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Ideas for Hiding Valuables and Documents

When you have valuables and documents that you want to keep safe, there are actually several options instead of the standard safe. There are now different options using custom made furniture which have secret compartments. The furniture fits in with the décor of your room too. So below are some furniture ideas which can be custom built to your specifications.

  • Night stand: This can have a secret compartment that has a slide out top. If it’s made with simple clean lines, it will match most bedroom suites without a problem. The papers or valuable are placed in the top and then slide back inside.
  • Entry table: You could have designed and custom built an entry table that has a hidden compartment under the top. Lift the top and the large compartment inside is perfect for larger items.
  • Coffee table: Having a custom designed coffee table designed with a secret compartment with a touch latch would give you easy and quick access to your valuables while keeping them hidden. If the compartment is large enough for a fire proof box, you could also store valuable papers in the box and then place the box in the coffee table storage area.
  • Dresser: A custom crafted dresser could be designed with a secret drawer in the rear of the dresser. It could be covered by the back panel of the dresser and accessed by a latch located behind the bottom drawer. If the latch is pulled, then then the back panel would drop and the drawer would be able to be accessed.
  • Under the floorboards: This may sound like an obvious place, but you could have a contractor install a secret compartment in a room in your home in the floorboards. It would be difficult for a burglar to find it let alone try to figure out which room it would be in.

Now there really isn’t a perfect hiding place. But since burglars have a limited amount of time to find what it is they’re looking for, a safe is an obvious place to start. Burglars also look in toilet tanks, the freezer, under mattresses and under couch cushions.

But if you keep the installed compartments known only to you, you have then won the first part of the battle.

Why Spend the Money on Custom Made Dining Room Furniture

Making the decision to take your hard earned money and spend it on a custom made dining room suite can be a difficult one. However; if you take a look at the facts, it may not be as difficult as you think.

dining-tableFor example, when you buy a piece of custom made furniture, you’re not just buying furniture, but the experience behind the furniture. So the furniture is made to your specifications and to fit your home. The furniture maker is making you his or her number one priority too, and your special piece or pieces of furniture is the main concern of the craftsman. The craftsman is interacting with you and gaining an understanding of what you want when creating. You’re not just the third number at the third store, in a line buying what’s on the sales floor; but a person with unique desires for something special.

Now a company that mass produces furniture may take pride in the quality of their product. But craftsmen especially take pride in their work realizing that their products have that specific human touch; this is what makes each piece of furniture unique. This is because no furniture manufacturer can really specify completely to you. But the craftsman will take what you say and create a dining room suite that will fit your home and complete your dining room. Then the furniture will be what your thoughts of what a dining room suite should look like for your needs and wants.

Your handcrafted pieces could become heirlooms also to be handed down to family throughout the generations. In addition, it’s your choice of wood that is used, your choice of design, your style and what you and the craftsman have created together. Your dining room suite will have a special story behind it then to talk about for generations to come as people who stop by admire perhaps a great-granddaughter’s furniture.

Think about it too, your handcrafted china closet could then also hold the china that you inherited from your great-grandmother. The curio closet could display your collection of tea cups that you’ve searched antique stores for too. Also your treasures can then be displayed by the best workmanship there is; hand crafted.

Handcrafted furniture may be more expensive, but it may just be something to consider owning.

Why China Cabinets are not Just for Grandmothers

When you think of china cabinets, you may dismiss them as the sort of furniture that is out of date. They may be perfect for grandmothers who grew up with them, but they don’t have a place in modern homes. Actually, many modern decorators find that china cabinets can enhance a home in a variety of ways and add a touch of elegance. China cabinets are a great way for collectors to show off interesting pieces. Many people treasure china sets that belonged to their ancestors and the cabinet can attractively show off those items. China cabinets can also protect fragile items which are especially important if small children are around.

China cabinets can enhance your home in a variety of ways. First, they can showcase china, figurines, glassware or other collectibles that you want to highlight. The cabinets can be constructed with mirrored backgrounds that make small rooms appear brighter. The mirroring may also show off the items in the cabinet more effectively than a plain background.

custom china cabinetYou can purchase custom cabinets that are designed to fit into your unique environment. Custom woodworkers can create a cabinet that incorporates your personal style. They can design a cabinet that fits into your home no matter what the size or shape of the room. Some cabinets can be built into corners to maximize the space in the room. You can request a china cabinet with many special features such as lighting and adjustable shelves or drawers. You can also select the door type which may vary depending on your storage needs.

Another advantage of custom china cabinets is the woodworking detail. Pre-fabricated cabinets tend to have a generic look. A custom cabinet can be created with intricate woodworking details that make your piece of furniture stand out. The piece will be wholly unique and can become a showpiece in your home. You can work with a custom cabinetry maker to create a china cabinet that has a classic, vintage look or opt for a more modern, sleek look. You can choose the type of wood, finish, shape and size of your china cabinet. You won’t have these options if you purchase pre-fabricated furniture.

Maximizing Your Media Storage

Everyone has different needs when it comes to media storage. However, most pre-fabricated entertainment centers have similar media storage features. The features aren’t adjustable so you are confined to a specific amount of media no matter what your preferences are. Many people end up buying other pieces of furniture to store their media.

custom fireplaceIt’s not necessary to stick to what furniture stores offer. You can maximize your media storage options by working with a custom cabinetry designer. You might think that custom cabinetry is mainly for kitchens and home offices, but these custom woodworkers can design a wide variety of products. They can work with you to create an entertainment center that is designed with your specific lifestyle in mind.

Do you have a lot of movies? Do you want to store vintage vinyl records in your entertainment center? Would you like to keep your CD collection in an easy-to-access area? A custom cabinetry company can create an entertainment that incorporates these and many other considerations into your furniture. A custom cabinetry employee can consult with you to learn about the style of your home, your media collection, what storage options you prefer and any special features you’d like to incorporate into your entertainment center.

There are a variety of televisions and audio systems available on the market. You have endless options when it comes to designing your media appliances. However, many mass-production media centers don’t accommodate all the various components you may own or want to purchase in the future. You may want an entertainment center that allows unusually shaped speakers and a variety of different media products like CDs, movies, records and other materials. Some people like to store musical and memorabilia near their media collection. A custom cabinetry company can help you design a furniture piece that has these unique features.

Your custom cabinetry partner can help you decide on a variety of storage options. You may want to incorporate drawers, shelves, racks or cabinets into your entertainment center. Your furniture will be created to meet your specific which eliminates the need for you to adjust your preferences to meet the entertainment center’s limitations.

Constructing a Custom Office

If you’ve recently started working at home, you may find that your home isn’t designed to accommodate a home office. Some people consider moving because they don’t have the right kind of space to work. Moving is a huge ordeal and the market conditions aren’t always right for selling or buying a home. Instead of embarking on the ordeal of a move, you should consider creating a custom office.

custom cabinetsYou can work with a high-end custom wood crafter to create a custom office in your home. Many people buy pre-fabricated furniture at big box stores or yard sales to equip their home office. They often find that their purchases don’t really meet their needs. A good home office makes life easier for the worker. There should be ample storage. The user should be able to set up all the equipment he or she needs easily. The workspace may need to be flexible to accommodate more than one user at a time. These needs are very difficult to meet with prefabricated furniture.

Custom-designed furniture has a number of benefits. First, it is much more attractive than the particle board or plastic furniture that is sold at many retailers. Next, the custom cabinetry can be created to be a permanent fixture in your home which will increase the value of the property. It will look more attractive and you can create a custom office which is unique to your style preferences.

An experienced and skilled woodworker can help you create a custom office that fits in perfectly with the space you’ve allotted. The custom cabinetry can integrate all the features you need to get your work done efficiently. You can also add custom details that make your furniture more visually appealing than the average office furniture.

Any investment that you make in high-end custom cabinetry will pay off when it comes to your home. First, it will make it easier to use the space you have more efficiently. If, down the road, you decide to sell your home, potential buyers will be impressed by the quality of the cabinetry in your home. A custom office will appeal to a wide variety of people, especially those who are planning on working from home regularly. Your home will have sales appeal that other residences won’t have.