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Why Relative Links are Important to Your Organic SEO Strategy

seo strategyThere are two kinds of links that can support your organic search engine placement which can be used to link to another page on the internet. These are relative or absolute links. The main difference between the two is in the amount of information they contain. Absolute links are longer and contain a great deal of information. Relative links are limited in that you can only use them on the same server in which they are hosted. If you move to a different server, you will have to update these links.

Relative links are more portable than absolute links. It is easier to copy or move these types of links to different parts of a webpage if necessary. If you want to repeat the relative link several times within a website, this type of link will be simple to copy. Relative links can lead to a shorter download time, which means users are less likely to lose patience downloading documents from your site when these types of links.

It is important to test your relative links before you deploy them live. You will want to ensure that they work before your users click on them. If you make any changes to your webpage in general or the server that you use, you should also test your links to ensure that they still work.

You may use relative links as a part of organic search engine placement, which is a strategy of naturally enhancing the visibility of a website. During organic search engine placement, you will use certain keywords, links and content to increase the ranking of your website by search engines like Google and Bing. Links are an important part of the content that increases search traffic during organic search engine placement. Other types of content may include reviews, informative articles, video descriptions and many other types of content that could interest readers.