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The Benefits of a Built-in Laundry Room

Doing the laundry is the bane of many people’s existences. Not only is it a chore, but it can take up both time and space. So having a laundry room that is both functional with custom cabinets and organized space can make the job a little easier.

laundry-roomHaving a laundry room which is organized instead of being utilitarian will also make your life a little more organized too. This is because disorganization here, runs into there. So taking away that “it’s time to do laundry” pain is an added bonus. But what a bonus because it’s a chore to try to keep clothes stain-free; sorted, clean and then dried and put away neatly. But if your laundry room has custom cabinets to organize cleaning products, a place for hanging and folding laundry right out of the dryer, then you may have an incentive to spend more time in this area. It beats folding clothes on the bed or couch and having laundry clutter around when company comes over unexpectedly.

Plus, when your laundry room is custom made to your specifications, you can have that long folding table that you’ve always dreamed about. Maybe even a place created to store unmatched socks until the mates show up. Also you can add brightness into your life. So if your laundry area is dark, white cabinetry can bring shine to the area. You could put in cheery lights or other designs too. Additionally, if you would like a touch of style and elegance, then you can always use natural wood cabinets in a wood and finish of your choice. The ideas and choices are unlimited, and a professional can help make those ideas come to life. Instead of walking into your laundry to piles of unwashed laundry and clutter, you’ll then have open work spaces and cabinets to put your supplies in.

Further, having a finished laundry room will add value to your home if you’re thinking about selling it in the future. So if your home has a well-organized and customized laundry room, it could be that extra selling point which makes your home stand out.

Doing laundry may not be your favorite chore, but a customized laundry may make it more bearable.

Why You Should Add Cabinets to Your Laundry Room

Custom cabinetry can enhance your home in ways that may surprise you. When people think of custom cabinetry, they typically think of bathrooms and kitchens where cabinets are common. However, hand-crafted cabinets can enhance your home in a variety of ways.
It can be extremely difficult to manage clutter in the laundry room. After all, laundry rooms are in constant use in most households. There are many different items of different sizes that are stored in a laundry room. These include detergent, softener, baskets, clothing, hangers, clothing drying lines, folding tables and ironing boards. Even the most organized person can have difficulty keeping a laundry room in order.

custom laundry room
Custom cabinetry can help you significantly improve the organization of your laundry room. You may think of all the elements of the room as separate pieces, but a custom cabinetry designer can help you design a room that incorporates all the parts seamlessly.
You can help pick out custom cabinets that will store a variety of items even if they have different sizes. Ironing boards and folding tables can be incorporated into hand-crafted cabinets so that they look attractive. If you need to conserve space, a custom cabinet design can help you achieve this goal. The cabinets will take advantage of the height, width, nooks and crannies in the room. Sometimes, you can add a significant amount of storage space by building cabinets over appliances.
Custom cabinetry can help you stay organized in a variety of ways. You can incorporate closets in a variety of sizes into the laundry room. You can include dividers in the closets that will help you separate clothes by owner or type of clothing. Your designer will work with you to address other issues. Some people include a variety of bins into their cabinets to hold dirty or clean laundry.
You may want to incorporate elements that help you hide items. For example, you may want bins with closing doors so that dirty laundry isn’t visible. Closets and doors can be constructed to conceal clothing drying lines. Your custom cabinetry designer can also help you find ways to store and/or conceal laundry baskets.