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The Three Key Elements of a Successful Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom renovation is a complicated project. Many people upgrade their bathroom to make it more modern. They want to improve its appearance and get rid of unstylish and out-of-date fixtures. In other cases, people are focused on making the bathroom more comfortable and inviting.

bathroom renovationWhether you are renovating a master bathroom or family bathroom, you’ll want to focus on the three key elements of successful bathroom renovations. The improvements should make the bathroom modern, attractive and functional. These upgrades make the bathroom more pleasant and can be attractive to potential buyers.

Bathrooms in older homes are often far out of date. The fixtures may not function properly anymore. There are many bathtub and shower options available today than there were 30 years ago. Homeowners often add modern features like steam showers or large bathtubs. They also typically modernize the colors in the room so it does not appear out-of-date. Older bathrooms often don’t provide appropriate amount of cabinet space. Today, users expect to be able to store towels, toiletries and many other items in their bathroom. Even if the bathroom is awkwardly shaped, custom cabinetry can create space throughout the room. Cabinets can be built around bath fixtures and in corners.

The attractiveness of the room is very important in a bathroom renovation, especially if you are considering selling the home. Your bathroom should have a pleasing color scheme and fashionable features. Bathroom cabinets can add to the attractiveness of the room. Cabinets make space for storage which makes the room appear less cluttered. There are many styles of bathroom cabinets, some with custom woodwork, that can help you add a unique touch to your bathroom renovation.

Functionality is another key to a successful bathroom renovation. Bathrooms should be easy and convenient to use. One thing many homeowners struggle with is storage space. They put racks over toilets or try to cram towels into tiny cabinets. They may have a cluttered counter space because they simply don’t have enough cabinetry. Standard cabinets from home improvement stores don’t fit well into many bathroom shapes, but custom cabinetry can be created in any size, style or shape to help improve the functionality of a bathroom.

How to Make the Most out of a Small Master Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be frustrating. The lack of space, especially storage space can make life in small bathroom seem difficult. The average bathroom in a home older than 30 years is about half the size of a modern bathroom. However, a bathroom renovation can help you take advantage of the space you have so that your bathroom feels larger.

When you undertake a bathroom renovation on a small room, think carefully about the amount of light in the room. Some smaller spaces don’t have windows. If this is the case, you should use light paint colors to keep the room from looking dark. Consider incorporating a large mirror and plenty of lighting during your bathroom renovation to make the space seem larger.

One of the key problems with a small bathroom is the lack of places to put things. Think of all the things you could store conveniently in your bathroom if you had the appropriate space. You might try to make do with crates, over-the-toilet cabinets or plastic bins. These can make the bathroom appear cluttered which will make the room feel even smaller.

custom bathroomIf you do some simple bathroom renovations, you can maximize the space you have. Custom cabinetry is one of the best options during a bathroom renovation. Standard cabinetry often fits awkwardly into small spaces. It doesn’t help you make the most of unusually shaped spaces. Cabinets can be constructed that fit under counters, in small corners or in other unusually shaped spaces. You can also request cabinets on the side counters of sinks to increase space in an unusual way.

It’s tempting to use a pedestal sink in a smaller room, but this could actually cost you usable sink. If you have a custom-built vanity with a sink, you’ll have use of the storage underneath the sink. The vanity can be shaped in a variety of ways to give you as much room as possible in your bathroom. It can be curved, square or built into the corner to provide you with additional storage space. When you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can explain your needs thoroughly. The cabinet-maker can visit your home and make recommendations about how you can make more space in a cramped room.

Save Money by Renovating Your Master Bathroom

bathroom renovationAre the bathrooms in your home old-fashioned and uncomfortable? Many people believe they must sell their home and buy a newer one to have a bathroom with amenities such as modern fixtures and beautiful custom cabinetry. However, you can make the bathroom in your current home reflect the luxurious indulgence of a spa retreat. You will spend less time and money by remodeling than you will by selling your current home and buying another. Renovation only adds value to your current home! All you need is a good contractor.

An expert contractor can assist you in developing your vision for a redesigned master bath. This contractor must be skilled at high-end, custom craftsmanship. An important part of renovating your bathroom will be the woodworking details. You will want to install custom cabinetry to provide more storage space so that your bathroom feels spacious and airy.

Many homeowners are getting rid of large, old bathtubs and replacing them with smaller tubs or custom showers to provide more room for storage. An additional way to provide more room in your bathroom is to have custom cabinets and shelving installed over the toilet in space that was not being used previously. Your contractor will know how to design the shelving and cabinets so that they are aesthetically pleasing and feel as if they were always a natural part of your bathroom.

There are many modern and convenient details that can be added to your custom cabinetry to make your bathroom feel even more lux. For example, you can have warming drawers added for your towels. Multiple towel bars can keep wet towels off the floor and make the entire room look neater. A lavish custom vanity with lights and make-up drawers can be built and installed to your specifications.

Your contractor and you can work together to determine a style and finish for your custom cabinetry that will stunningly compliment your tile and paint color choices. Many durable materials and finishes are available today that can hold up well under the high humidity conditions that can develop in a bathroom.

Your master bath can be the most spectacular feature of your home. Contact a specialized contractor today to help you design your dream bathroom.

Master Bath Renovation – Adding a Custom-Made Vanity

master bath custom cabinetsSo you are remodeling your master bathroom and have added some great luxury items such as a whirl-pool tub and towel-warming drawers. Why not add a custom-made vanity to make every visit to your bathroom feel even more like an indulgent spa retreat?

A skilled contractor, preferably one that specializes in custom cabinetry, can remove the plain sink and mirror from your old bathroom, and replace them with a specialized, molded vanity that is a work of art. A stunning vanity cannot be bought premade from a store. It must be constructed precisely for your bathroom space and according to your individual desires and needs.

Contemporary bathrooms need a custom vanity table. Current trends are to build the vanity so that is looks like a separate piece of furniture sitting in your bathroom, not a fixture attached to the wall. Choose a quality wood and finish. Talk to your contractor about the types of wood that survive best under the humid conditions in a bathroom. Match the color of the wood and finish to the tile and paint or wallpaper that you will use when remodeling the room.

One great woodworking detail that can be added to your vanity is carved legs. Carved legs will make the vanity look expensive and sophisticated and add to the feel that it is a separate piece of furniture in the room.

Adding drawers and shelves to the vanity is also a good move. The shelves will add extra storage space and enable you to access toiletries and cosmetics nearby. You may also want to store hand towels and wash cloths in the vanity for quick access. Open shelves are great to display any valued items or to set frequently used items that you want to grab quickly.

Recently, a lot of vanities are created to resemble pieces of furniture from the dining room or bedroom. For example, contractors will make the vanity look like a sideboard or credenza from the dining room or an antique dresser from the bedroom. Sometimes, contractors will even begin their project with these old pieces of furniture, sand them down and refinish them, cut out an area to install the sink bowl and piping, and create a vanity from them. The result is a beautiful vintage piece in your bathroom that looks amazing and becomes the focal point of the room.

Talk to your contractor about constructing a vanity as part of your master bathroom renovation project. This striking piece will add to beauty and value to your new master bath.

Best Wood Choices for Master Bath Cabinetry

custom bathroom cabinetsElegant wood cabinetry is a popular trend in bathroom remodeling. Properly constructed and finished wooden drawers, cabinets, shelves, vanities, and wardrobes will not only provide stylish “furniture” for your bathroom, but also provide much needed storage space. Fine wooden cabinetry can be added to any bathroom, not just new bathrooms. A professional contractor can measure the spaces in our old bathroom and design custom wooden cabinets and other woodworking details to make your bathroom a luxurious room in your home.

One concern that many people have before adding custom wood items to their bathroom is that the wood may not hold up long under the severely humid conditions of a bathroom, particularly resulting from the use of hot showers. However, with a proper construction and finish, any cabinet, shelving, etc. made of wood will last for many years to come, no matter the extreme level of humidity. A good contractor will construct these pieces for your bathroom by first coating the pieces with a finish to help “weather-proof” them. Some contractors use a polyurethane finish to do this but other types of finishes can work well, too. Both the outside and inside parts of the piece being constructed should be carefully coated in the finish.

For those concerned that a good coating of weather-proofing finish is not enough, have the cabinetry in your bathroom constructed from a wood that does well in severe weather conditions – such as teak. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is pretty resistant to rot. It typically does not need to be polished and is very durable. Ipe and Australian jarrah are also weather resistant woods that could provide more durability in a humid bathroom environment. Ipe, an Brazilian walnut, is so durable, that it is even fire resistant. It is typically used for decks and siding on the outside of homes. Australian Jarrah is a heavy wood that is termite resistant. It is used frequently for outdoor furniture and construction. Although they are frequently used for outdoor purposes, both types of wood are beautiful enough to use to construct furniture for your posh master bath.

When you first meet with your bathroom contractor, keep all of this in mind and discuss the types of woods and finishes that can be used in the construction and installation of your new bathroom cabinetry.