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What is a social media manager?

social media managerSocial media has become a critical part of every business’ success. It can be used to build awareness of products, increase the company’s visibility, alert customers to sales and promotions, among other strategies. Because these tasks can be time-consuming and require detailed attention, many people hire someone to focus specifically these tasks. This person is known as a social media manager.

The manager has many tasks. One of the most important tasks is monitoring the company’s presence online. This can include monitoring Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other types of social media. The manager not only looks for interactions with customers, but checks to see what is being said about the company and its products.

The next task the manager has is to contribute to the discussions and encourage additional discussion about the company or a specific product. This may include contributing to community discussions, posting articles strategically, sending messages and responding to messages that concern the brand the manager is focused on. The manager can also responsible for search engine optimization, also known as SEO. This means the manager makes sure that the company and its products have a strong presence and can easily be found on the internet through search engines. Often, the manager sends messages that support specific marketing campaigns. If there is a concern about the company, the social media manager will send messages and contribute to discussions to clear up misunderstandings and help people understand the company and its products more clearly.

The manager must also measure the effect that social media is having on the company’s reputation. Are customers aware of the product? Is media helping people understand the company and its products more fully? Are customers engaging with the company online? Is there anything that can be done with media to help the company grow and retain its current customers? These are all concerns that fall within the job of a social media manager.