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Custom Cabinetry for the Master Bathroom: Types of Wood

custom cabinetryBeauty, storage, and style are very important when considering investing your resources and time into a master bath renovation. There are several types of wood to choose that can be used to make your master bath renovation both beautiful and functional, in order to transform your original bathroom into an amazing spa retreat.

There are several types of wood cabinets that can be used for your master bath renovation: cherry, dark wood, hickory, maple, oak, pine, white. This list is not exhaustive. Here are the pros and cons for each kind of woods used for remodeling:


Cherry is one of the expensive woods to purchase, but it durable and lovely. The grains in cherry wood are exquisite.

Dark Wood

Wood that has a dark stain can be attractive and dramatic for the master bathroom. However, any kind of nick or stain will show up, so keep that in mind when considering dark wood for your master bath renovation.


Hickory can be beautiful and cost-effective for remodeling the master bathroom. However, the wood colors vary, and are not evenly spread on the wood, so it may look uneven than other wood styles.


Maple woods are known to be hardy. Maple can have a blurred appearance. This type of wood is more expensive than oak or pine, but less expensive than cherry.


Oak is an even color, durable, and ranges from white to red, and is more cost-effective than cherry or maple wood. However, oak is grainy.


Pine is a cost-effective wood, and pine provides a country look to the master bathroom. However, pine is softer , as it not as hard as other wood types, and contains the knots unique to pine.


White wood is cost effective, easy, and will make the tiniest of bathrooms look bigger. White wood also gives the bathroom a contemporary and fresh look. However, as with all whites, it will show dirt and scuffs easily.

Now that you know the pros and cons to the different types of woods that can be used to create custom cabinetry for the master bathroom, you can choose the style to transform a blasé bathroom into a spa retreat.