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How to Hide the Clutter in a Game Room

game-roomTrying to keep your game room clutter free, functional; but still organized can be a job in itself. Now storage solutions can solve this problem and help you to keep a neater game room area. So the question is, where can you put the toys, gaming devices, books and other homeless items that can make your game room look like a disaster area? Well, perhaps you just need more shelving, more cabinets or something that is custom made to your specifications? So below are some suggestions to help corral the overflow:

  • Use custom built in bookshelves: You can take an empty wall and fill it with a custom made bookcase. A bookcase can hide a multitude of clutter and yet make everything look organized and functional. The base of the bookcase can be used to store items that you want to keep out of sight while you can display those knick knacks that you love higher up. With custom built shelving, you can have as much or as little shelving as you think you’ll need and built to your specifications too. And as stated, by having open shelving on top, with or without glass, you can arrange your books or decorative collections or ornaments also. Too, you can plan just how you want it made, or ask your professional cabinet maker what his or her suggestions are.
  • Build around your flat screen TV: Because the TV is the center of many game rooms, you can have a custom media center built in to accent the room. Having a built in media center can give you shelves and custom storage for all your electronic gadgets, gaming devices and DVD’s too. It can be made to be the focal point of your entertainment area, a beautiful focal point which hides what you don’t want to show.
  • Have window seats and built-in benches: A window seat can be a fantastic storage opportunity as well as a little nook to sit in and read. And by lifting up the seat, ample storage for toys, games and other cluttering items can be had and be out of sight. A built in bench can be used in the room too that has a top which lifts with storage in the interior, and no one has to be the wiser. You’ll have extra seating then and extra storage.

Hiding clutter isn’t difficult, you just need functional and clever places for it.