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The Benefits of Worker’s Compensation Insurance

workers compWorker’s compensation insurance was put into effect in Arizona to help protect injured workers. Since Arizona is a no fault state, the worker’s comp insurance does not distinguish who is at fault in accidents that cause work related injuries. It is required for any business that falls under the states’ requirements to carry worker’s comp insurance.


Your Benefits

The worker’s compensation insurance is set in place to help you pay your bills if you are injured on the job. The worker’s comp insurance is based on a percentage scale, this means you will only receive a percentage of your weekly paycheck. It will not be as much as you would make while working, but it will help.


In addition to paying you a weekly check, they are also required to pay all you medical bills that relate to the injury. This includes but is not limited to, prescriptions, tests, hospital and doctor bills, until the doctor releases you to go to work. This will help you out during your time of injury.


Additional Benefits

In addition to paying for injuries, Arizona also requires worker’s compensation insurance to cover occupational diseases. This basically means that if you get a disease known to be caused by chemicals in your workplace, it is covered by worker’s compensation insurance.


Your Responsibilities

You must report the injury to your employer within seven days. You will also need to let them know exactly where the injury happened, who was involved and what time it happened. Your employer has the right to investigate the details of this accident for his worker’s compensation insurance to approve the claim.


Worker’s compensation insurance is a great benefit to any employee and employer. This worker’s comp insurance will help to cover the employer from expensive medical bills and lawsuits from injured employees. It may seem like it is costing the employer a lot of money, but in the long run it will save them money. Once you find the right insurance broker, they can give you all the benefits of carrying worker’s comp insurance.