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Types of Cabinet Which Can Be Refinished

Your kitchen cabinets simply put are the main part of the kitchen. Their look can set the mood and style of your kitchen. So, if you have to replace them, refinish or refurbish them; it’s something that you don’t want to have to do again soon. It’s a difficult job too so only a professional remodeler should take on a project like this.

Cabinets are one of the largest investments when remodeling. They are also the biggest budget item as well. You should frankly love them after they are installed. You’ll be staring at them for a long time unless you have money to burn.

But what if the cabinets you have are on the beat-up side, but you really like them. Can they be refinished? Well, you should look closely at them. If the cabinets are metal and rusty, or falling apart; you can’t refurbish them. If they aren’t built sturdily or are off kilter, they aren’t a prime candidate either for using in your upgrade.

Also, cabinets which are laminate, melamine or metal are all hard to paint. A special paint needs to be used on kitchen cabinets too. If it’s not used, then they can chip and peel. Another determination to see if the cabinets are worth the time invested in refinishing them is to check the joinery. The joinery needs to be in good condition and reliable. So look for excessive wear and imperfections.

Now for wood cabinets, find a piece of wood which hasn’t been painted over to see what kind of wood the cabinets are made from and inspect the rest of the cabinets to see how sound the wood is. Not all wood is pretty once it’s given a look over or when the paint or varnish is off. If there is no bare wood, you might want to strip an unnoticed area then just to see what’s underneath.

If all seems right after inspection, be honest about what kind of repairs would be necessary. You don’t want a refinishing and refurbishing dream to turn into a nightmare.

Importantly, be true to yourself using common sense to guide you. You’ll be living with the cabinets for some time to come.

Is Renovating Your Kitchen a Good Investment?

custom cabinetryMost homeowners have come to a point when it was time to remodel or relocate. The most common areas that need to be remodeled are the kitchen and the bathroom (s). Today however, we are going to focus on how replacing your kitchen cabinets with custom cabinetry could be a great way to increase the look and value of your home.

Giving your Kitchen Cabinets a Face-Lift.

When you decide to undertake your kitchen renovation, the kitchen cabinets will be among the first and most important components you may change. If you already have high-end custom cabinetry, perhaps a simple re-facing would be suitable. More simply put, this is a method of only replacing the cabinet doors and sometimes refinishing the cabinet face to match the new doors. If your current doors have a great deal of woodworking details, then simply changing the color may be your best choice.

Complete Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If your kitchen renovation budget allows for it, ordering custom cabinets is a great way to significantly increase the value of your home. Ranging from mild to extreme, custom cabinetry can set your kitchen apart from the crowd and could even become a key selling point for your home. If selling is not on your mind though, a kitchen renovation is still a great way to improve the usability of your home.

After you have selected how you intend to renew or replace your current cabinets, you will want to consider how to tie everything together. This can include the replacement of appliances, flooring and backsplashes. By taking the time to carefully consider each change you will make, you can ensure that you get things completed efficiently and in the correct order. This will help you make the most of your kitchen renovation budget.

If you need help planning your kitchen renovation there are several free tools available to give you some ideas. For an even more detailed and personalized look at what you could do to improve your current kitchen layout, a custom cabinetry maker can be a valuable assistant. Good luck on your next kitchen renovation project!

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Add Space for Daily Living

When looking to redesign your current kitchen it is important to base the looks and esthetic on style, space, functionality, and also resale value. Custom cabinetry can be just what your kitchen has been missing. Take the time to figure out exactly what you must have in the redesign and also the extra special wish list.

No matter what size your kitchen, who couldn’t use more space? By adding custom kitchen cabinets your kitchen will be transformed into an organized area of space utilizing a floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry design or just a few special size custom kitchen cabinets that will fit into a nook under the stairs or under the granite top of a spacious center island.

By combining custom cabinetry and high grade appliances the dream of a gourmet kitchen is within anyone’s reach. Whether you have lived in the house for decades or your family has just received the keys to the castle, a well designed layout for new custom kitchen cabinets can change the space from being barely functional to having a place for all your appliances, dishes, pans, and food.

The kitchen becomes the epicenter of family life when it is designed for function as well as beauty. By selecting custom cabinetry for a kitchen redesign you will be able to have custom kitchen cabinets to maximize space and therefore free up counter space for food preparation instead of extra serving dishes and a blender.

Custom cabinetry will add to the value of your home. The benefits of having a custom kitchen beyond being able to enjoy the highly functional space on a daily basis cannot be understated. In the future when potential homebuyers walk into your kitchen for the first time and look at the custom kitchen cabinets you want the quality to speak volumes about the house.