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Dog Bites

Did you know that there are millions of dog bites every year? Sometimes dog bites result in serious injuries. If your dog bites someone, in most cases, the liability is yours. The bitten person may have a legal right to damages. It’s important to understand your responsibilities in the event that your dog bites someone. You should also take steps to avoid the likelihood of a bite.

small-dogIf your dog is aggressive, you can take simple steps to minimize your liability. Keep the dog away from people. Don’t walk the animal in public parks or in areas where there are likely to be crowds. You can also reduce the likelihood of a bite by putting a muzzle on the dog when others are near the animal. Never let the dog off a leash or let it run free. You can reduce your liability merely by avoiding situations where a bite is likely to occur. If there are visitors to your home, lock the dog up securely in another room or in a crate.

A good animal trainer can help you learn to control aggression in your dog. You should learn as much as possible about the animal’s breed. Some types of dogs are more likely to be aggressive than others. These types of dogs are best kept out of situations where they may be approached by children or other strangers. Children can easily frighten an animal which leads to a bite. The dog may become aggressive if it thinks you are threatened in any way. It’s natural for the animal to be protective of you, but it can be disastrous if a person is harmed.

You should purchase insurance to protect yourself in the case your dog bites someone. Your liability is significant if the animal hurts the person. Most people have liability policies for dogs that pay out a maximum of around $100,000. This may not be enough to cover the damages. There have been cases where dogs have seriously injured people. If someone sustains significant harm, you may need to turn to an umbrella policy to cover major damages. It’s a good idea to talk with an experienced insurance agent about your coverage in the event of a dog bite.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

personal injuryWhat happens when you are injured because of another person or a business? Personal injury laws apply to these types of situations. People can be injured either emotionally, physically or sustain both types of damage. Injuries are often chaotic and stressful and it’s difficult for the victim to know where to turn. The most important step you can take in this type of case is to hire a qualified personal injury attorney. Often, these types of cases are complex and involve negotiation with both your insurance company and the damager’s insurance company.

If you’ve been a victim, it’s an important to find an experienced personal injury attorney. Personal injury cases can be complex and it’s important that you fully understand your rights. A lawyer can help you evaluate the situation and determine what kind of compensation you are entitled to. It’s a mistake to try to navigate these issues alone. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with when you don’t understand these types of situations thoroughly. You may be denied compensation initially or offered an insufficient amount of compensation.

Personal injury attorneys are extremely experienced with complex lawsuits. They can advise you on whether to accept a settlement or file a case. The attorney will support you during the trial process if the case proceeds to this point. The attorney’s experience will help you get the maximum amount of compensation you are owed to addresses medical, financial, psychological and any other types of damages. If you and your attorney decide to file suit, it’s likely that you will have the opportunity to settle out of court. This will save you the stress of further legal proceedings if the settlement is appropriate, in accordance with the local laws (check the Albertville requirements, among others).

Each state has different laws about statutes of limitations when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. If the issue involves multiple states, your personal injury attorney can help research all the state laws involved. Remember, laws and insurance regulations are there to protect you so that you don’t have to bear the costs of damages from accidents that are not your fault. It’s important to work closely with counsel so that you are fully compensated.

What Are the Inherent Risks Involved with Serving Alcohol?

serving alcoholThere are inherent risks involved in doing any kind of business. General liability insurance was created to protect businesses from the risks of lawsuits and other claims. Restaurants, bars and taverns are exposed to many kinds of risks because of the number of workers and customers that work at and patronize the business. When establishments serve alcohol, the risks only increase. If customers are over-served and become intoxicated, they can do serious damage. Intoxicated customers can get into fights, damage property, cause car accidents and other serious situations.

Most business owners know they need to purchase general liability insurance, but many don’t realize the need for liquor liability insurance. Any establishment that manufactures, serves or facilitates the serving of alcohol needs liquor liability insurance. This coverage is critical if any incidents arise. General liability insurance won’t protect business owners in cases of liquor-related accidents or injuries.

The best way to ensure that your business is properly protected is to work with a reputable insurance broker. These brokers do more than simply sign you up for a liquor liability insurance or general liability insurance policy. They review all aspects of your business to help you understand what kind of coverage you need to fully protect yourself. Good insurance brokers will fully understand all of the regulations in your state. Brokers can advise you about whether you should add liquor liability insurance to your general liability insurance policy. They will have the knowledge to design a policy with all the coverage you may need.

A good insurance broker will help you understand your liability issues and how to reduce your risk exposure. Many insurance companies offer training programs that help you implement safe business practices. Some insurance providers will reduce your premiums for general liability insurance and liquor liability insurance if you implement appropriate safety measures. Staff members should understand the signs of intoxication. Your business should not serve excess amounts of alcohol to any patron. This will reduce the likelihood of incidents. Staff members should check identification to make sure that patrons are old enough to drink. Workers should also know what steps they should take if a patron becomes belligerent or violent. These measures will help limit your restaurant or bar’s exposure to risky situations.


The Price of Cheap Insurance

restaurantInsurance costs are an inevitable part of doing business. These costs can be significant but good insurance will protect your business in a variety of situations. You tempted to buy lower-cost policies to reduce your costs in the short term, but this is a bad business decision. Most business owners purchase general liability insurance, but this isn’t sufficient coverage for a bar, restaurant or tavern. You need a comprehensive policy that includes liquor liability insurance. There will be more costs involved, but this coverage is essential to protecting your business.

Many businesses have gone bankrupt due to a lack of appropriate general liability insurance or liquor liability insurance. You should work with an experienced insurance broker who can explain your business’ risks and help you select thorough protection. General liability insurance coverage won’t protect you from liquor-related injuries, property damage or lawsuits. Your insurance broker can advise you of the level of protection your business will need to cover attorney fees, medical bills and property damage in the case of an incident. Lower premiums may seem like a smart decision, but if a problem arises, you won’t have sufficient liquor liability insurance and general liability insurance coverage to cover all of your bills.

Avoid lower cost, limited liability insurance policies. If a customer causes or is involved in a serious accident, these policies may not cover your costs fully. Many general liability insurance policies won’t cover liquor-related damages. There may be significant injury damages if there is an accident or fight. You could also be liable for the costs of mental or emotional damage to victims. You may need to hire attorneys which can lead to substantial legal costs. Some cases go to court which can increase legal bills. Only liquor liability insurance policies cover these issues.

Your broker should discuss all issues related to liquor liability insurance with you. You should consider covering both patrons and employees. Even if it is illegal to drink on the job, the liquor liability insurance coverage can protect you if employees violate the rules. Many business owners choose to have assault and battery protection included in their policies in case of fights. It’s also advisable to include coverage for mental damages in case of victim lawsuits. A good insurance broker will help you fully understand all your options so you can have the best protection available for your business.

Why should you worry about liquor liability insurance?

dining-outWhen you serve liquor to customers, you expose yourself to risk. Most customers don’t cause problems, but you need to protect your business against certain situations. When patrons become intoxicated, they can do damage in a number of ways. They may start fights, damage property or hurt other people. If intoxicated people drive a car, there is potential for serious damage. They could cause a accident that can result in grave injuries or even death.

As an owner of a restaurant, bar or tavern, you need the appropriate liquor liability insurance to protect yourself and your business. Many owners are aware that they need general liability insurance, but your need for protection doesn’t end there. If you serve alcohol, you need liquor liability insurance to protect against alcohol-related problems.

It’s important to find an insurance broker that can help you evaluate your insurance needs. Good brokers understand state and local laws. They can explain what sorts of liability situations your business is exposed to and what kinds of insurance are most appropriate. All businesses need general liability insurance to protect them against claims and lawsuits. Establishments that manufacture and serve alcohol have additional protection needs. They need liquor liability insurance to protect them in certain situations. .

Liquor liability insurance is not typically part of general liability insurance packages. Many brokers sell it as an add-on to general liability insurance. The broker may also design a package insurance deal that includes liquor liability insurance. The liquor liability policy should protect your business against a variety of liquor-related claims, such as assault and battery, emotional damage and defense costs. Your insurance broker should advice you against seeking limited liability insurance. It’s important to remember that insurance will not protect you if your business violates law. If you sell minors alcohol or violate other liquor laws, you won’t be eligible for insurance protection.

Your insurance broker may have ideas on how you can reduce your liquor liability insurance and general liability insurance premiums. Some companies offer safety training courses and programs. If you and your employees attend, you may be eligible for reduced rates. If your business has no history of claims, your premiums will be lower as well.