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Designing a Kid Friendly Bathroom

The fun thing about custom designed bathrooms is that just by adding colors and characters, you can make them kid oriented and inviting. Also, by using a kid themed shower curtain with themed towels, bath mats and other themed items; this will actually help getting the children into the bath. Along with this, there are things you can do to make a bathroom more kid accessible and custom storage friendly.

For instance; you can design it taking into account the height of your kids which is a plus since they like to reach for their own toothbrushes and personal hygiene items. Also, a custom cabinet with easy to reach shelves will make it easier for the little ones to reach other kid friendly items. When they grow, the shelves can then be used for other storage. Further, a sturdy stool can be designed to help the kids gain access to the bathroom sink. In addition, you can have towel racks at the normal height, but install towels racks at a child’s height too.

As far as safety issues you can have anti-slip stickers on the bottom of the tub. These stickers make for a secure footing when the child is standing or climbing in and out of the tub. Also, removable grab bars are a handy thing to install so that the child has something to grab while in the tub. With removable bars, they can be repositioned as the child grows older too.

Custom design also can give you extra space to remove small toys to which don’t float that have nothing to do with bath time, but always end up in the bath anyway. This is good because small toys can later be dropped into an open toilet and then flushed. This could cause an overflow to the toilet or an expensive to repair clog.

Additionally, for safety as an added note, don’t keep anything glass in the bathroom. So be sure that all the toothbrush holders, soap dishes, cups and other bathroom items are made from plastic so that you or your children avoid nasty cuts.

Making a custom designed bathroom for kids isn’t difficult; a lot of it is just common sense.