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When Bartering Agreements Go Wrong

Business bartering is a common practice among many companies. It’s especially frequent between small businesses, start-up companies and freelance workers. These agreements provide significant advantages. Each party receives a benefit in the situation, typically without investing money. These agreements can be an exchange of goods, an exchange of goods for services or services for services. Usually, money isn’t involved unless the value of one item is significantly greater than the value of the other item or service.

bartering agreementBartering is commonly used in e-commerce situations. One party may not have knowledge about how to set up websites, online transactions and social media accounts. The other party may have extensive knowledge about ecommerce issues but needs a type of support or product that the other party offers. This is a frequent modern scenario in bartering agreements.

What happens when these agreements go wrong and only one side fulfills the agreement? This is a common business law problem. In most cases, people are honest and follow through on their commitments, but there are instances when the other party deceitful or dishonest and puts you in a difficult position. Often, people don’t realize they have protection under business law in these situations. The agreement between the parties constitutes a contract and breaking a contract has legal repercussions.

Bartering is often informal. The two parties make an arrangement and often don’t write the agreement down. In other cases, they download contracts from the internet to solidify the agreement. However, if the agreement goes awry, a business law attorney can help you address the repercussions of the broken contract. If the bartering agreement involves significant amounts of time, products or services, it’s a good idea to consult with a business law attorney at the beginning of the process. This will help you ensure that your contract is thorough and protects you in problematic situations.

If you anticipate problems in the future with the agreement, it’s critical that you work with a business law attorney. The attorney can help you understand your liability and repercussions under your state’s business law regulations. The business law attorney can help you thoroughly document the transaction so that you have evidence in case of problems down the line.

What Do I Need to Know before I Start an E-commerce Business?

e-commerceStarting an e-commerce business is more complicated than registering a site name and setting up an e-commerce store. You have to consider tax issues and business law when beginning your e-commerce venture. It’s also critical to consider all the regulations that apply to starting a business. These apply to any kind of company, whether it is traditional or e-commerce. Web businesses can seem deceivingly simple but you have many complex issues to consider.

It’s a good idea to follow the traditional steps for starting a business. This process will help you structure your business properly. You should have a good understanding of business law before you get started. Many people turn to a business law attorney for support. A good attorney will understand all the local rules and regulations that apply to all companies, including e-commerce businesses. An attorney can help you implement policies and procedures that will protect you over the long term.

Incorporation is another matter you need to consider when starting a business. Incorporating can help protect you in the case of a lawsuit. Some business owners decide to trademark their products. This is a complex process that is best handled by a business law attorney. There are also intellectual property concerns that are part of starting a new business. It is easy to make mistakes when it comes to these complex matters. You may be tempted to cut corners and avoid attorney fees, but this could be a serious mistake in the long run. A business law attorney can protect you in a variety of ways. Down the road, you will find that the costs are easily worth the benefits.

A business law attorney can advise you on all the steps you need to take to start up your company. You will need to obtain a tax identification number from the IRS. Business law dictates the steps you need to take to hire employees. You’ll also need to understand how to comply with local, state and federal regulations that apply to your business. Entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed by all the steps needed to start a company. It’s easy to make costly mistakes. This is why hiring a business law expert is a smart move.