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Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes all your kitchen needs for a new look is to replace the hardware on the kitchen cupboards. When you remove the hardware you have, your kitchen will be like a blank canvas, and you can let loose with your imagination. So say you like flowers and already have flower themed wallpaper in place. By using knobs and drawer pulls which are designed in a flower motif, you can then incorporate the flower theme into your cabinets as well. Or perhaps your kitchen is designed with antiques, you can add handles and drawer pulls made from buttons found at an antique shop or flea market.

new-knobsIn addition, installing the new hardware isn’t that difficult. You just need to count how many pulls and knobs you need. You may want to do a recount to make sure you haven’t missed any the first time around though. Then you will need to determine where on the cupboard you’re going to place them. The general rule is that if your cabinet door is on top, then the hardware is placed on the lower inward corner. If it’s a bottom door cupboard, the hardware is placed on the upper inward corner. If you’re replacing hardware on drawers though, then everything is centered. For the holes left behind, you can use wood putty that you gently sand and finish.

Also, make sure you place your hardware correctly so you don’t end up with uneven knobs and pulls. If you’re unsure of the placement, have someone else hold them where you want them so you can see how the knobs look to you. You can also make replica knobs out of tape and line them up on the door. Using your eyes then, as well as measuring, this will ensure where the hardware will end up. Just measuring alone isn’t always a good idea though in case a door is off or one cabinet is higher than the other.

Next, you want to remove all the glassware and items from the cupboard so everything isn’t covered in sawdust. Then carefully mark where the hole is going to be drilled. Drill the holes very carefully and slowly. After the hole is drilled, then insert the screw and attach the knob or pull. Then test it by opening and closing the cabinet door.

As you can see, just by doing something as simple as changing the hardware on your cabinet doors can give your kitchen a new look.