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Kids? What’s the Best Countertop for You?

family-kitchenWhen you have kids, finding kitchen countertops which can stand up to the wear and tear is a priority. And while there are many different types of countertops which may answer that demand, below are the best three that are kid friendly also.

  • Laminate Countertops: This a pretty popular choice for countertops because of the variety of colors, the low cost of it and the wide variety of choices. Plus it’s also very kid friendly. Some of the characteristics are that it’s made from a non-porous material so not only won’t viruses and bacteria seep into it for easy wiping; but it cleans up with soap and a sponge or cloth. Additionally it doesn’t stain even if the stains sit for a period of time, and it doesn’t crack or chip easily since it’s impact resistant. Being that it is inexpensive too, you can always install now when the kids are small and then replace it when the kids are gone without wasting your money either.
  • Solid Surface Countertops: A solid surface countertops can be made from Corian or Swanstone which is a tough acrylic material. This type of countertop can come in over a 100 patterns and colors. And being that its kid friendly, you can get a great look and still have durability. It will resist impact, mild heat and staining, but it may scratch. If it does scratch, it can be sanded out easily by your contractor.
  • Granite Countertops: With the new sealants added to granite, you no longer have to worry about spilled juice or the top chipping. When granite is sealed properly, it makes it non-porous and it cleans easily also. Just make sure whatever contractor you use has the experience and know-how to be sealing granite surfaces.

Although the first two countertops can be installed by homeowners, the granite countertops are best installed by a professional contractor. The result will be better and you’ll be happier.