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The Security Benefits of a Solid Door

solid-doorA security door is just what the name states it is, a door that makes the front door to your home more secure. These doors can be simply a storm security door or a screen security door which come in a wide variety of styles and colors. A custom made security door is the way to go if you want to make sure the fit of the door is tight though.

Additionally, a well-made security door has a strong frame made from steel or wrought iron. So then, this type of frame will give you more protection from home invasion attempts. Because the frame is so strong, it will last longer than the less expensive doors made from plastic or wood too. As far as the screening, in an ordinary screen door the screen is made from vinyl, but for a security door; stainless steel or aluminum is used to provide for better security.

Another thing to keep in mind in your security door is to make sure the door has non-removable pin hinges. If a thief can’t get to the hinges, then the door can’t be removed for unlawful entry. Also for maximum protection, install heavy duty deadbolts in your doors which are opened by a key or keys.

A steel door as a security door is a good option too if you want both durability and security. Steel doors won’t crack or warp either, and they’re stronger than fiberglass or wood doors. If any dings or dents do happen, they can be fixed with an auto-body repair kit too. Now; pricewise, steel doors cost less than other security doors if you buy them without glazing or hardware. As far as body type for comparison, a steel door has an inner frame which is made of wood or steel. Inside, the cavities are filled with a high-density type of foam insulation. Too, the door’s steel surface may have a wood grain pattern which is embossed or it can be smooth.

Make sure the door you chose also has good energy efficiency properties. These types of doors have better insulation which lets them hold in the heat during the winter and the cold during the summer (same effect oak doors provide, as stated at http://www.ukoakdoors.co.uk/). Most of these doors, also, include weather stripping that’s built-in on the bottom of the door to keep the weather elements out.

Security doors are made so you can sleep better at night.