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Preparing Your Puppy for His First Dog Grooming Appointment

puppy groomerIf your puppy or young dog has never been groomed by a professional groomer, then you may want to train him a bit to get him familiar with what will be required of him on the groomer’s table. This preparation for his first appointment will help to quell any nervousness he may have at the actual appointment.

First appointments with a professional dog groomer can be stressful and frightening to a young dog. A puppy is used to being handled by his human family pack and not by strangers. If he is already a bit traumatized by visits to the veterinarian, he may associate the grooming table with the examination table used during vet visits and grow nervous. A dog groomer will touch him in some of the same ways that a veterinarian would, e.g., inspecting his ears and paws for mites and long nails. Your puppy may not understand that these actions are taken for the purpose of grooming only and may believe that he is going to receive a shot or some other uncomfortable procedure before the end of the appointment.

To get your puppy ready for the groomer, have him practice lying still for short periods of time in the weeks leading up to his grooming appointment. While he is laying down, touch his ears and his paws and any other areas you feel the groomer will focus on. Instruct him to lie still as you are doing so and soothe him with kind words. Give him rewards after he satisfactorily complies with your commands.

Nail clipping can also be a big cause for anxiety at a dog grooming appointment. Prepare your dog beforehand by holding his paws for short periods of time. Hold a real nail clipper in your hand while doing this. After your dog becomes comfortable with letting you hold his paws in the air, click the nail clipper as if you are actually using it. Meanwhile, hold the dog’s paws in the air, one at a time. This exercise gets the dog used to the sound of the clipper, and he will be less likely to jump or growl when hearing this sharp sound at his actual appointment.

A professional groomer with plenty of experience will be sure to make your puppy feel comfortable during his first grooming experience. Ask your groomer if he or she can suggest anything that can help your dog prepare for his first appointment.

How Often Should the Dog’s Nails Be Trimmed?

dog groomingThere are a number of reasons to take your dog to a professional grooming facility for nail trimming rather than going through the stress and bother of trying to do it yourself at home. The reasons for hiring a professional include:

  1. A groomer will schedule your dog to have his nails clipped at regular intervals. You will not have to remember to keep checking your dog’s nails to see if they are getting too long and hurting him. A groomer will usually schedule you for the next appointment at the time you are getting your dog’s nails trimmed. The average nail trim frequency is once per month.
  2. A groomer has all the tools available to trim your dog’s nails. There are two different types of nail clippers – the guillotine type and the scissors type. Your groomer will know the best type of clippers to use on your dog that will cause him the least amount of fear and pain.
  3. A grooming specialist has other members of staff to hold your dog if your dog will not patiently stand for nail clipping. The staff will have training on proper ways to hold your dog down in order for the groomer to safely complete the task. In addition, if your dog has a tendency to snap when he is afraid, the groomer will have a muzzle or other device handy so that your dog cannot hurt anyone during the procedure.
  4. A dog groomer has nail trimming experience. It is very easy to accidentally cut a dog’s nails too short, which can include cutting into the quick and making the dog bleed. If the dog is cut, his paws will be sore and can possibly be prone to infection. A professional who regularly trims nails will very rarely cut the nails too short.
  5. A groomer will also be able to detect any medical conditions with your dog’s nails. Some dogs are prone to nail fungus and may need medical treatment for this. A grooming professional can tell you if your dog any nail-related conditions.

Remember, if you did not start cutting your dog’s nails while he was young (most young dogs do not need their nails trimmed), then your dog may fight or run and need restrained during the procedure. The more the dog fights, the easier it is for a non-professional to harm the dog and themselves while trying to use sharp clippers while the dog is moving around. This is why it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional dog groomer for nail trimming.

How To Find A Good Dog Groomer

dog groomerA lot of dog owners struggle to care for their dog’s thick, shaggy coat on their own, eventually realizing that they need the help of a professional groomer. However, finding a good groomer can be tricky. You do not want to take your dog to a groomer that does assembly-line work and has no consideration for you or your dog.

To get started in your search for a good groomer, ask your veterinarian or your kennel if there is someone they recommend. Your kennel may have its own groomers on staff or may be closely affiliated with several good groomers. Stop in a few weeks before your appointment and watch the groomer work on a dog. You should be able to get a feel for the groomer’s rapport with his clientele. If your groomer enjoys dogs and loves his job, the dogs should be relaxed and happy with him.

Ask for a tour of the grooming facility, talk to other dog owners, if any are present, about their experiences with the groomer. You will find out pretty quickly if there are any concerns about a specific groomer.

At your dog’s appointment, before the groomer begins to work on your dog, make sure he knows about any health problems, particularly any skin problems, from which your dog suffers. Provide the groomer with contact information of your veterinarian, so that the groomer is prepared to seek the help of a medical professional should a health emergency pop up during the grooming sessions. A quality groomer will require proof of current vaccinations before your dog is accepted to come in for an appointment. Your dog’s safety and well-being should be considered at all times.

Warn the groomer if your dog has a history of snapping or biting or other kinds of aggression. Sometimes a groomer will want to muzzle a dog before starting to deter any possible aggressive behavior and prevent any unfortunate incidents.

A professional dog groomer can offer the following services:

  • Bathing, including a shampoo of the dog’s coat;
  • Flea dip;
  • Blow drying;
  • Haircuts and styling;
  • Nail clipping; and
  • Ear cleaning.

Request a pricing list before your dog’s appointment so that you know what services are included in the standard fee.

A Luxury Pet Resort for Fido

pet resortFeeling guilty that you are about to take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort while your dog must be left behind in a kennel? Relieve some of that guilt by reserving a room for your dog at an upscale dog boarding facility.

Your dog can feel just as special and pampered as you do. Pet resorts offer big rooms with plush beds so that your dog feels more at home – almost like he is sleeping with you in your bed. Some rooms include a radio, a television, a clock — even pictures on the walls. If you are willing to pay more, some resorts offer rooms with attached patios, so that your dog can step outside when he wants and safely observe the scenery and wildlife from a secure area.

For older or nervous pets, upscale kennels offer quiet rooms away from the more energetic and noisier dogs.

Most modern pet resorts offer some sort of Skype or camera service, so that you and your pet can see each other via video. Others use social media to post photos of your pet at play.

In addition to the above amenities, there are plenty of activities available to keep your pet busy at a pet resort.

You may be able to purchase individual play sessions for your dog. A member of staff will take your dog outside to play ball or Frisbee. Your dog can also visit the playground to climb and jump around. If your dog prefers a quiet walk in the woods or around the garden, you can schedule a staff member to accompany him on a walk in the area where he is most comfortable.

Petting and cuddling sessions can also be available for your dog, complete with belly rubs and ear scratching. This way you will know he is getting the love you cannot provide him in your absence.

Spa services are also offered at most dog resorts. Dogs can be brushed, massaged and even given facials – plus the standard grooming treats like nail trimming. Special products can be used to improve your dog’s skin and hair and make him smell fantastic.

With all these wonderful options available at upscale dog boarding facilities and resorts, you can leave for your vacation guilt-free. Both you and your dog will have a wonderful time.

Dog Safety during the Summer Months

Summer days can be a great opportunity to spend time with your dog. You can go for walks, play in the park and have fun in the backyard. However, many people still have significant work and personal commitments during the summer months. If you are often away for long hours during the day, your dog will start to experience stress. Dogs need companionship and activity to keep them healthy and happy. It can be dangerous to leave your dog in the yard all day during hot months. Dogs react to extremes in heat and they can fall ill quickly. Dogs can’t be left in the car while you run errands or attend events during the summer. Many animals have died when they were left in overheated cars.

doggie day careDog owners often find that leaving their pet at home alone can lead to a number of problems. The dog can become bored or lonely and cause havoc in the house. They may tear up furniture or other items. A dog boarding service can prevent these problems. When the dog gets plenty of exercise and entertainment, he or she will be less likely to have behavioral problems. You won’t arrive home to a bored, restless pet.

Many people turn to doggie daycare services to help care for their pets during the summer. These dog boarding companies will care for your pet on a daily or extended basis. Dog boarding services provide many different benefits for your pet. First, your dog will be in a safe, cool area which will prevent heat-related illnesses. Next the dog boarding company will ensure that your pet has plenty of supervised exercise. If you lodge your pet with a dog boarding service, you won’t have to worry about your pet receiving plenty of food and water, or missing any midday medication. You won’t have to rush home or cancel activities to feed and walk your pet. The animal will receive attention and care all day.

A dog boarding service may provide spa services for your dog. Some companies will bathe and trim your dog’s hair on a regular basis. Others provide additional services. You can request a flea dip, a medicated bath or a pedicure. These services will make your life simpler since they won’t require additional appointments or time. You can also rest assured that the dog will be safe and secure at all times.

Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety While You Are Away

pet careKeeping your pet safe is probably one of your primary concerns when you are traveling. It’s not always possible to take your dog on a trip or vacation. You want to want to ensure that your pet is safe while you are away. It’s also critical that your pet has plenty of food, water and exercise when you aren’t there. That’s why it’s important to make secure arrangements ahead of time.

Some people rely on friends or family to take care of their pets when they are away. However, this option isn’t available if you live far away from your loved ones. Family members may be too busy to spend a lot of time with your pet while you are away. Many people hire a nearby young person to watch their pet which can lead to mixed results. Some kids are more responsible than other. You don’t want to risk hiring an unreliable person for pet care. They might not feed your pet on time or neglect to spend enough time with your dog. At a minimum, this will cause stress for your dog. At worst, your dog could suffer from a lack of proper care.

Dog boarding services are a great way to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy while you are out of town. These services, often called pet hotels, provide a safe and fun environment for your dog. A good dog boarding service will ensure that your pet receives regular food and clean water. Your dog will get exercise, fresh air and have other furry friends to play with. This will significantly reduce your dog’s stress when you have to be away.

Some dog boarding businesses will provide additional services while your pet is with them. They may offer baths, haircuts, nail care, flea dips, medicated baths, ear cleaning or other grooming services. You will need to schedule these services with the dog boarding provider when you make your initial reservation. When you use a dog lodging service, your pet will still miss you when you are gone. However, the dog boarding service will help keep your dog busy and safe. When you get home, you can pick up a happy, healthy and clean pet!