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Preparing a Shy Pet for Boarding

Dog boarding can be a great solution if you work long hours or if you need to travel. If you have a shy pet, you may be wondering how to get your reserved pet prepared for his or her first boarding experience. This process is less difficult if dealing with small pets of course – the only concern is in getting the best bedding for hedgehog, etc. to provide the most of the comfort. Dog owners are often especially worried if the dog is a rescue pet that has had bad experiences in the past. Your veterinarian may offer dog boarding services but this isn’t ideal for a nervous pet. Dogs associate the veterinarian with shots and other unpleasant events and will be very upset.

The first step is making sure that you’ve found the right match. Some kennels provide better environments than others. It’s important to visit the dog boarding company in person. Make sure the facility is clean and has plenty of room for your pet to exercise. The staff should be experienced. Ask questions about how they manage nervous animals. A good dog boarding company will have ideas to help your pet adjust. If you have more than one dog, the company may be able to pair the animals together. This can help your nervous pet.

shy dogA good dog boarding facility will ask to meet your dog ahead of time. This will give the staff a chance to meet your pet and learn more about how the animal interacts with people. Experienced kennel workers understand how to approach a nervous dog and help the animal settle in to a new environment. You can use this visit to evaluate the staff’s behavior. Are they soft-spoken and kind? Do they approach the dog warmly or are they stand-offish? You’ll notice the chemistry between your pet and the staff. Even if your dog is still nervous, your instincts will tell you whether the facility is a good fit or not.

There are many strategies that will help a nervous animal adjust to dog boarding. A staff member can spend private, one-on-one time with dog on a regular basis. The person should talk calmly to the dog and pet him or her in a quiet environment. This helps build the dog’s trust. If you bring the dog back to the same place repeatedly, he or she will start to relax since it is familiar.

A Comfortable Vacation for Your Feline Pet

It’s common to board dogs but have you ever thought about cat boarding? If you’re going to be traveling frequently, or for an extensive period of time, cat boarding may be the best way to help reduce your kitty’s stress. It’s common to think of cats as loners but they tend to strongly bond with their owners. They like their routine and want to feel safe and secure.

cat boardingCat boarding facilities are very different from shelters. They are more like pet hotels than storage areas. They do not place cats in small cages and force them to use the litter box near their feeding area. Cats in good cat boarding facilities do not have to share litter boxes or sleeping areas. Instead, cats usually reside in a small “condominium” that provides a comfortable, safe environment.

If you put your cat in a discount kennel, the cats may experience stress because of their proximity to dogs or other felines. The barking and smells will make the cat feel unsafe. Tour the facility before you make a commitment. Make sure the cats are away from any dogs. Also, ensure that the cats are not kept too closely together. Cats don’t always get along, especially when they are new to each another.

Some cat boarding facilities have kitty condos that have two rooms. This gives the cat a separate sleeping and litter box area. Condos may have internal air systems that make sure that every animal has fresh air at a comfortable temperature. You should ask to tour the cat boarding area at a pet hotel when you visit. Make sure that your pet will have plenty of room to move around and sleep.

The cat boarding facility should feed the cats at scheduled times. Routine is critical to helping cats adjust to a new environment. There should be an area for cats to play and exercise. They should have interaction with people who are experienced at dealing with cats. Ask questions about how the staff will deal with your cat if it experiences excessive stress or behaves oddly. Find out how the cat boarding staff will handle any emergency situations so you know what to expect.


How To Find A Good Dog Groomer

dog groomerA lot of dog owners struggle to care for their dog’s thick, shaggy coat on their own, eventually realizing that they need the help of a professional groomer. However, finding a good groomer can be tricky. You do not want to take your dog to a groomer that does assembly-line work and has no consideration for you or your dog.

To get started in your search for a good groomer, ask your veterinarian or your kennel if there is someone they recommend. Your kennel may have its own groomers on staff or may be closely affiliated with several good groomers. Stop in a few weeks before your appointment and watch the groomer work on a dog. You should be able to get a feel for the groomer’s rapport with his clientele. If your groomer enjoys dogs and loves his job, the dogs should be relaxed and happy with him.

Ask for a tour of the grooming facility, talk to other dog owners, if any are present, about their experiences with the groomer. You will find out pretty quickly if there are any concerns about a specific groomer.

At your dog’s appointment, before the groomer begins to work on your dog, make sure he knows about any health problems, particularly any skin problems, from which your dog suffers. Provide the groomer with contact information of your veterinarian, so that the groomer is prepared to seek the help of a medical professional should a health emergency pop up during the grooming sessions. A quality groomer will require proof of current vaccinations before your dog is accepted to come in for an appointment. Your dog’s safety and well-being should be considered at all times.

Warn the groomer if your dog has a history of snapping or biting or other kinds of aggression. Sometimes a groomer will want to muzzle a dog before starting to deter any possible aggressive behavior and prevent any unfortunate incidents.

A professional dog groomer can offer the following services:

  • Bathing, including a shampoo of the dog’s coat;
  • Flea dip;
  • Blow drying;
  • Haircuts and styling;
  • Nail clipping; and
  • Ear cleaning.

Request a pricing list before your dog’s appointment so that you know what services are included in the standard fee.

Why Choose To Board Your Dog?

dog boardingYour dog is your best friend. You take him everywhere with you. However, sometimes it is impossible to smuggle him along on a long excursion, such as a vacation to a tropical island or a business trip across the country. Dog owners frequently discover that it is not easy to find hotels that allow pets. Additionally, long car rides can be stressful on a dog that is energetic and used to moving around often.

What is the best option for your dog? Do you let him remain at home and ask a neighbor to stop in and feed him once a day? Or is there a better choice?

To ensure that your dog receives superior care while you are away, your best bet is to board him at a first-rate kennel or pet hotel. While a neighbor or friend may have the best intentions to take good care of your dog while you are away, the truth is that your dog may be neglected.

The benefits of a good dog boarding facility are numerous. First, your dog will not spend large amounts of time alone. A quality kennel will have a human being on site 24 hours a day. Your dog will be supervised. You will not have to worry whether he has been fed on time. Meal times will be routine and you can even supply your dog’s usual brand of food.

If there are any emergency health issues while you are away, the staff at the kennel can notify you immediately. If you have given permission, they can contact a veterinarian quickly if immediate treatment is necessary. A lot of dog boarding facilities even have a vet on call.

Another great thing about a kennel is that the staff will regularly exercise your pet in a safe area. A lot of kennels have indoor and outdoor exercise areas. An indoor exercise area is important in case of bad weather. If your dog is unable to go outside because of rain, snow, etc., then the staff can exercise him in the indoor area. In Arizona where the summers regularly hit triple digits an indoor dog park is a must.

While boarding your dog may not be desirable, sometimes it is absolutely necessary and in your dog’s best interest. Consider the advantages of a dog boarding facility before you leave your dog alone at home during your next big trip.

How To Choose A Good Dog Boarding Facility

dog boardingIf you have never used a boarding facility for your dog before, it can be a daunting task to find a good place where you feel that your dog will be safe and happy.

Ask your veterinarian if he or she recommends any local kennels. Do an internet search of any pet hotels that the vet recommends. Are there reviews online by dog owners that have used those kennels? Do you know any friends or neighbors that have used these businesses? First-hand testimony from a dog owner who has boarded his dog at a facility is a great way to determine if it may be a good fit for your dog.

Review the information available online for the kennels. Look through the photo galleries and get a feel for the facilities. If your state requires a boarding inspection, has the pet hotel passed? Does the kennel have any complaints lodged against it with the Better Business Bureau? Once you determine which boarding facility impress you most, then call and schedule a tour.

At the time you tour the kennel, pay close attention to the smell and cleanliness of the facility. Make sure the food and water dishes are clean and filled with fresh food and water. Check to see that the dogs are provided beds and do not have to sleep on a concrete floor. These details show that the staff is diligent in taking proper care of the dogs. You also want to see if a staff member is always on the premises in case there is a health or emergency issue with the dogs during the night hours.

Another important question is if the facility requires that all pets boarded must be current on their shots. Most important is that current rabies, distemper, and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations are required. You do not want your dog catching these illnesses from another dog at the kennel.

Is there air conditioning and heat so that your pet will be comfortable in extreme weather? This is especially important if your dog is elderly and has no tolerance for extreme temperatures.

If your dog is younger and energetic, you want to specifically ask about the exercise areas available. Is there a safe area outdoors where your dog will be taken to exercise? What steps does the staff take to ensure that your dog does not try to escape? If there is bad weather, is there an indoor area that your dog can be taken to get sufficient exercise?

As soon as you realize that you may need to board your dog, you want to start researching facilities as soon as possible. You do not want to wait until the last minute and be forced to choose a second-rate kennel for your dog because you are crunched for time.

Finding Reliable Care for Your Dog

dog kennelSummertime is a great opportunity for family vacations. There are lots of things you’ll need to do to prepare for a successful trip. One of the most important things on your list is ensuring the well-being of your dog. You don’t want to trust your pet to someone who might be neglectful. Your pet needs regular companionship and exercise. Leaving the dog in the yard is not a good substitute for exercise. The summer heat can make the dog ill. There’s always a chance that the pet may escape the yard, which can lead to unfortunate accidents. It’s best to find a more reliable option.

A dog boarding service can be a great way to ensure your pet’s health and happiness while you are away. You can find a wide range of these services by checking local listings and asking for recommendations. Dog boarding services can range from doggie daycare services to extended care dog lodgings. You should thoroughly investigate the company. Check with the Better Business Bureau and look for customer reviews online. Your goal should be a safe, reliable company with an established reputation. This way, you’ll know that your dog is safe and is receiving plenty of food, water and exercise while you are away.

Many dog boarding services offer extra tools to make your pet feel at home while you’re away. Some offer toys, blankets and special beds to make the animal’s stay as comfortable as possible. You should ask to see the area where animals stay during their time at the dog boarding facility. A reputable company will allow you to tour the kennel. You should ensure that your dog has plenty of space to rest. Check the area to verify that it is clean. You should also ask to see the dog boarding company’s exercise area. It should be large enough to allow plenty of activity. The establishment should be able to tell you how often and what kind of exercise your dog will get. Ask about the amount of companionship the animals receive. Regular interaction will reduce your pet’s stress during your vacation. If you take the time to research a dog boarding provider thoroughly, you can relax and enjoy your vacation because you know your pet is safe.