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Making that Difficult Cabinet Space Work

In every kitchen there is the one difficult kitchen cabinet that makes you crazy. You know the one; the famous deep corner cabinet which you can’t see into, and you have to almost crawl into it to see what’s in there. It’s the cabinet of no return, the black hole in your kitchen universe. So what can be done with this no man’s land of a kitchen cabinet?

Well, you can always put in that cupboard the tray which you only use once a year; or the special Christmas bakeware for the gingerbread men. So then, you would put into it things that usually only see the light of day once or twice a year. Storage space for the forgotten.

Or, you can place in it a Lazy Susan to help you find things with just a turn. A half-moon Lazy Susan would make a big difference in using the dead space in the cabinet too. Or you can install a pull-out Lazy Susan which lets you turn the entire unit around for accessibility. You can also stack items which you use a bit more often, and with the unit being able to be pulled out, you can see what you’re searching for.

Another thought is to use the deep corner cabinet for pot and pan storage by installing hooks on the inside and hanging the pans up by their handles in a way that makes sense for easy remembering. This would free up the space you normally would have used for your pots and pans to be used for something else also.

Too, this annoying cabinet could be used as a wine rack. You want wine in a dark place anyway so if you install the wine bottle rack, then wine could be safely stored out of the way, but in reach to get to when needed. The cabinet door would shut so it would stay dark.

Or, if all else fails, install a light in the corner cabinet so that you can at least see what you have hidden when you’re reaching around in there.

So there you have it; some ways to make the corner cabinet useful.

What are the Differences Among Cabinet Types?

If you are considering upgrading or replacing your kitchen cabinetry, you probably want to know as much as possible about your options. What types of kitchen cabinets are available? Which ones are the best investment? Which ones last the longest? Which types will do the most to enhance the appearance of your kitchen?

cabinet-typesThe most well-known kind of cabinet is stock or prefabricated. This type of kitchen cabinetry can be purchased at many big box and kitchen remodeling stores. These cabinets come in a variety of standard sizes, colors and materials. Some are made from particleboard while others are constructed from more sturdy materials including solid wood. When you are shopping for kitchen cabinetry, keep in mind that prefabricated cabinets have a limited range of accessories and styles. You will need to evaluate the product carefully to make sure it is well-made and doesn’t use cheap materials.

The mid-range option for kitchen cabinetry is semi-custom. The cabinets are usually made of higher quality material than prefabricated cabinets. The construction of the cabinet is typically sturdy and you have the option of making some size adjustments. You can request that the cabinets are made deeper than the standard model. You may be able to request special doors or select from a wider variety of styles, colors, finishes and accessories. You’ll find that you have more choices with semi-custom cabinets than you do with prefabricated products, but there will still be limitations to your options.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is the most versatile of all the options. It is made to order according to your preferences. Often, a custom kitchen cabinetry designer works closely with you to assist you in designing cabinets that make the most of the space in your kitchen. Often, you can take advantage of innovative and unusual cabinet configurations to create a one-of-a-kind look. You will have many options in terms of color, size, shape, wood, finish and accessories. Your options are almost limitless. Although this type of kitchen cabinetry can be expensive, homeowners often find that it enhances the value of their homes and provides them with an attractive and functional space.

The Advantages to Adding Door Pulls

When you’re adding kitchen cabinetry, there are a variety of details you can add that will make your kitchen distinctive. You can find door pulls in a wide variety of styles which can add many different styles to your kitchen cabinetry. It’s also possible to add creative door pulls to the drawers in the kitchen to make them coordinate with the cabinets.

When you’re looking for door pulls, you have a wide variety of choices. There are a variety of finishes that you can select to coordinate with your kitchen cabinetry. Options include bronze, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, matte black and crystal. The style choices are almost infinite. You can find styles that include art deco, contemporary, weathered, square, round, rectangular, braided and an almost infinite number of other options. This type of hardware has a big impact on the appearance of your cabinetry. It is distinctive and stands out.

door-pullsYou can find door pulls from a wide variety of vendors. Many hardware stores sell hardware for kitchen cabinetry. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a store, trying looking online. You’ll find a vast selection of items in a wide range of styles. Some are handcrafted and painted which will provide your cabinets with a unique look.

You should ensure that your kitchen cabinetry is installed correctly. It’s important that the hardware is properly mounted so that it looks symmetrical. It’s a good idea to work with your kitchen cabinetry installer to select the right hardware to ensure that it works with your kitchen design. Does the hardware match the type of wood? Are the pulls the right size for the door? Are they consistent with the style of the kitchen cabinetry and drawers in the room?

You should also consult with your kitchen cabinetry vendor about the usability of the door hardware. There are many attractive pieces that aren’t practical. They may be too difficult to grasp. In other cases, due to the shape of the hardware and the cabinet, the hardware has to be mounted in an inappropriate place. The pieces will also have to be even with the other doors in the room or it will look messy and disorganized.

Do Kitchen Cabinets and Islands Need to Match?

When you’re revamping a kitchen, you have a lot of design considerations. Many modern kitchens feature islands. If they don’t, homeowners sometimes decide to add an island to the room. During the renovation, home owners often have questions have questions about coordinating the kitchen island and the rest of the room? What should the island look like? What elements are important?

two-tone-kitchenMany people wonder about coordinating the kitchen cabinetry with the island. Do they have to match exactly? Are there best practices in terms of designing the kitchen so it is harmonious? The answer depends on the type of kitchen you want to create. There are many ways to approach kitchen cabinetry and islands. The important things is that the various elements complement each other and create a cohesive look. Everything does not have to exactly match for the renovation to look good.

Instead of focusing on matching the kitchen cabinetry and the island, many people focus on the countertops. They purchase granite, tile or other types of countertops that they can use on all the surfaces in the room. The countertops above and under the kitchen cabinetry are exactly the same as the surfaces on top of the island. The bottom of the island may be a different color than the kitchen cabinetry.

To create visual interest in the kitchen, some people deliberately create contrast the island and the kitchen cabinetry. For example, some homes have natural wood cabinetry and a darker-colored island. Others make their kitchens stand out by installing a brightly colored island in contrast to traditionally-colored kitchen cabinetry. They may mix colors such as white and red, white and blue, white and beige or white and black.

You can also create an attractive look by matching the kitchen cabinetry with the island. Many people use the same colors, woods and finishes to create a cohesive look in the room. If they want contrast, they can introduce it using wall colors, floor tile, countertops and many other elements. If you do match the kitchen cabinetry and the island, you should check to make sure the colors don’t overwhelm the room. For example, if you’re using dark colored wood, you could inadvertently make the room too dark by matching all the elements.

Popular Types of Custom Cabinetry

custom kitchen remodelInstalling custom cabinetry is an excellent way to remodel your kitchen so that it feels like new and has more storage space. Professional contractors can work with you to design cabinets that make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. You will feel like you have moved to a different home!

There are three major styles of custom kitchen cabinetry – classic, contemporary and modern. When choosing a kitchen cabinet design, you need to choose a style that best compliments the rest of your home. For example, if you already have a bright, airy, yet classic feel to your home décor, then you may want to go with French Country. If your style is more traditional and simple, you might want to select a solid Shaker design. For furniture and art that is more architectural and artistic, you may want to choose a modern style of cabinet in the kitchen to complement your scheme in the rest of the house.

Typically, the material used to make the cabinets will be a solid wood and plywood mix. There are a variety of beautiful finishes/veneers available with which your contractor can stain the cabinets. Some well-known veneers are maple, cherry mahogany, red oak, white oak, ash, and walnut. More exotic veneers include anigre, which is a yellowish brown which will make your cabinets appear as if they are made from tropical wood; birds eye maple, which is a veneer that copies the distinctive pattern of swirling eyes found in some of the hard maple woods; crotch mahogany, a feathered pattern on the wood to make it appear as if it were African or South American mahogoany; lacewood, a veneer that appears to be reddish-brown wood with a lacelike flecking; pearwood, a pinkish-tan light wood veneer, and zebra wood, which is a pattern of dark stripes on a lighter background.

Extra touches can be added to your custom cabinetry to make it more sophisticated and indicative of your personal style. For example, the cabinet doors can be fitted with glass inserts to show off the objects inside. Being able to see through your cabinet doors is especially nice if you have fine china or other prize objects to show off in your kitchen. Likewise, you may want to have lights installed inside the kitchen cabinets to make your elegant china easier to view.

The handles that you choose for your cabinets can make a world of difference in making the last finishing touches to your kitchen. For modern cabinet designs, you probably should not install handles but have cabinet doors that pull open from the bottom or side. Most handle styles detract from the modern aesthetic. If you do choose to have handles and your kitchen design is modern, then have thin handles installed to complement the modern look. Classic and contemporary cabinet styles will accommodate all different types of cabinet handles. Experiment with a few different types of handles to determine which best accompanies your cabinets.

Ask your contractor about the various styles, finishes, and accoutrements available for your custom cabinetry so that you can create a look for your kitchen that is as distinctive and stylish as the rest of your home.