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How to Use Pool Sealer on Your Pool Deck

pool-deckSealing your pool deck around your swimming pool is the best way to keep your deck looking new. It also will make it easier to clean it when it becomes dirty, and sealing it will help to prevent the deck from absorbing water, salt and pool chemicals from splashed water. Too, it will help to prevent staining when your swimming pool is invaded by Kool Aid cup carrying kids. Additionally, sealing your deck enhances and preserves its color as well. Now all this deck work isn’t difficult, and below are the steps on how to do it. So you will need the following materials to start with:

  • A stiff brush on a pole so that you can scrub stained or dirty areas before applying the sealant.
  • A 2500-3000 psi pressure washer for cleaning the deck after the stains have been scrubbed with the brush. You can rent this.
  • A container of Trisodium Phosphate for cleaning the deck
  • A pole with a paint roller on it, a five-gallon bucket and a paint screen
  • A good quality pool deck sealant

Next you prepare the pool deck by removing any planters, pool furniture or other items which would be in the way. Patch any cracks in the deck and remove any flaking that’s apparent also. The next steps are the following then:

  • Make sure you pressure wash the entire deck thoroughly and evenly. Get all the corners and hidden spots.
  • Next scrub the entire deck with 1 pound of Trisodium Phosphate added to 5 gallons of water in the bucket.
  • Then pressure wash the entire deck once again to remove all the Trisodium Phosphate residue.

When preparing to actually seal the deck, it should be dry with no rain in the immediate forecast. If the deck is wet, this interferes with the penetration of the sealant. This is because a sealant penetrates deep into a deck, not like paint, which is why the deck needs to be thoroughly dry. Now when the deck is dry as in 2 days dry; and rain is not forecast, then you can seal the deck. To do this saturate the roller with the sealer and roll it across the deck with overlapping strokes so that you can see a visible coating.  Work on each section individually, wait 5-10 minutes and then apply a second coat. It will dry in about 1-2 hours to touch, but wait a day for use.

By resealing your pool deck every 3-4 years, you will keep in new looking.

When is the Best Time to Clean My Pool Deck?

Deck cleaning is a key part of your swimming pool treatment plan. It keeps the area around your pool looking fresh and clean. It also makes your deck look new instead of old and dirty. Germs and bacteria can easily accumulate on a pool deck. You don’t want your family and guests inadvertently exposed to these contaminants. Another reason that a clean deck should be part of your swimming pool treatment approach is safety. A dirty deck can become slippery and people are more likely to fall. Regular maintenance will keep your deck in the best possible shape.

pool deck cleanerYou should always perform a yearly deck cleaning at the beginning of the season. This will remove the grime that has built up over the winter and make the area attractive for the upcoming season. To keep the area looking its best, clean the deck on a monthly basis during the swimming season. You may need to clean the deck more often if there are frequent storms or if you use the deck frequently. If you live in a humid area, algae can build up quickly on your deck which means you may need to use a hard surface deck cleaner on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Some swimming pool treatment chores are more complex than other. If you use a product like Bio-Dex Hard Surface Deck Cleaner, the job will be easier than you expect because the product is simple to use. Regular deck maintenance is an important part of any swimming pool treatment. Mark your calendar to remind yourself to clean your deck.

It’s always important to protect yourself when using swimming pool treatment products like Bio-Dex Hard Surface Deck Cleaner. Even though the product is bio-degradable and easy-to-use, you should still wear gloves and eye protection.

Active maintenance will help you keep your pool deck clean between treatments. On-going swimming pool treatment will save you work over the long term. Clean up food and other spills immediately so they don’t have a chance to build up or cause permanent staining. Clean leaves and other debris off of the deck so they won’t mold or cause other problems. Be careful of lawn care products. Some fertilizers and other treatments stain decks.