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Luxury Closets

Imagine having a closet with cabinets and shelves which is larger than your bedroom? Because some people go beyond the phrase “walk-in closet.” It should be called a room for their clothes. So just what type of closets do the rich go for? Below are some descriptions of what might be in a closet for the wealthy:

  • A wardrobe room for the sophisticated man may have wood cabinetry, stained dark with dark hardwood floors. Shelves could be throughout the space which are lighted, with hanging rods. Mirrors could be located above a chevron designed rug with lots of texture. Any cubbies which would be in the closet would also be lighted. Perhaps these would be used for shoes or other personal items.
  • Another closet may have lacquer cabinetry painted stark white. It could contain boots, expensive clothing, shoes and many other items. There could be a crystal chandelier in black as well as a button tufted ottoman in silver for sitting down when putting on boots and shoes.
  • Peeking inside another closet may show us a hardwood floor designed in dark wood. White cabinets, bronze mirrors and French doors which are mirrored would complete it. Sparkling crystal knobs on drawers would reflect the light a rectangular crystal chandelier. A luxurious couch to lounge on could be there while an attendant pulls out selections of dresses and shoes to decide on for the day.
  • Some closets have islands in the center, bathrooms, makeup stations with lighted mirrors for a professional look with even a bar and kitchenette. The top of the line luxury closets can even have elevators in them to go to the next level. Clothes could be on different levels depending on what they’re used. There could be a locked storage areas for furs and jewelry, a separate section for shoes and evening gowns.

When budget isn’t an issue, the sky is the limit for storing your clothes, shoes and personal belongings.

Renovating a 70s Bathroom

Lots of homes in desirable neighborhoods were built in the 1970s. The downside to these homes is that they often need extensive remodeling. One of the parts of the home that needs the most attention is the bathroom. They can be out of date in a number of ways. The plumbing may need to be replaced. The décor probably needs serious attention. Another issue can be the cabinetry and plumbing features such as showers, tubs, sinks and toilets and tubs in the room. There also may not be enough cabinetry. When you remodel the bathroom, the cabinets need to be updated to fit in with the new design.

Although a renovation to a restroom can be expensive, it is an advantage in many different ways. You’ll have the enjoyment of the renovated bathroom immediately. You’ll be able to enjoy it the entire time you live in the home. In the long term, the remodel will be an enjoyable advantage. You’ll enjoy showing it off when you have company and overnight guests. If you decide to sell your home, a new bathroom will be attractive to prospective buyers.

The first thing you will probably need to do to update a 70s styled room is brighten the space. During the 70s, darker room colors were common. Wood paneling was common as well as dark wallpaper. Today, most people prefer brighter colors. Consider brighter or lighter colors of paint. You can paint over paneling if you can’t afford to replace it. Remove dark window coverings or curtains and replace them with lighter coverings.

When you’re restructuring the powder room, take the design into serious consideration. Think about how you want the room to be laid out. You’ll want to consult with a contractor to see what your options are in terms of laying out showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets if you want to make any changes. An important part of restroom design is also storage space. You want to make sure that you have adequate space for storing towels, toiletries and other items. Usually, the cabinetry in the bathroom is dark to match the paneling and the other colors in the room and will need to be replaced or painted.

Save Money by Renovating Your Master Bathroom

bathroom renovationAre the bathrooms in your home old-fashioned and uncomfortable? Many people believe they must sell their home and buy a newer one to have a bathroom with amenities such as modern fixtures and beautiful custom cabinetry. However, you can make the bathroom in your current home reflect the luxurious indulgence of a spa retreat. You will spend less time and money by remodeling than you will by selling your current home and buying another. Renovation only adds value to your current home! All you need is a good contractor.

An expert contractor can assist you in developing your vision for a redesigned master bath. This contractor must be skilled at high-end, custom craftsmanship. An important part of renovating your bathroom will be the woodworking details. You will want to install custom cabinetry to provide more storage space so that your bathroom feels spacious and airy.

Many homeowners are getting rid of large, old bathtubs and replacing them with smaller tubs or custom showers to provide more room for storage. An additional way to provide more room in your bathroom is to have custom cabinets and shelving installed over the toilet in space that was not being used previously. Your contractor will know how to design the shelving and cabinets so that they are aesthetically pleasing and feel as if they were always a natural part of your bathroom.

There are many modern and convenient details that can be added to your custom cabinetry to make your bathroom feel even more lux. For example, you can have warming drawers added for your towels. Multiple towel bars can keep wet towels off the floor and make the entire room look neater. A lavish custom vanity with lights and make-up drawers can be built and installed to your specifications.

Your contractor and you can work together to determine a style and finish for your custom cabinetry that will stunningly compliment your tile and paint color choices. Many durable materials and finishes are available today that can hold up well under the high humidity conditions that can develop in a bathroom.

Your master bath can be the most spectacular feature of your home. Contact a specialized contractor today to help you design your dream bathroom.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Bath Renovation With Custom Woodworking

Before beginning a bath renovation project for your master bath, consider the space requirements, household functionality and your wish list for this special retreat. Creating a spa environment in your master bath is easily attained with a multi-jet Jacuzzi tub, custom woodworking, plush towels, and bubble bath with the sweet aroma of relaxation.

Whether you are looking for a single or double sink vanity, a bathtub fit for two or a walk-in shower with multiple shower heads, if you utilize some custom woodworking to add romance to the space your bath renovation will turn into a room that you can’t wait to get home to every day after a long day’s work.

Custom woodworking combined with selecting a stain that will barely change the color of the wood or a paint that will be part of the design element of your bath renovation you will add uniqueness to your spa environment. The custom woodworking can be functional to include special spaces for your favorite perfumes or a specially designed towel rack that you like to have within arms length when relaxing in the tub.

Whenever embarking on a bath renovation ensure that the outcome will be as close to what you are looking for as possible. No matter what the reason for your bath renovation, whether it is being done strictly to fix a serious household hazard or malfunction or to add to the value of your home then consider adding custom woodworking to elevate the beauty and functionality of this private oasis. Having a relaxing space to come home to after a long day at the office or a tough day at the gym can be the difference between days full of stress-filled moments that adversely affect your life and your health or having a spa environment for hours of relaxation to increase your peace of mind and the quality of your life.