time with your dog. You can go for walks, play in the park and have fun in the backyard. However, many people still have significant work and personal commitments during the summer months. If you are often away for long hours during the day, your dog will start to experience stress. Dogs need companionship and activity to keep them healthy and happy. It can be dangerous to leave your dog in the yard all day during hot months. Dogs react to extremes in heat and they can fall ill quickly. Dogs can’t be left in the car while you run errands or attend events during the summer. Many animals have died when they were left in overheated cars.

doggie day careDog owners often find that leaving their pet at home alone can lead to a number of problems. The dog can become bored or lonely and cause havoc in the house. They may tear up furniture or other items. A dog boarding service can prevent these problems. When the dog gets plenty of exercise and entertainment, he or she will be less likely to have behavioral problems. You won’t arrive home to a bored, restless pet.

Many people turn to doggie daycare services to help care for their pets during the summer. These dog boarding companies will care for your pet on a daily or extended basis. Dog boarding services provide many different benefits for your pet. First, your dog will be in a safe, cool area which will prevent heat-related illnesses. Next the dog boarding company will ensure that your pet has plenty of supervised exercise. If you lodge your pet with a dog boarding service, you won’t have to worry about your pet receiving plenty of food and water, or missing any midday medication. You won’t have to rush home or cancel activities to feed and walk your pet. The animal will receive attention and care all day.

A dog boarding service may provide spa services for your dog. Some companies will bathe and trim your dog’s hair on a regular basis. Others provide additional services. You can request a flea dip, a medicated bath or a pedicure. These services will make your life simpler since they won’t require additional appointments or time. You can also rest assured that the dog will be safe and secure at all times.