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Rolling Shutters for Security

Protecting your home from a home invasion is a number one priority on your list. Windows can be one way that a burglar can gain access to your home. However; if you install rolling security shutters, you’ve cut off an access for a home invasion. Now rollaway shutters can protect a large window, your porch and openings to your patio as well as sliding glass doors. Rolling security shutters can even protect your home while you’re away so that you can leave and enjoy yourself with better peace of mind.

Why rolling shutters

rolling-shutterRolling shutters don’t have bolts to remove, screws to strip or locks to pick so access is better denied. The shutters can also be opened and closed from the inside of your home with installed opening devices. As another plus, these shutters act as noise filters by minimizing the outside noises of sirens, barking dogs and loud traffic. They create a barrier for a peaceful home environment from the noisy world outside.

Another added bonus is added energy savings. The shutter creates a dead air space that is between your glass window or door and the shutter. This will help to insulate your home from the heat of the day and the coolness of the night. These shutters can make for then a significant reduction on your heating and cooling bill, which over time, will pay for your shutters in savings.

Weather protection

Another added asset of the rolling security shutters is the protection they offer from violent weather. With the weather being so unpredictable and storms appearing out of nowhere, these shutter will give you a wall of protection against the elements. Blizzards, hail, high wind; whatever nature throws at your home, the rolling shutters will add security and safety. Intense rain which can beat against your windows, seep through window seals and cause interior damage, but with the rolling shutters, these can seal out rain, snow and hail and give you maximum protection against nature’s threats.

Rollaway security shutters have many uses from protecting against security breaches, to weathering bad weather to decreasing your utility bill. That’s why rollaway shutters are a very good choice.

Why You Need Rolling Shutters

If you are a homeowner or business owner, you should evaluate your security on a regular basis. Break-ins and vandalism occur even in areas that seem safe and tranquil. Don’t wait until there has been a break-in in your home or nearby to take action to improve window security.

The easiest access points to homes and buildings are often the windows. Thieves don’t have to worry about attract attention by breaking classes. In many cases, windows can easily be pulled away from the frame so that the criminal can enter the building quickly and quietly. Traditionally, many homes and businesses have put bars or metal screens across windows enhance security and prevent window break-ins. The problem with these solutions is that they send the wrong message. If you own a business, the security bars indicate to customers that your neighborhood is dangerous. If you decide to sell your home, buyers will interpret the window bars to mean that you live in a high crime area even if the bars are merely a security precaution.

You can purchase rolling shutters that make windows secure and protect them from criminals and serious weather. Rolling shutters are available for both indoor and outdoor installation. Rolling shutters can be raised manually or through an automatic installation and they roll into small, decorative boxes that sit above the window. The boxes are small and attractive and blend in with the décor of your home or office. You can choose window boxes and shutters in a variety of styles and colors that complement your home or office building.

Not only do rolling shutters provide security, they also help manage the temperature in your home or office. Energy efficiency is a concern for most people because heating and cooling costs can be significant. When bright light enters the room, it can make a room extremely hot, rapidly. It takes a lot of energy to cool the room back down. You can roll the shutters down when the light is hottest to control room temperature. Shutters can also be helpful in terms of managing heat escape. When your shutters are down, they will keep warm air from escaping. At the same time, they’ll keep cold air from entering through the windows.

Protect Your Home and Business with Rolling Security Shutters

rolling shuttersDoor security and window security is certainly a wise thing to invest in, especially with storm season upon us. Those of you who live in tornado alley, near the beach, or anywhere storms are prevalent should consider adding this cost effective addition to your home.

What are Rolling Security shutters?

Rolling shutters are the aesthetically pleasing and much more convenient version of boarding windows before a storm, coupled with adding bars for security. Rolling security shutters are stylish and affordable. The shutters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fit a broad range of applications. Even though called shutters, they are also available for doors.

Who Needs Rolling Security Shelters?

Above I touched briefly on how adding rolling shutters to your home is a great safeguard during storm season. While certainly a great use, almost anyone can benefit from adding these shutters to their home. Both residential and commercial buildings will enjoy added security from these shutters. Don’t forget to think beyond just windows you can also add rolling shutters to your storefront doors to keep unwanted visitors away.

Recently, numerous studies have indicated an increase in the amount of theft and property damage crimes, especially in regards to small businesses. While in the perfect world, hiring a full time security guard would be a waste, in our world, you must have security. As a small business owner, cost effective solutions are crucial to maintaining profits. One way to do this is by reducing expenditure on security and losses by adding security shelters to your business. Each day when you leave, just close the windows and secure the doors, knowing that when you return, everything will be just where you left it. As with residential applications, burglars are not the only culprit these shutters will keep out.

Overall, if you value security and are looking for increased piece of mind for your home or business, rolling security shutters are a cost effective and practical way to get the job done. Contact your local rolling security shutter specialist today and they can provide you with all the details for your application.