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Air Conditioning Repair Guide – Know Your Refrigerants

For those who like DIY air conditioning repair, or are hiring a professional to get the job done, should know about refrigerants as they are critical components of your AC.

The federal government has implemented a ban on CFC based refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer. Most modern day refrigerants are not harmful to ozone as they do not use CFC as an ingredient.


Ammonia is toxic but it’s lighter than air, thus, it never stays on the floor area, even if there is a leak. This is one of the oldest refrigerants known to man but is usually used in large commercial sector.

Sulfur Dioxide and Hydrocarbons

Sulfur Dioxide and hydrocarbons are also used in the air-conditioning system but are not very popular today.


Freon is a commonly used refrigerant in HVAC systems and other home AC units.

There are many other refrigerants, including water, used in air-conditioning systems, but some of them are banned due to the CFC content in it.

Although the government banned using Ozone-unfriendly refrigerants in newly installed air-conditioning units, there is no problem for using them in air conditioning repair or service on an older AC.

For instance, you can change the ozone unfriendly refrigerants in an existing unit with the same refrigerant, but it is not permitted with a brand-new unit.

Commercial Aspects Of Air Conditioning Service And Refrigerants

If you have a very old air-conditioning unit that uses refrigerants like R-22, which is ozone unfriendly, it is important to note that your air conditioning repair sessions are going to cost you a lot more in the future as a government imposed restriction reduced their production, and the price is also likely to get high.

If your unit is pretty old and requires a major overhaul, consider changing the unit with a brand-new one to avoid expensive air conditioning repair in future.