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Cabinet Refinishing vs. Replacement

So, you’ve decided that something must be done about your kitchen cupboards. You’ve been looking at the same ones for years, and you are either going to refinish or replace them. Which one is the better option? There are several things to think about if you choose either one.

If you’re only replacing drawer fronts and the doors on the cabinets, then the price will depend on what materials you want. If you’re just refinishing the pieces, then the cost would be whatever the cost of the stains or paints are. Add more to the cost if you’re replacing the hardware.

But what if you’re going to reface the fronts and doors? Well, there are multiple types of materials used in refacing. Rigid Thermo-foil or RTF is one of them. RTF is the durable and affordable. Plastic laminate is another. It has a wider range of finishes and styles than RTF. Wood veneer is the other. It is the costliest but also known to last the longest.

If you decide to replace your cupboards because they’re too far gone, then you can also go with a new kitchen layout. So you may choose to switch the stove with the sink and put the cabinets in different places then. It will cost more when something this major is involved.  

There’s additionally the time factor too. A contractor can replace doors and fronts in a couple of days. If there’s stripping and repainting or staining, it may take a little longer. If you plan on having everything replaced, then your contractor will need to tear out the old ones. It’s more time consuming for everyone since your kitchen will be ripped apart. You’ll be storing items which were in your cabinets somewhere else, and the kids will be happily eating only in front of the TV.

So it comes down to what you want to do with your kitchen, refinishing or replacement.