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Do Kitchen Cabinets and Islands Need to Match?

When you’re revamping a kitchen, you have a lot of design considerations. Many modern kitchens feature islands. If they don’t, homeowners sometimes decide to add an island to the room. During the renovation, home owners often have questions have questions about coordinating the kitchen island and the rest of the room? What should the island look like? What elements are important?

two-tone-kitchenMany people wonder about coordinating the kitchen cabinetry with the island. Do they have to match exactly? Are there best practices in terms of designing the kitchen so it is harmonious? The answer depends on the type of kitchen you want to create. There are many ways to approach kitchen cabinetry and islands. The important things is that the various elements complement each other and create a cohesive look. Everything does not have to exactly match for the renovation to look good.

Instead of focusing on matching the kitchen cabinetry and the island, many people focus on the countertops. They purchase granite, tile or other types of countertops that they can use on all the surfaces in the room. The countertops above and under the kitchen cabinetry are exactly the same as the surfaces on top of the island. The bottom of the island may be a different color than the kitchen cabinetry.

To create visual interest in the kitchen, some people deliberately create contrast the island and the kitchen cabinetry. For example, some homes have natural wood cabinetry and a darker-colored island. Others make their kitchens stand out by installing a brightly colored island in contrast to traditionally-colored kitchen cabinetry. They may mix colors such as white and red, white and blue, white and beige or white and black.

You can also create an attractive look by matching the kitchen cabinetry with the island. Many people use the same colors, woods and finishes to create a cohesive look in the room. If they want contrast, they can introduce it using wall colors, floor tile, countertops and many other elements. If you do match the kitchen cabinetry and the island, you should check to make sure the colors don’t overwhelm the room. For example, if you’re using dark colored wood, you could inadvertently make the room too dark by matching all the elements.

Why You Should Have Tall Kitchen Cabinets

tall kitchen cabinetsTall kitchen cabinets have become fashionable over the last several years. They are a popular feature as a part of many kitchen remodels. Tall cabinets offer a very different look than the compact cabinets that were popular in the past. Many people consider them much more modern. If you are considering selling your home in the near feature, give tall cabinets serious consideration. They can make your home stand out from other available properties.

Why should you consider adding this feature during kitchen remodels? Tall cabinets are stylish. The purpose of kitchen remodels is to make your home more fashionable and functional. Tall cabinets offer many functional advantages over shorter styles. They take advantage of the horizontal space in your kitchen. Often, the roof is tall and there is a great deal of empty space between the ceiling and the top of a short cabinet. That space is wasted if the cabinet is short.

Short cabinets tend to collect dust and odds and ends that don’t fit in other parts of the room. Over time, they tend to become cluttered and take away from the attractiveness of the room. That is why so many people choose to extend cabinets to the ceiling in modern kitchens.

A tall cabinet can add significant storage space to a kitchen during kitchen remodels. The shelves can be custom made to include various heights so you can accommodate a wide range of items. You can store larger boxes, bottles, appliances and items that you might have had trouble finding a place for in the past. This means you’ve made your kitchen more functional and attractive at the same time. The extra storage space will help you keep the kitchen looking clean and clutter-free.

Designers encourage buyers to consider tall cabinets during kitchen remodels because they add a creative touch to the room. Home owners enjoy have their homes stand out in a positive way. Custom cabinetry is a great way to accomplish this goal. The cabinets can be designed in a variety of ways to help them fit in with the home design. Cabinetry designers can incorporate glass, wood design and paint to give the cabinets a distinctive look.