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DIY Air Conditioner Repair – Why Is It Important To Clean AC Ducts?

It goes without saying that one of the most important DIY air conditioner repair jobs is cleaning the AC ducts from time to time. Although, air conditioner ducts are hidden from view, they play a significant role in supplying fresh air to your home and removing pollutants from the air.

Reasons Behind AC Duct Blockage

AC ducts collect dust from your shoes, clothes, pets, dead skin and particles in the air like cigarette smoke. Collected dust can cut down the air flow significantly and this will result in moisture developing in your duct walls, which creates a perfect growing environment for mold.

For first timers who attempt an air conditioner repair, opening up the ducts can be a startling experience because the amount of accumulated dust is usually beyond their wildest imaginations.

Blocked duct not only affect the airflow but it also poses serious health problems. There is only one place for the accumulated dirt to settle: your lungs. AC ducts that are not cleaned for several years can damage your health and can result in developing serious breathing disorders. People with severe allergies should not attempt to clean their own duct work.

How Duct Cleaning Is Done

This DIY air conditioner repair task can be done with your home vacuum cleaner or by Brisbane air conditioning service, among others. Make sure that you open all the windows and doors in your home prior to cleaning the AC ducts. If you notice mold build up on the walls, it is recommended to use an antifungal cleaning solution that not only eliminates mold growth but can prevent future growths.

If the AC ducts are really long and your home vacuum cleaner can’t reach all the nook and corner, a DIY air conditioner repair may not be a good idea. You will need an HVAC industry specific AC duct cleaner to remove debris from your ducts.

The same goes for AC ducts that are made with materials such as fiberglass. Specialty tools are needed to clean duct work that are made with unique materials.

If you find out that your air conditioner ducts can’t be cleaned with your vacuum, consider hiring some repair service company like the air duct cleaning in Kansas City  to get the job done.

Air Conditioning Repair Guide – Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Operating

Realizing your AC is not working on a hot summer day can be quiet frustrating. However, you can do your best to help the issue before you call in for professional HVAC help. There are 4 main things that you need to check:

  • Electrical power – the electric power may be set off.
  • Controls – the controls of the AC unit may be improperly set.
  • Thermostat – check if the thermostat has been set on and to cooling positions. If you recently changed the thermostat, make sure the wires are hooked up correctly.
  • Switches – check for any other switches relating to the AC functioning. There may be some hidden switches like the Condensate Tray’s Float switch or the reset switch on the bower motor.

If you notice your AC is not producing enough cool air like before, check the duct system or the compressor or condenser outside. Sometimes, the condenser can automatically turn off and on every few seconds which makes it not produce enough cooling air. The cycle should be a minimum of 10 minutes to produce enough cooling air. You can check the condenser or the compressor unit to help rectify any fan or motor problems.

If you notice the compressor making strange noises during start up, you surmise that there is an operation problem and it’s time to call an air conditioning repair professional. For next time, remember that regular maintenance and cleaning can help you avoid such major issues reducing the cost of your air conditioning repair.

Another problem you may uncover while you do an air conditioning repair may be defects in the evaporator coil. You may notice a blocked coil, dirt or frost on the coil that hampers its functioning. Improper cooling or evaporator placement or improper size of the evaporator coil may cause serious malfunctions.

The above air conditioning repair measures will surely help you identify any serious issues with your air conditioning, and if you feel the scope of work is outside of your comfort zone, call a licensed and experienced HVAC company.

Room Air conditioning repair

Air conditioners found in rooms, commonly referred to as window air conditioners, sometimes find themselves in need of repair. If you’re looking for possible problems and potential home solutions, this article will help you discover what is wrong with your room air conditioner and what steps are necessary to repair it.

Word of Caution: It’s very important to turn OFF and unplug your room air conditioner before beginning any type of ac repair. Then you must remove the capacitor(s). Most room air conditioners have one or two capacitors and they carry electricity so even when the unit is off, it is possible to get shocked. If you’re unsure how to do this, check the user manual for your particular unit.

Before You Bring Out the Service Repair Professional

If you’re looking to solve the mystery of your failed room air conditioner yourself, then there are a few things to try that may fix your unit.

  • Check for a blown fuse. You may need to reset it.
  • Test the electrical cord. You may need to replace it.
  • Clean any coils or filters in the unit.
  • Or even replace the filter.
  • Check for any obstructions that may be interfering.
  • Tighten the screws and check that everything is in its proper place.

If It Still Doesn’t Work…

It’s time to call the air conditioning repair specialists and find out what services are available to you. Find a specialist that knows what they are doing, is very knowledgeable, and explains things to you in a way that you can understand. It’s important that you know how to prevent future problems with your room air conditioner unit and your service technician can be a wonderful resource. While you may be determined to fix it yourself, if the above checks did not resolve the issue and you do not have extensive technical HVAC knowledge, then it’s best to let the repair specialists fix the current problem and show you how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Simple Preventive Measures to Avoid an Air Conditioner Repair

An air conditioner repair job is usually a costly affair, but did you know that some simple preventive measures will keep you out of such troubles?

The ‘secrets’ of avoiding an air conditioner repair are not secrets at all. We hear them so often from friends, colleagues and family members, but we fail to listen; however, if you make a little effort to perform some preventive maintenance from time to time, you may help avoid an expensive AC repair job.

Air Conditioner Services Can Be Lifesavers

Once the summer season is over, most homeowners simply forget about their AC units till next summer and in the gap of several months the air conditioner is not inspected. The perfect occasion for your AC to be looked at is well before you actually need them.

  • Filters – ACs have many filters other than the 20×20 filter you see in your hallway. However, they do not need monthly changing like you indoor filter. If you keep your filters clean and replaced them from time to time (depending on how many people and pets live in your home), any significant air condition repair jobs can be minimized.
  • Coils – Air conditioner coils need to be thoroughly clean for the heat to escape. You can use a garden hose to clean them, but make sure that the power supply is disconnected beforehand. If you do not feel comfortable processing this task, your local HVAC provider can help.

Although, these two are simple tasks, some filters and internal components of the air conditioner also accumulates dust from time to time. This will heat up the unit excessively, thus eventually resulting in needing an air conditioner repair company.

It is difficult to clean the internal components of an AC without the necessary expertise and equipment, and it is recommended to hire a technician to do this job for you. If you ignore these minor glitches, the appliance will deteriorate and chances are you’ll need a major repair in the future.

They say ‘prevention is better than cure,’ which is particularly true for air conditioners. Careful homeowners enjoy excellent longevity from their ACs, costing them less in repairs.

What you should know about air conditioner repair

Air conditioner repair is not an easy thing to figure out if you have not had the proper training. In fact, qualified air conditioner service companies employ professional technicians who have attended countless classes and have many years of experience in the field. These technicians are usually certified in air conditioner repair, and for good reason… attempting to fix your own air conditioner can lead to your unit getting damaged. Or worse, it can lead to you getting injured in a number of ways!

Air conditioner repair involves not only a lot of advanced electronics, but also includes the use of hazardous chemicals. While you might think that it cannot be that difficult to figure out, take into account that air conditioner repair technicians have gone to school for this and have had years of practice to hone their skills. They definitely know what it is going to take to get the job done, and they can do it quickly.

Attempting to conduct your own HVAC repair may save you a little money if you are successful, but if you ruin the AC unit then you will end up spending a lot more to buy a new one! More often then not, attempting an air conditioner repair yourself simply does not benefit you or your budget in the long run.

There are, however, some things that you can do yourself. For example, you can take care to change the air filter each month, and ensure that the exterior system is kept clean and free of obstructions or debris. These things might seem small, but they can play a vital role in keeping your air conditioner free of problems for a lot longer. When it comes to AC repair, prevention certainly goes a long way! But when your unit does finally break down, make sure you call a qualified technician before attempting the repairs yourself.

Why Do You Need A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service’s Help?

There are a couple of instances where you need the assistance of a professional air conditioning repair service as a DIY repair is not the best idea. One good example is the ducts and piping of an HVAC system.

AC ducts can sometimes get invaded by rodents, raccoon, squirrels and birds, resulting in severe noise and serious health hazards. The quality of interior air will come down drastically and the chances of disease transmission through the polluted air.

Rodents and other animals can also die inside the ducts, resulting in a stinking home/apartment. It is not recommended trying to resolve these problems alone but the assistance of a pest control company like Eliminate Ltd based in Carlisle or a professional air conditioning repair service must be sought.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service

Eliminating rodents and other animals from your HVAC system is not very simple. It is important to make sure that these animals won’t make an entry again and preventive measures should be taken.

Pest control systems are used to clean the ducts and remove animal nests, food wastes and dead rodents from the system. Years of rodent occupancy will also result in duct blockage, thick stains and debris blocking the air way.

With the right pesticides, you can prevent rodent entry for many years. A professional air conditioning repair service will also make certain that there are no gaps or holes on your HVAC system that gives easy access to rodents and birds.

It is a good idea to hire an AC repair service that offer periodic inspections on the HVAC system to find any newly developed holes or cracks on joints so that these issues can be resolved right away. Similarly, appropriate pesticide should be upgraded from time to time so that your AC ducts won’t be a favorable place for rodents.

5 Steps To Follow When Hiring An Air Conditioner Repair Company

The search for a qualified air conditioner repair provider can turn out to be a frustrating experience sometimes. Your hunt for an air conditioner repair professional can be transformed into a rewarding experience with a few helpful guidelines.

Here are 5 steps to find a good AC repair company:

#1: Factory Trained Technicians Can Work Wonders

The old saying, “Jack of all trades; master of none” is very true with electronic appliances, especially AC units. Different manufacturers have their own manufacturing techniques that make their products unique. A factory trained AC repair professional is usually well-versed in the brand he is trained, but he may fail to demonstrate the same level of experience on an air conditioner from a different brand. When you hired a larger HVAC provider to service your unit, often times they have a large technician base to select from, so they should be able to send a qualified technician out.

#2: Availability

Availability can be a plus or minus point. For instance, if an air conditioner repair company is busy, it is usually a good sign – suggests that the company has an abundant supply of work. However, it can also hint to a downside: the company is probably powerless of showing up on time or for regular maintenance.

At the very least, you want an air conditioner repair provider who answers the phone; the worst thing you can hear when you need service right here, right now is a machine.

#3: Experience Matters

This may sound obvious but you will be amazed if you hear the statistics of customers that had a disappointing experience with an inexperienced “professional”.

Double-check and make sure that the air conditioner repair company you choose has the right experience and AC expertise.

#4: Customer Reference Is A Good Sign

Customer references are usually a good reflections the company. If you can’t get any word-of-mouth references, read online reviews.

#5: Warranty On The Job Performed

Many HVAC providers brag about their experience and knowledge, but as soon as you mention a warranty on the repair, they are not will provide one. If there is an almost foolproof way to make certain that the air conditioner repair company you hired does a good job, it is with a warranty policy.

This 5 point checklist is your guide to hiring a good air conditioner repair company.