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The Advantages of Having Your Dog’s Nails Professionally Trimmed

Nail trimming is a key part of dog grooming. Why? If the dog’s nails grow too long, it can result in a number of problems. First, the dog is more likely to scratch people unintentionally. Next, when the animal’s nails get too long, they often break which can be painful for the dog. In some cases, dogs develop infections from broken nails. If the dog’s nails grow excessively, the dog may start to walk with a strange gait to accommodate the overgrown nails. Dogs are also susceptible to ingrown nails which can be extremely painful.

small dog nailsMany people dislike trimming their dog’s nails. It’s stressful for both the pet and the owner. The dog owner is usually worried about accidentally hurting the dog, which happens often. If the owner doesn’t understand how to trim the nails, he or she can clip them too short, twist the nail or squeeze the dog’s paw. Clipping the nails too short is especially painful for the dog because it is easy to hit the sensitive quick below the nail.

Dog grooming facilities often offer nail clippings as a part of their services. There are a lot of advantages to having your dog’s nails professionally trimmed. First, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting your pet. If you work with a company that has certified dog grooming professionals, they will know how to carefully trim the dog’s nails. They are trained in the different types of clippers and which type will work best for your dog.

Dog grooming professionals recommend that the dog’s nails be trimmed and filed on a monthly basis. During the visit, the dog grooming professional will examine your pet’s nails carefully, then clip and file them appropriately. If there are any serious problems with the dog’s nails or paws, the technician may recommend that you seek treatment from a veterinarian.

How Often Should the Dog’s Nails Be Trimmed?

dog groomingThere are a number of reasons to take your dog to a professional grooming facility for nail trimming rather than going through the stress and bother of trying to do it yourself at home. The reasons for hiring a professional include:

  1. A groomer will schedule your dog to have his nails clipped at regular intervals. You will not have to remember to keep checking your dog’s nails to see if they are getting too long and hurting him. A groomer will usually schedule you for the next appointment at the time you are getting your dog’s nails trimmed. The average nail trim frequency is once per month.
  2. A groomer has all the tools available to trim your dog’s nails. There are two different types of nail clippers – the guillotine type and the scissors type. Your groomer will know the best type of clippers to use on your dog that will cause him the least amount of fear and pain.
  3. A grooming specialist has other members of staff to hold your dog if your dog will not patiently stand for nail clipping. The staff will have training on proper ways to hold your dog down in order for the groomer to safely complete the task. In addition, if your dog has a tendency to snap when he is afraid, the groomer will have a muzzle or other device handy so that your dog cannot hurt anyone during the procedure.
  4. A dog groomer has nail trimming experience. It is very easy to accidentally cut a dog’s nails too short, which can include cutting into the quick and making the dog bleed. If the dog is cut, his paws will be sore and can possibly be prone to infection. A professional who regularly trims nails will very rarely cut the nails too short.
  5. A groomer will also be able to detect any medical conditions with your dog’s nails. Some dogs are prone to nail fungus and may need medical treatment for this. A grooming professional can tell you if your dog any nail-related conditions.

Remember, if you did not start cutting your dog’s nails while he was young (most young dogs do not need their nails trimmed), then your dog may fight or run and need restrained during the procedure. The more the dog fights, the easier it is for a non-professional to harm the dog and themselves while trying to use sharp clippers while the dog is moving around. This is why it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a professional dog groomer for nail trimming.