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Setting up Good Human Resources Practices

Why are good human resources practices important? Some company assume that they can deal with human resources issues such as hiring, firing, conducting performance reviews and promoting employees without help. It seems like these issues could be handled with plan old common sense.  However, it takes more than common sense to keep businesses in order. Appropriate human resources practices allow you to assist your employees and management.

human-resourcesWhat are some examples of good human resources practices? One is budget control. Human resources professionals can help reduce management costs, excessive spending. They can also address salaries to ensure that they are both competitive and realistic. Health insurance is another concern. It can be extremely time consuming to search for health plans and get the plans in place.  Human resources staff members can also help with the hiring process to make sure it is in compliance with business law.

When it comes to conflicts, a human resources expert can make the process less stressful for everyone. These professionals are training in conflict management and can help resolve conflicts before they become serious issues. They can address the conflict and help all parties involved to restore a positive working environment.

Human resources departments can help put in place good practices in a variety of areas including corporate image, performance improvement, training and development, consistent practices among management teams and much more.

Another subject human resources department can address are the business law topics that affect your company. These can include break schedules, sexual harassment concerns, hiring, firing and assisting with performance reviews. If these tasks aren’t addressed properly, the company can be exposed to serious business law violations.

Why is E-verify and why is it important to setting up a good human resources department? Business law regulations determine who is eligible for work in the United States. The country’s business law mandates that companies can only employ workers who are legally able to work in the United States. Employees must either be U.S. citizens or foreign born citizens who possess the necessary documentation. E-verify is an internet system that allows human resources departments to verify the eligibility of job candidates quickly. The service is free.

What are the Components of a Good Anti-Harassment Policy?

One of the most common issues in business law is sexual harassment. Although there are many parts of business law that address the problem of harassment, it is still an issue in many workplaces. Your company needs to take action to prevent harassment. One of the fundamental steps you must take is to create a strong anti-harassment policy. A well-written policy will help you in more than one way. It will help you avoid many business law problems. It will communicate expectations and will help your team understand what steps to take if harassment occurs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany companies consult with a business law expert when they create their anti-harassment policies. This is helpful for a number of reasons. First, a business law expert will understand and explain all the potential harassment issues that you need to consider. An attorney can explain common harassment scenarios. Then, the attorney will help you create policies that cover all potential issues.

What are some components of a good harassment policy? First, the policy must describe what consititutes harassment. The policy should clearly explain the company’s anti-harassment policy and describe the behaviors that are prohibited. These include employee and management behavior. Next, the policy should clearly describe how the company handles sexual harassment situations. Employees should understand that they have confidential avenues available if they are being harassed.

A strong policy clearly states that employees are protected from retaliation if they make a harassment claim. The policy should describe the actions that are taken when a complaint is made. Employees and managers should know who to contact if there is a problem. The best policies let everyone know what to expect when a problem occurs.

A good anti-harassment policy will not do any good unless it is communicated clearly to both employees and management. The policy should be clearly outlined in the employee handbook. Many companies use new employee orientation as an opportunity to outline the company’s anti-harassment policy. It is also important to explain the issues clearly to new supervisors and managers. They need to understand the effects of their behavior and their responsibilities when it comes to preventing and reporting issues. Good communication will help you avoid business law problems.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is unfortunately common, even in modern workplaces. Business owners must be vigilant to prevent a culture that fosters sexual harassment. They must also take active steps to prevent this kind of behavior in the workplace. A few statements during employee training are not enough to thwart problems. You need to take more active steps.

It’s important to consult with a business law attorney to set up practices that will prevent sexual harassment. As a business owner or manager, you have legal obligations and a business law attorney can help you thoroughly understand your responsibilities. An attorney can review your business and human resources practices to help you understand your areas of vulnerability and steps you should take to make your workplace a safer place for everyone.

A business law attorney can explain all the possible forms sexual harassment can take. There are a lot of misunderstandings about what constitutes sexual harassment. It can happen to men and women at any level of the company. Emails, office jokes, demeaning comments, sexist terms and many other behaviors can be interpreted as sexual harassment. First, you must fully understand all the possible manifestations of sexual harassment. Then, you need to make a plan to help your employees understand the company’s guidelines.

Most business law attorneys will recommend crafting a strong and clear policy that is outlined in the employee handbook. The attorney can help you craft a clear statement that includes information on the definition of harassment and how employees should file complaints regarding sexual harassment. The statement should also describe how policy violators will be disciplined and indicate that anyone who files a sexual harassment complaint will not face retaliation.

Your business law attorney will help you craft a complaint procedure for employees who feel they have been harassed. The complaint process should be easy to use and protect the person’s confidentiality. Management personnel should receive thorough training on how to sport and handle potential sexual harassment issues. Your business law attorney will also advise training for employees. This will help them understand the appropriate boundaries that apply to business situations. Employees will also understand their rights and protection if they become victims of sexual harassment.