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How Safe Are Glass Block Windows

If you’re concerned about your windows in the basement, glass block windows may give you the security you’re looking for. Plus, glass block windows let in the light from the outside while keeping the basement more secure. Also glass blocks don’t fracture easily and kids’ balls will most likely just bounce right off. Additionally, your glass window is joined with mortar and installed in the foundation wall so it will actually be nearly as strong as the foundation.

glass-blockToo, glass blocks come in clear, textured and opaque finishes which will let in the outside light while still giving you privacy. Plus; glass blocks never need painting; don’t warp, split or rot. They are almost entirely maintenance free. Whatever you need in an open window space, there’s a glass block that will fit into it.

Another point in favor of glass blocks is that they are energy efficient and have great curb appeal. So they have an aesthetic appeal which regular windows so low to the ground don’t offer. So, while allowing light into your basement; plus privacy as stated, they also add a security layer for your ground floor and basement. This is because these windows are difficult to remove for a burglar to gain entrance into your home.

Now these windows can be used for waterproofing in a flood prone area to prevent water from coming through the basement windows and flooding your basement too. Other uses for glass blocks are for making shower doors which are better than usual shower doors because they can be made in the right thickness for this purpose. These are doors are then safer, and people can’t fall through them. They can also be used as partitions in homes for extra light and in wet bars. They even come with customized etchings. Technology has picked up on this glass trend, these days the best automatic shower cleaner systems will clean and dry the panes of glass spotless after each use, which means no mildew of soap residues.

One thing to keep in mind though, having your glass block windows professionally installed by a reputable contractor is the best route. A sloppy install is especially bad because you are putting the windows into the foundation. Most companies will pre-fabricate the glass blocks to fit the spaces in your home too where needed. Also, you can get blocks that have vents small enough for air, but burglar safe.
Glass block windows are one of the best bets to have installed for both security purposes and for the curb side enhancement.