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What Services Do I Charge Sales Tax For?

sales taxSales tax laws can be difficult to understand. They can also vary widely depending on your location. Many products and services are taxed differently. For example, prescription drugs and food items are sometimes exempt from sales tax. Personal and professional services may be eligible for exemptions in some locations. There are tax issues that apply when you sell products to buyers in other states. Local, state and federal regulations can combine to create extremely confusing business law situations.

A business law attorney can explain in detail the sales tax structures for your area. Sales tax structures are different in every state. For example, if you operate in Arizona, there are several sales tax exemptions that you should be aware of. Professional personal services are exempt from sales tax if they are not purchased as part of the sale of a tangible product. Personal property that is bought for resale is also exempt from sales tax. There are many other exemptions in Arizona. It’s critical to comply with tax laws. If you don’t, you could be subject to severe fines that could cripple your business. A business law attorney can help you navigate your business’ tax situation to ensure that you comply with all laws.

It’s a good idea to consider a business law attorney as one of the critical costs involved in a running a business. You can research many tax and business law situations through books and the internet, but you could spend a lot of time and energy and not clearly understand what you need to do. It may actually be more cost effective to hire a business law attorney that can give you advice quickly and accurately. You can then spend your efforts on your business and customers, leaving the legal matters to the professional.

If you neglect to hire an attorney, you will quickly discover that you have serious gaps in your business law expertise. You could make costly mistakes that lead to crippling tax bills and other problems. Many business owners have tried to handle these issues on their own only to make mistakes that result in long term consequences. You turn to a medical professional for consultation on personal health issues, right? You should take the same approach when it comes to the health of your business, seek out the legal professional.