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How to Maximize Space in a Cramped Family Bathroom

Family bathrooms often get cramped. The older children get, the more space they use in a bathroom. It can get frustrating to try to fit toiletries, supplies and towels into a small space that your family has outgrown. The original bathroom design might have been more appropriate for a smaller family. The bathroom might be a copy of a model that was used in several houses and isn’t customized enough for your needs.

A bathroom renovation can help you maximize your space while adding value to your home. Bathrooms are one of the first features that home buyers consider. If your bathroom appears out of date, shabby or small, buyers will be less interested. A bathroom renovation can make your home much more attractive and functional at the same time. .

custom bathroom cabinetsThere are many features that you can incorporate into a bathroom renovation project. Double sinks are a great asset in family bathrooms because they allow two people to use the room at the same time. People can apply makeup, brush their teeth and wash their faces without interrupting one another. This convenience can cut down on the morning and evening bathroom rush.

Custom cabinets can enhance a bathroom renovation project. An experienced designer can create a cabinet system that is created exactly for your needs. He or she will examine the space and ask questions about how you use the room. How many people use this bathroom? What kind of storage do they need? What are your priorities for this bathroom renovation? The answers to these questions will give the designer the information he or she needs to assist you with your bathroom renovation.

Custom cabinetry offers advantages over mass-produced cabinetry when it comes to making the most of the space you have. The designer can adapt to the size and shape of the room to help you use the space. The designer may recommend taller instead of wider cabinets. These will provide additional storage space while making the room appear larger than wide cabinets might. The designer can adapt designs to small corners and odd shapes to provide more counter space or storage. You won’t have these options if you purchase pre-made cabinetry.