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Going the Extra Mile for Your Large Dog

There are lots of reasons to have your dog professionally groomed. This is especially true if you have a large dog. The animal won’t fit in your bathtub and it’s difficult to bathe a dog outside during the winter months. It’s very uncomfortable for the dog to be wet in freezing weather. That’s why many people turn to dog grooming services to help with large dog care.

large dog groomingFind a dog salon that has hydraulic tables. These lower to a comfortable level to help large dogs get on the table. This is especially important as the dog ages. Baths can be a special challenge for large dogs because they don’t fit in standard sized tubs. They may also have trouble climbing in and out of larger tubs. Stainless steel tubs with a ramp to help load and unload dogs are another great tool to make your large dog more comfortable when it’s time for dog grooming.

Large dogs, especially those with thick fur, can take a long time to dry. A good dog grooming company will have hand-held force dryers. The best dryers feature warm, moist air which will keep the dog safer and more comfortable during the drying process.

A professional dog grooming service will help you do more for your large dog. They can carefully trim the dog’s nails so they are manageable but not so short that they are painful. A good grooming opertaion typically has a stable staff with little turnover. This means the groomers will form a relationship with your pet over time. This will make grooming more relaxing and pleasant for your pet.

Professional dog grooming services can make recommendations for caring for your large dog between appointments. They will probably recommend that you brush your dog at least every few days. The groomer can help you pick out a brush that is effective and comfortable at the same time. The groomer may also notice health problems. Large dogs are more susceptible to issues like hip dysplasia and the groomer will likely notice stiffness. The groomer may recommend that you discuss the dog’s diet and exercise plan with your veterinarian.