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Why You Should Replace Your Front Door

Replacing your front door for some of the solid wood front doors is a well-established way to increase the security of your home and business. The front door is the point of entry for many home invaders. If you have a standard door, you are exposing yourself to risk. Security doors provide multiple kinds of protection for your home or business.

You should have a metal or solid core door for your home or business because it enhances security. Home invaders know that most doors are vulnerable and can be quickly compromised. How? There are a number of ways. Sometimes, the invader can simply kick down the door if it is weak. Robbers also know that the doorjambs on most buildings are have a critical flaw. The lock strike plate that holds the door’s lock in place is often security secured with a lightweight molding. A determined criminal can easily pull these away and gain entry to the building.

A security door will prevent break-ins in a variety of ways. The doors are tightly fitted that into a secure doorframe. This provides protection from weather by preventing cold and hot air from entering or escaping. This will also provide you with additional benefits in terms of energy savings because of the airtight seal on the door.

The door jamb is strong and reinforced so that is impossible for someone to pull it away from the building. Look for a door with steel edges and deadbolt security plates. Many doors are available with steel frames. You may be surprised at the variety of door styles that are available. The doors are attractive, decorative and available in a variety of styles and colors. Some security doors feature windows and decorative elements that will enhance the attractiveness of your home or business.

Security storm doors can have the same appearance of typical wooden doors. There are also doors that are covered with decorative and attractive iron bars. The iron bars do not look like the iron bars that often appear in high crime areas. Instead, they complement the building while providing extra protection.

The advantage of security doors is that home invaders will avoid your home or business. They typically look for properties that are easy to invade and will quickly recognize that your property will be to attack.

Protect Your Home and Business with Rolling Security Shutters

rolling shuttersDoor security and window security is certainly a wise thing to invest in, especially with storm season upon us. Those of you who live in tornado alley, near the beach, or anywhere storms are prevalent should consider adding this cost effective addition to your home.

What are Rolling Security shutters?

Rolling shutters are the aesthetically pleasing and much more convenient version of boarding windows before a storm, coupled with adding bars for security. Rolling security shutters are stylish and affordable. The shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fit a broad range of applications. Even though called shutters, they are also available for doors.

Who Needs Rolling Security Shelters?

Above I touched briefly on how adding rolling shutters to your home is a great safeguard during storm season. While certainly a great use, almost anyone can benefit from adding these shutters to their home. Both residential and commercial buildings will enjoy added security from these shutters. Don’t forget to think beyond just windows you can also add rolling shutters to your storefront doors to keep unwanted visitors away.

Recently, numerous studies have indicated an increase in the amount of theft and property damage crimes, especially in regards to small businesses. While in the perfect world, hiring a full time security guard would be a waste, in our world, you must have security. As a small business owner, cost effective solutions are crucial to maintaining profits. One way to do this is by reducing expenditure on security and losses by adding security shelters to your business. Each day when you leave, just close the windows and secure the doors, knowing that when you return, everything will be just where you left it. As with residential applications, burglars are not the only culprit these shutters will keep out.

Overall, if you value security and are looking for increased piece of mind for your home or business, rolling security shutters are a cost effective and practical way to get the job done. Contact your local rolling security shutter specialist today and they can provide you with all the details for your application.


Simple Ways to Improve Security

Home security is an important issue. There are many steps you can take to improve your home security. One of the most important is to make sure that the door entries to your home are strong. Home invasions often happen when the intruder forces his or her way through the front or back door of the home. If the door is older or is not secure, this can be easy for the intruder.

Investing in strong security doors is one way to increase your home security. You can purchase security storm doors that add an extra layer of protection to your home beyond your regular entry doors. There are many types of doors that can make it very difficult for someone to force their way into the house. There are doors that offer a variety of levels of security depending on how much home security you need for your situation.

A home security door is more than simply a door. Well constructed security storm doors are made in a way that provides more than one level of security. First, there is a lock that provides obvious protection. The frame of the door is very strong which makes it difficult to dislodge the door when it is locked. The hinges and fasteners on the doors are also strong which adds another level to home security. These various parts of the door all work together to make the door resistant to intruders. The door will only be as strong as its weakest component so it is important to ensure that the door is made by a good manufacturer who understands the importance of security doors and how they work.

Many people have beautiful, ornamental doors on their home that they would like to showcase. There are storm doors available that will improve the security of your home without taking away from your exterior doors.

Getting the Most Out of Your New Door

Do you need to replace one or more of the entry doors on your home? This can be a costly investment. It is important to do some research to buy the right door. You want to find an attractive door that will improve the appearance of your home, but the look of the door is not the only thing you should consider.

First, you need to consider home security when it comes to a door. Many home invasions take place when a criminal is able to break in through an entry door. They can do this by taking advantage of structural weaknesses in the door and the door frame. Older doors may not fit into the frame of the door tightly and this makes it possible to pry the door away from the frame. Other doors don’t provide good home security because they can be broken by kicking or denting the door with a tool.

Steel and fiberglass doors are good solutions for improving your home security. These doors are much more durable than wood doors. They are almost impossible for thieves to break into. They fit very securely into a strong frame that fits tightly into the entryway. All of the individual parts of the door work together to provide home security.

Steel and fiberglass doors can look just as attractive as wood doors. They can be stained to look like classic wood doors. They can also be stained to match a variety of home designs and are available in many different styles. These doors do more than help you improve your home security. They also help you save energy in your home. A great deal of hot and cold air can escape around gaps in older doors which leads to increased heating and cooling costs. Because these doors are so tightly fitted they prevent hot and cold air from escaping.