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Remodeling a Bedroom on a Small Budget

When you want a new look for your bedroom, but you have a small budget, change is possible. One idea is to rearrange the furniture. You could put your bed on the opposite side of the room for instance. Or in a corner, it will give the room a more intimate and roomy feel. Plus, you could add a small chest with drawers as a bedside table for extra storage.

Because storage is a concern in a small bedroom too, you raising your bed up on blocks is also an option. You’d then have more storage under the bed for blankets or other items. Additionally, you could purchase a storage ottoman for at the bottom of your bed, or for under a window. Extra sheets and bedding could be placed in there as well. Or, purchase a small corner cabinet for storage of bedroom items.

Or just painting the walls is fine; it doesn’t even have to be a different color. Putting on a fresh coat of the same color will freshen it up. Or perhaps you can add a wall paper border up near the ceiling or around the middle of the room for an old-fashioned look. You can also stencil a design or two to make an attractive border.

Plus, you can change the bedding. So buy yourself a set of new sheets, a duvet, comforter and a bedspread in a new color and style. Shams also add a little touch of class so if you can afford them, buy those too. If you can’t afford all of this, then buy only the new bed covering and matching shams.

You could hang some new prints on the walls additionally. It could be artwork you’ve painted, or framed posters or prints. It doesn’t have to be something very costly, just something that pleases you. Something that you’d like to see the first thing in the morning when you open your eyes.

Remodeling your bedroom is about having items and colors in it that you like.

Kitchen Sink Styles

When redoing your kitchen, and thinking about replacing the kitchen sink, do you know how many different styles there are? There is one to fit whatever remodeling dream you have. All you need to do is choose the one you think will suit your new design best and then talk it over with your professional contractor. So, just in case you don’t know your choices, below is a helpful list:

  • Vessel sinks: These sinks used to be just for bathrooms, but now moving them into the kitchen has caught on. A vessel sink sits on the counter, or slightly below it. Because of this position, you don’t have to bend over it like a traditional sink which is easier on the back. They come in a variety of materials, so one will match the look that you’ve chosen.
  • Farmhouse sinks: It’s also called an apron sink. It’s rectangular, has an exposed front and is extra deep. It’s set into of the counter, and the hardware is installed right into the countertop too. The installation of the faucets is either to the side of the basin or behind it.
  • Trough sinks: This sink is leaner and longer than a regular one. It can handle up to four faucets and drains, and about as many people using it. These are ideal for families who like to cook in groups, or for someone who gardens or does crafting. You can run several faucets at once to get the job completed efficiently.
  • Seamless sinks: This sink is melded right into the countertop into a single piece. It eliminates the problem of trying to clean that tiny crevice between the sink and countertop. The sink looks as if it’s flowing into the countertop. You can also have it manufactured from the same material as your countertop, for example, quartz or natural stone.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, think about adding a new style of the sink too.

Why You Should Go Customized

When thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you may want to consider going customized. Many people feel the kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home and you want your kitchen to be exactly what you want. By having it custom designed then, your kitchen will be an extension of you and your personal tastes.

white-kitchenNow when your contractor uses standard cabinetry, then the kitchen has to stick with the standard sizes, designs and colors. Also, because of having to use what is already made, then if you have a hard to fit spot, it will be have a fake front cabinet instead of a useful custom cabinetry design. But when you go custom design there isn’t a problem or worry about a design that you love but can’t find anywhere. There also isn’t an issue if you want to use a unique wood or finish or a complicated design. Plus, by going with the custom design plan, any tricky places you have in your kitchen will have a cabinet designed especially for that space. The custom designer wants to design something that is specifically you.

Also, a custom cabinetry shop will use a better grade of material, unique construction methods and better designed hardware for your cabinets. Because cheaper material isn’t used, the cost will be more at the onset, but in the long run the better quality will give you a kitchen which lasts longer and stays beautiful. Too, you will have a better selection of styles of cupboard doors and unique hardware. You can have inserts of frosted glass or a beautifully carved trim on your custom cupboard doors; the choice is yours.

Too, when you have a custom designed kitchen, the experts can match your already existing trim or perhaps a favorite piece of furniture. A cabinet designer can offer both flexibility and expertise here then when designing the kitchen of your dreams. So then you can have the kitchen in your home you’ve always dreamed about.

Going customized is the best way to have your kitchen be the showpiece in your home. You can have your dream kitchen when all is finished then and cook in it too!

Customizing Your Kitchen

Two of the main rooms which are often remodeled are the kitchen and the bathroom. Whether you are finally buying the home of your dreams or remodeling the kitchen in your present home having helpful advice is important.

IMG_20140206_125617_810One piece of advice is when you are remodeling your kitchen; custom cabinetry is an option that a lot of homeowners go for. When you have cabinets built to your specifications too, you can have them functional with the details you want and in the style you choose. There are also choices of finishes to choose from such crackle, faux or antiqued rub finishes. Also there are all the colors of the rainbow in both colors and stains which will match any shade you can think of.

Countertops are another item to think about, and there is an assortment of different styles and materials. You no longer have just the option of Formica, but you can choose the more sophisticated option of granite, glass, cement and stainless steel as well as butcher block. Plus, if you don’t want to get into the more off the wall counter tops, you can change the shape instead to your liking. By adding curves the countertops instead of the standard rectangle or square shape design too, it can give the kitchen a whole new look. This isn’t your grandmother’s kitchen!

Mixing and matching various materials is another trend that’s becoming popular in kitchens. Exposed wood beams, rustic looking brick walls with a fireplace and stained wood cabinets would give your kitchen a totally unique look here. It can give your kitchen a feeling of one of a kind and not just a cookie cutter look. This type of designing will give your kitchen a more personalized touch as well.

Custom storage is another hot topic in the kitchen as well. A new idea for storage is the charging station. This is a built in station in your kitchen for laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices. You can have a drawer or cabinet built in with plugs so you can charge your devices in one place out of sight here. Everything will be fully charged and at your fingertips too, no more hunting all over the house for a charger or fighting for plug space.

Customizing your kitchen can become a dream come true with all your dreams where you want them!

How to Increase the Value of Your Historical Home

Historical remodeling can seem like an overwhelming project but there are many small projects you can undertake that will significantly improve the value of your historical home. When taking on a historical remodeling project, you will want to bring the past to life in an authentic way. The main challenges you will face are integrating the needs of a modern home with the style and elegance of a historical home.

An experienced custom cabinetry company can help with historical remodeling in every part of the home. You can use cabinets, shelving and built in structures in kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, window seats and other parts of the home to add storage space and elegance.

A historical remodeling project is much different than a regular remodeling project. You will need to make a lot of decisions that aren’t applicable in typical home renovation projects. Authenticity and detail are critical to the project. You’ll need to work with an experienced contractor that understands historical remodeling projects. When it comes to cabinet making, you will need an experienced craftsman who can guide you through the process of selecting details and styles that will enhance the appearance of your home.

IMG_2688RMany historic homes do not have adequate storage spaces. Homes that were built 100 or more years ago have limited shelving, cabinets and closets. Often, during historic remodeling projects, homeowners focus on adding cabinetry and closet space to make the home more functional. They may focus on adding working space in the kitchen and space for storage in bathrooms and bedrooms.

An experienced cabinet maker can help advise you on styles that will naturally blend in with your home. You’ll be able to work with the designer during your historical remodeling project to select configurations that work for various parts of your home. Prefabricated cabinets will not have the appearance, style and colors that are appropriate for historic homes. If you work with an experienced cabinet maker, he or she will be able to help you select the colors that blend in with or enhance the spaces in your home. You’ll be involved in every aspect of the process including select the details and finish of your cabinets.


What are the Differences Among Cabinet Types?

If you are considering upgrading or replacing your kitchen cabinetry, you probably want to know as much as possible about your options. What types of kitchen cabinets are available? Which ones are the best investment? Which ones last the longest? Which types will do the most to enhance the appearance of your kitchen?

cabinet-typesThe most well-known kind of cabinet is stock or prefabricated. This type of kitchen cabinetry can be purchased at many big box and kitchen remodeling stores. These cabinets come in a variety of standard sizes, colors and materials. Some are made from particleboard while others are constructed from more sturdy materials including solid wood. When you are shopping for kitchen cabinetry, keep in mind that prefabricated cabinets have a limited range of accessories and styles. You will need to evaluate the product carefully to make sure it is well-made and doesn’t use cheap materials.

The mid-range option for kitchen cabinetry is semi-custom. The cabinets are usually made of higher quality material than prefabricated cabinets. The construction of the cabinet is typically sturdy and you have the option of making some size adjustments. You can request that the cabinets are made deeper than the standard model. You may be able to request special doors or select from a wider variety of styles, colors, finishes and accessories. You’ll find that you have more choices with semi-custom cabinets than you do with prefabricated products, but there will still be limitations to your options.

Custom kitchen cabinetry is the most versatile of all the options. It is made to order according to your preferences. Often, a custom kitchen cabinetry designer works closely with you to assist you in designing cabinets that make the most of the space in your kitchen. Often, you can take advantage of innovative and unusual cabinet configurations to create a one-of-a-kind look. You will have many options in terms of color, size, shape, wood, finish and accessories. Your options are almost limitless. Although this type of kitchen cabinetry can be expensive, homeowners often find that it enhances the value of their homes and provides them with an attractive and functional space.

Creative Master Closet Designs

custom master closetMaster closets are a great way to update your home and make the most of your space. Master closets add storage space and can be both attractive and functional. Many people dream of upgraded spaces such as walk-in closets, drawers, additional shelving and other features. If you work with a custom cabinetry company, you can get your dream closet with all the features you want.

There are many design options for a custom closet. You can add dressers to the master closets. Your designer can create custom cubbies to hold a variety of items such as ties, purses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You can create a closet in an odd-shaped space or transform an existing, smaller bedroom into a closet. These are options you won’t find if you purchase pre-fabricated closets from a manufacturer. Another disadvantage of pre-fabricated furniture is that you often have to assemble it yourself. This is often time-consuming and frustrating.

Your custom cabinetry designer can do more than create a standard closet. If you want to maximize your space, designer can add floor to ceiling closets in your master closets. You can create spaces that accommodate rugs, mirrors, rotating doors, hooks and custom shoe racks. Your options are limitless. Your closets can be as attractive as they are useful. When you work with a designer, you can select the type of woods, finishes and colors you’d like in the space. You can add custom woodworking that reflects your taste. Your custom master closets can take advantage of all the odd angles, nooks and crannies in your home to add storage options. Pre-fabricated closets or wardrobes can’t do this for you.

Master closets can significantly add to the value of your home. If you want to put your home on the market, potential buyers will notice your closets immediately. Think back to when you were purchasing a home. Closet space was probably one of your major concerns. If you create a useful and adequate space, your home will stand out from others on the market. Buyers will take note of the storage efficiency and ease of your master closets if you do the project right. A custom cabinetry company can help you make the most of your space.