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How to Build a Luxury Bathroom on a Tight Budget

You have a tight budget, but you want a bathroom that is luxurious. Here, all it takes is planning and the right contractor. So, you need to research your project and contractor and plan on how it’s going to be completed, and ask questions. By discussing your budget with your professional contractor and asking for advice where you should stay firm, you’ll be sure to stay within it. So, what would be some luxury features you may want in your new bathroom that your contractor can help you decide upon?

Luxury features on a budget

If you have the typical 5×8 bathroom, you can still add some luxury. You just have to use the space you have correctly. So, a nice bathroom is possible. Then one of the first steps is to install a whirlpool/steam tub/shower unit.

If you don’t have room for that, then replace your tub with a deeper soaking one. You can also have several pulsating shower heads that massage your whole body. Additionally, you can create a feeling of luxury by using the right the materials and add ons in the bathroom. Install decorative moldings, marble vanity tops or even a skylight. Install rollout trash bins to avoid taking up extra floor space. Or, extend the vanity top across the top of the commode. It will give you extra counter space for necessities.

What else?

You can make the most of what storage space you do have with the perfect vanity. If it has a vanity toe kick, then a low voltage light can be installed to provide a touch of class as well as work as a nightlight. In addition, plan to have lots of lighting around the vanity mirror for putting on makeup or shaving if this is the case.

If you plan and shop carefully, you can have a custom-made and elegant bathroom on a small budget.