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A Luxury Pet Resort for Fido

pet resortFeeling guilty that you are about to take a vacation to an all-inclusive resort while your dog must be left behind in a kennel? Relieve some of that guilt by reserving a room for your dog at an upscale dog boarding facility.

Your dog can feel just as special and pampered as you do. Pet resorts offer big rooms with plush beds so that your dog feels more at home – almost like he is sleeping with you in your bed. Some rooms include a radio, a television, a clock — even pictures on the walls. If you are willing to pay more, some resorts offer rooms with attached patios, so that your dog can step outside when he wants and safely observe the scenery and wildlife from a secure area.

For older or nervous pets, upscale kennels offer quiet rooms away from the more energetic and noisier dogs.

Most modern pet resorts offer some sort of Skype or camera service, so that you and your pet can see each other via video. Others use social media to post photos of your pet at play.

In addition to the above amenities, there are plenty of activities available to keep your pet busy at a pet resort.

You may be able to purchase individual play sessions for your dog. A member of staff will take your dog outside to play ball or Frisbee. Your dog can also visit the playground to climb and jump around. If your dog prefers a quiet walk in the woods or around the garden, you can schedule a staff member to accompany him on a walk in the area where he is most comfortable.

Petting and cuddling sessions can also be available for your dog, complete with belly rubs and ear scratching. This way you will know he is getting the love you cannot provide him in your absence.

Spa services are also offered at most dog resorts. Dogs can be brushed, massaged and even given facials – plus the standard grooming treats like nail trimming. Special products can be used to improve your dog’s skin and hair and make him smell fantastic.

With all these wonderful options available at upscale dog boarding facilities and resorts, you can leave for your vacation guilt-free. Both you and your dog will have a wonderful time.