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Best Lighting for In Ground Pools

Lighting in an in ground pool will allow you pleasurable swimming both in the daytime and at night. Lighting your swimming pool will not only give you ambiance, but will help with safety concerns when the little ones are in the pool too because pool lights will let you have better visibility throughout your entire pool. So, what kind of pool lights are best for an in ground pool? Read on.

led-pool-lightLEDS: This abbreviation stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Now these lights don’t have any filaments so they don’t put out any heat. The other nice thing about these lights is that LEDS can change colors. This allows you to have light shows to awe your friends and family. Too, LED bulbs life spans are 30,000 hours. This is compared to the 5,000 hours for incandescent and 6,000 for fiber optic lights.

FIBER OPTICS: Fiber optics were used heavily in the early 2000’s. According to https://petersenparts.com/ however; with the LED explosion, they are being used less and less. With this type, the light bulb of a fiber optic pool light is found in a dry box located on top of the pool patio. The light then travels through the cable to the portal where the light comes out into the pool. This is done because the fiber optic cables have special fittings in the pool wall that allows for this. The problem with these lights is that they are the least bright of all the available lighting and expensive. However; because the box is on dry land it is easy to have a large variety of colors. Also, you can have light emitting optic cables in the pool walls here where the entire cable glows which gives you a large variety too in that you can have lights along the pool walls or on the pool floor in solid lines or in shapes and in different colors.

INCANDESCENTS: These lights work by current passing through the filament. Then the filament glows which produces the light in the incandescent bulb. Now with this type of light, if you want a different color of bulb, you have to place a colored lens over the pool light inside the pool. Also since the lights have filaments they are hot.

There you have some choices for pool lights just in time for the swimming season.

Best Lighting for an Above Ground Pool

Night swimming during the hot summer evenings is one of the best reasons to own an above ground swimming pool. But to be safe, pool lighting is something that every pool owner should have. It allows everyone to be seen in case there’s an accident; plus it does give an ambiance all of its own. So below are some suggestions on different types of pool lighting for your above ground pool:

• Overhanging lights: These lights usually come in kits and when put together, they hang over the top of the lip of the pool. Here there’s a plastic arm which is attached to each light or set of lights. The wires then run down to the bulb and are water proof. These kits aren’t very expensive and sometimes look cheap so they may detract from the appearance of your pool.

• Through Wall Pool Lights: These lights have a more professional look and are installed in the wall of the pool. The lights don’t interfere with swimming, and they don’t stick out from the pool walls either. To have them mounted properly to avoid leaks, they are carefully installed through the pool liners and the structural pool walls. It may be better and safer to have a professional install them than doing it yourself though.

• Floating lights: These light have been used in swimming pools for many years. The best thing about these lights is that they just float around without having to penetrate the liner. Also, these lights run on batteries so there isn’t any electrical wiring involved.

• Magnetically attached lights: If your pool has metal walls, you may want to consider these lights. The lights have magnetic backs which are attracted to the metal walls. This way, the lights don’t penetrate the liner, and you can place them anywhere you want

Any lights you choose to purchase; however, need to generate sufficient lighting for night swimming. So if the lights aren’t bright enough in the first install, you will need to add more or better lighting for more illumination if you want safety for your swimmers. That involves added cost so it is best to get it right the first time. Most lights though will tell you what size of a pool they will light.
Colorful and soothing lights at night can make swimming a whole new experience.