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Pet Pain Management

pet pain managementPet pain management can become an important issue as animals age. Many large dogs struggle with arthritis, especially in their hips, as they age. Smaller dogs and cats can also struggle with pain from arthritis or other illnesses.

One of the difficulties of pet pain management is that animals are very good at concealing discomfort. It can be very challenging to tell if your animal is in pain. One way to tell is if they suddenly change their behavior pattern. Does the animal suddenly hesitate or refuse to climb stairs? You may notice your pet struggling to get up after he or she has been sitting or lying down for a while? Is the animal less active? Are they walking stiffly? These all can be signs that your beloved family pet may need some assistance.

You should always consult with your veterinarian when you feel that your pet may be in pain. You should be assertive about asking questions and be an advocate for your pet. The doctor will run tests to determine the root causes of your pet’s pains. If the pain is due to arthritis or another treatable cause, your veterinarian may recommend medication to help ease your pet’s pain. There may be physical therapy treatments that can help with pet pain management. Losing weight may be another option for your pet. The loss of several pounds can make a significant difference in pet pain management. Once the animal has lost weight, he or she may be able to move much more easily.

There are other steps you can take to help manage pain once diseases have been ruled out by your veterinarian. It is important that your pet still get regular exercise. Spending time in warm water is often a helpful therapy for large dogs who are struggling with pain. You may also be able to employ massage to assist in pet pain management.