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How to Build the Deluxe Man Cave

If you’ve always fantasized about having the ultimate man cave, you should seriously consider building it. A deluxe man cave is a great investment because it will bring you hours of enjoyment. Your friends and family will also enjoy it. Think about how fun it will be during the Super Bowl, March Madness and other sports events. You can also watch movies and listen to music. A man cave is also a great place to host parties if you build it with entertainment in mind.

mancave-barWhat are the essential items for the ultimate man cave? Much of this will have to do with your personal preferences. One element is often an entertainment center. Typically, it includes a large screen television, outstanding sound system with speakers and storage. Another popular part of a deluxe man cave is a bar that is suitable for guests to sit around when drinks and food are served. The bar can easily be the focal point of the design. The bar may include a variety of features such as a sink, storage for glasses, a toaster oven and a wine cooler. Other amenities may include a refrigerator, a built-in wine opener, an ice maker, pull-out drawers that store mixers and liqueur and countertop spaces that are convenient for mixing and pouring.

Many of the features of the ultimate man cave include cabinetry like the entertainment center and the bar area. If you are investing in the man cave of your dreams, custom cabinetry is a good choice for helping you find what you’re looking for. When it comes to your bar area, you can work with a designer to help you customize your bar in a way that works for you. For example, the designer will help you select wood that works with your décor but is also functional. You don’t want countertops that will stain or warp over time.

Your designer will also help you figure out what types of cabinetry you want for storage in your bar and how the bar should be designed for your needs. You will also receive assistance in configuring cabinetry around your entertainment center for storage. You can create the man cave of your dreams by working with the right custom cabinet designer.

Custom Bar for Your Man Cave

Are you thinking about building a man cave? Do you want a place that you can relax and play movies and music you enjoy? Would you like a place to invite your friends over to enjoy sports games and other events without people in the other part of the house?

One of the key parts of a great man cave is a bar. It’s a great place to store glassware, bottles of liquor and beer. Many people like to have a wet bar so that they can mix drinks and clean up after gatherings easily. A refrigerator is also a great addition. That way, you can chill beer and other beverages.

The best way to get the bar you want for your man cave is to create the bar you want from scratch. There are some pre-fabricated bars, but they may not meet your needs for your man cave. Compromise means you have to give up features like refrigerators, storage space, sinks or bar space.

Consider working with a custom cabinet maker to create the man cave bar that you really want. A custom cabinet designer can help you decide on the features you want to include and provide suggestions on features that will help you enjoy your bar more. You may want to configure the bar to include seating for several people for parties. The designer can help you decide on the bar height and bar stools for optimal seating.

The wood you choose for your cabinetry and surfaces in your man cave bar will have a significant impact on the style of the room. It’s also important that the surfaces are appropriate for handling liquid and clean up easily. You don’t want wood that buckles or stains easily.

Another important feature of your man cave bar is storage. You can discuss your ideal storage needs with your designer. The designer may recommend storage in a number of configurations. You will probably have cabinetry under the bar. Your designer may also recommend cabinets on the wall above and around the bar so that you have plenty of storage space, depending on your needs.

Man Cave on a Budget

Many men dream about building a man cave for parties, entertainment or for a place to escape and relax. You might be thinking about building a man cave but are worried that you can’t afford the expenses involved. You don’t need to abandon your dream of having a man cave. The truth is that you can build this kind of space on a budget.

The entertainment portion of your man cave can easily be built over time. Your first priority will probably be a large television set and comfortable seating. Large screen television sets that are perfect for the room are frequently on sale, especially around the holiday season. You may even be able to purchase a floor model at a significant discount at big box store.

budget-mancaveAnother essential for a man cave is comfortable seating. This may include recliners and couches. There are many ways you can find the essentials at reduced prices. Furniture stores often have major sales around holidays such as President’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Check their clearance items for man cave furniture. Another option to consider is second-hand furniture stores. They offer clean and low-priced furniture that may work for you.

You can purchase other items for your man cave other time as you can afford them. You can set aside a budget for items like poker table, pool table, speakers, music equipment, a custom bar, bar stools, rugs and wall decorations. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. You can buy the essentials first and then add items a few at a time.

You should consider custom cabinetry for your man cave. You will be surprised at how affordable this kind of cabinetry can be. It is much higher in quality than the prefabricated cabinets you may be tempted to buy. Custom cabinetry is a sound investment because it will last over the years whereas prefabricated products typically only last a few years. You can speak with a custom cabinetry designer about your budget and the designer will let you know what can be accomplished within this budget. This may include entertainment center cabinetry, storage cabinets and bar storage.