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The Advantages of Indoor Dog Parks

Indoor dog parks are fast become a popular trend. They provide a great advantage when it’s cold, rainy, snowy or hot. Some indoor parks offer off-leash areas that allow pets to stretch their legs. Dogs need regular exercise regardless of weather conditions. Without regular exertion, dogs can get depressed. Other dogs have behavior problems when they don’t have a chance to play and socialize. Indoor parks give owners options when it comes to exercise and play.

indoor dog parkA good indoor environment mimics an outdoor park in many ways. There’s lots of room to run. Some have features to attract pets and owners alike. Dog amenities may include tunnels, jungle gyms, balls and other toys. Parks may feature agility courses. Some locations offer private sessions for dog that are aggressive or have trouble interacting with other animals. Many parks set aside separate areas for large and small dogs. If the company offers dog boarding, the indoor environment is an added bonus. A tired, well-exercised dog is more likely to relax and sleep well even in an unfamiliar environment.

Some dog boarding facilities offer indoor exercise areas as a part of the boarding package. These give animals a structured and fun area to play. Dog boarding staff may play games with the dogs to keep them engaged. If you are considering a dog boarding facility with an indoor exercise space, ask to see the environment. It should be clean and inviting. Make sure the area has plenty of room for your dog to run. Ask about the exercise schedule. How many dogs are in the area at the same time? Your dog may enjoy interacting with other animals, but the play area shouldn’t be overcrowded.

Ask questions about how the dog boarding process works. Are the animals kept in cages? If so, are the cages large enough to allow your pet to move freely? Can you send special items with your dog such as blankets, toys, bed or other comforting items? Dog boarding facilities and indoor parks will require current vaccinations before your dog can join in the fun.