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What Do I Bring to a Dog Daycare?

dog boneIt’s tempting to pack a lot of things to reduce your pet’s stress at the dog daycare. Actually, you shouldn’t bring a lot of accessories from home. Dogs can get confused by smells from home. They are usually more comfortable with the toys and smells of the doggie daycare when they are there.

Most doggie daycare facilities recommend that you do not bring your dog’s own toys or rawhide treats with them. Dogs can become possessive and this can lead to conflicts with other dogs. The dog daycare should provide adequate toys for pets. Since those toys don’t belong to any individual dog, there is a much lower likelihood of conflict among the animals. If your pet needs special treats due to a medical condition, talk with the dog daycare employees about the situation.

The most important thing you will need to bring is your pet’s medical records. It’s important that the facility knows that your animal is in good health. Your dog will need all of its shots before it can attend doggie daycare. You will need to have a report from a recent veterinarian visit.

You may be tempted to bring a special blanket or other item to comfort your dog during the day. Most doggie daycare facilities advise against this. The dog can be territorial about the items. Also, the smells make depress the dog and make it less interested in socializing. Let the dog separate from you by letting him or her enjoy the kennel environment.

Typically, the dog daycare facility will not want you to bring food for your pet. Generally, the dogs are much more interested in socializing with each other, playing with toys and exercising. Animals will be provided with plenty of water to keep them cool and hydrated. You should feed your dog at home. In some special cases, dogs need to be fed. If your pet has medical issues or is a young puppy, it may need to eat during the day. Talk to the staff about how to manage feeding during the day if your dog has particular needs.

After a full day of playing, your dog will probably be exhausted. He or she will probably be hungry and then go to sleep soon after eating. That’s how you know your dog has had a good day at the dog daycare and is getting the interaction and exercise he or she needs.

Preventing Dog Loneliness

No one wants a lonely pet. There are times, though, that you won’t be able to spend all the time you’d like with your dog. Your job or other obligations may take you away from home for extended periods of time. Even if the situation is temporary, it can have a negative effect on your dog. The animal can become depressed and may begin to act out. Lonely dogs struggle and sometimes show their frustration by destroying furnishings or other possessions.

You may try going home at lunch to spend a little time with your dog. This is probably not enough interaction for your dog. Unless you can take your pet for a long walk or spend time playing, your dog will still get lonely. A dog boarding facility that offers doggie daycare may be the best choice for your pet when it comes to minimizing loneliness.

lonely dogA dog boarding facility will give your dog a place to release all of its energy in a positive way. In fact, you may find that after a day of doggie daycare, your pet will eat dinner and fall asleep from exhaustion. This is because these businesses design the environment to stimulate dogs and keep them active. Your dog will have the chance to interact with other animals. All pets will need a temperament evaluation before they can enroll in doggie daycare. This helps minimize problems with aggressive animals.

You should investigate the dog boarding company fully before trusting them with your pet. Ask for referrals from other pet animals. If you visit a dog park regularly, ask the other owners about their dog boarding experiences. Your veterinarian may also be able to provide recommendations.

Visit the dog boarding daycare before you make any commitments. Is the environment right for your dog? Is there plenty of room for exercise? Is the area climate controlled? Drastic temperature changes are unhealthy for your pet. There should be air conditioning during the summer and heating when appropriate. What about toys? The facility should provide plenty of toys to stimulate your pet and encourage interaction. How well trained is the staff? Are they able to manage conflicts among dogs? Do they have the training they need to deal with emergency situations? Doing the appropriate research will help you find a dog boarding facility that gives you reassurance and confidence.

Your Dog’s Emotional Well-Being

Dogs love their owners. Your dog is probably very excited every evening when you return home from work. However, if you work long hours or your dog has a sensitive personality, the situation can become stressful for your pooch. Many people use dog boarding facilities (aka doggie day care) to help their animals deal with the effects of long work hours.

pet careLonely animals can act out in a variety of ways. Some become depressed. Dogs are descended from pack animals so they naturally prefer to be around people and other animals. Some dogs get separation anxiety which can lead them to act out in unexpected ways. All dogs destroy something once in a while, but dogs with separation anxiety can become overly destructive. They may tear up furniture, chew on possessions like your favorite pair of shoes or bark excessively. Instead of viewing your dog as a nuisance, you should consider the dog’s emotional needs which are probably causing the issues.

If you can’t be home more often, consider doggie daycare for the times when you can’t be around. These facilities are designed to help keep animals entertained while their families are busy. Instead of sitting around the house feeling lonely and looking for trouble, your animal will get fresh air and exercise. At a dog boarding facility, the dog will interact with compatible animals and get a chance to feel like part of the pack for a while.

You can visit a dog boarding facility to see if it will be a good fit for your canine. Ask to see the play area and check to see if there are toys for animals to play with. Ask questions about how often the dog boarding staff takes the dogs out for walks. If your dog will interact with a lot of other animals, how will the staff prevent fighting? What are the credentials of the dog boarding company’s team? Are they trained to deal with different animal personalities? Do they know what to do in case of an emergency?

Even if you don’t use a dog boarding facility full-time, you may find that part-time use helps your dog cope with loneliness. Doggie daycares help provide the socialization that is so critical to a dog’s emotional well-being. They also help the pet get an appropriate amount of exercise which will keep your pet healthy and happy.


Dog Walkers Versus Doggie Daycare

dog boardingA dog owner who works long hours and who live in a small apartment may need the aid of a third party to make sure that her dog is getting the exercise he needs.

There are two great options. First, the dog owner can hire a dog walker. A dog walker will pick up the dog from the owner’s apartment and take him outside for exercise. A dog walker can be one individual who physically walks the dogs and holds the leash himself or a person drives a van to residences and picks up the dogs and then takes them all to a dog park to run and play together.

Because the dog walker will be accessing the owner’s home, and will probably have a key, references should be required. In addition, a dog owner should ask to see the walker’s insurance documents to verify he or she has liability coverage. Criminal background checks from Triton Canada are recommended, but not necessary especially if the walker has provided excellent references. Hiring a dog walker who is a staff member or associated with a well-known dog boarding facility is another method to establish that the dog walker is trustworthy and professional.

Here’s some advice from a friend who happens to be a dog walker in Atlanta: A good way to find out if a dog walker is a good fit is to go along on a test walk where the walker takes your dog out. The owner will have a better understanding on the dynamics between your dog and this person if you observe them walking together.

The second option and best option in most areas is to get some necessary exercise for an apartment-bound dog is a doggie daycare. These are short-term dog boarding facilities for dog owners that do not want third-parties coming into their home to pick up their dog.

Doggie daycares are excellent for over energetic dogs who tend to tear up stuff around the house in frustration when left alone for long hours. The dog is dropped off in the morning and picked up each evening, just like a child in a kid’s daycare.

In a doggie daycare, the dog gets to play with lots of other dogs. He is rarely alone because there is staff present. He gets much-needed supervision, and his owner gets the peace of mind of knowing he is happy and surrounded by friends and dog care professionals.

Finding Reliable Care for Your Dog

dog kennelSummertime is a great opportunity for family vacations. There are lots of things you’ll need to do to prepare for a successful trip. One of the most important things on your list is ensuring the well-being of your dog. You don’t want to trust your pet to someone who might be neglectful. Your pet needs regular companionship and exercise. Leaving the dog in the yard is not a good substitute for exercise. The summer heat can make the dog ill. There’s always a chance that the pet may escape the yard, which can lead to unfortunate accidents. It’s best to find a more reliable option.

A dog boarding service can be a great way to ensure your pet’s health and happiness while you are away. You can find a wide range of these services by checking local listings and asking for recommendations. Dog boarding services can range from doggie daycare services to extended care dog lodgings. You should thoroughly investigate the company. Check with the Better Business Bureau and look for customer reviews online. Your goal should be a safe, reliable company with an established reputation. This way, you’ll know that your dog is safe and is receiving plenty of food, water and exercise while you are away.

Many dog boarding services offer extra tools to make your pet feel at home while you’re away. Some offer toys, blankets and special beds to make the animal’s stay as comfortable as possible. You should ask to see the area where animals stay during their time at the dog boarding facility. A reputable company will allow you to tour the kennel. You should ensure that your dog has plenty of space to rest. Check the area to verify that it is clean. You should also ask to see the dog boarding company’s exercise area. It should be large enough to allow plenty of activity. The establishment should be able to tell you how often and what kind of exercise your dog will get. Ask about the amount of companionship the animals receive. Regular interaction will reduce your pet’s stress during your vacation. If you take the time to research a dog boarding provider thoroughly, you can relax and enjoy your vacation because you know your pet is safe.

Dog Safety during the Summer Months

Summer days can be a great opportunity to spend time with your dog. You can go for walks, play in the park and have fun in the backyard. However, many people still have significant work and personal commitments during the summer months. If you are often away for long hours during the day, your dog will start to experience stress. Dogs need companionship and activity to keep them healthy and happy. It can be dangerous to leave your dog in the yard all day during hot months. Dogs react to extremes in heat and they can fall ill quickly. Dogs can’t be left in the car while you run errands or attend events during the summer. Many animals have died when they were left in overheated cars.

doggie day careDog owners often find that leaving their pet at home alone can lead to a number of problems. The dog can become bored or lonely and cause havoc in the house. They may tear up furniture or other items. A dog boarding service can prevent these problems. When the dog gets plenty of exercise and entertainment, he or she will be less likely to have behavioral problems. You won’t arrive home to a bored, restless pet.

Many people turn to doggie daycare services to help care for their pets during the summer. These dog boarding companies will care for your pet on a daily or extended basis. Dog boarding services provide many different benefits for your pet. First, your dog will be in a safe, cool area which will prevent heat-related illnesses. Next the dog boarding company will ensure that your pet has plenty of supervised exercise. If you lodge your pet with a dog boarding service, you won’t have to worry about your pet receiving plenty of food and water, or missing any midday medication. You won’t have to rush home or cancel activities to feed and walk your pet. The animal will receive attention and care all day.

A dog boarding service may provide spa services for your dog. Some companies will bathe and trim your dog’s hair on a regular basis. Others provide additional services. You can request a flea dip, a medicated bath or a pedicure. These services will make your life simpler since they won’t require additional appointments or time. You can also rest assured that the dog will be safe and secure at all times.