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Getting your pool ready for summer

salt protectGetting your pool ready for the summer swimming season is a big project. To get the pool in safe condition for swimmers, it is important to use the appropriate swimming pool chemicals to get the water balanced. Swimming pool chemicals balance the water which helps the condition of your pool in a number of ways. You need balanced water to keep the equipment in your pool running correctly. Unbalanced water will shorten the life of your filter, heater and other equipment. Water that hasn’t been treated by swimming pool chemicals is dangerous to swimmers. Properly treated water is sanitized and free of dangerous bacteria that can make swimmers ill. It’s also important to use swimming pool chemicals to make your pool water appear attractive and inviting. Without the appropriate swimming pool chemicals, your water will turn murky and will begin to develop algae. Algae is very difficult to kill once it begins to grow. It is best to treat the water carefully to avoid algae growth. The right swimming pool chemicals will keep your water clear and sparking throughout the swimming season.

Salt Protect is one of the key products that will help you get your pool ready for the summer months. To use the product, first raise the water level. Apply the product and it will remove scale from your pool within forty-eight hours. It will prevent the growth of any more stain or scale in the future. It will also help stabilize the PH of your water which is always a concern when you are trying to open your pool for the season. Salt Protect is also one of the important swimming pool chemicals that you should use because it helps control the metal in your water. It will control iron and rust and help to prevent corrosion which will keep your equipment running effectively.

How to Take Care of a Salt Water Pool

When you are treating a salt water pool, your pool will have a chlorine generator that helps produce chlorine from the salt in the water. This means you do not have to constantly add swimming pool chemicals to the pool the way that people who own chlorine-treated pools need to do. In general, it will be a lot less expense and work than other styles of pool treatment.


It is important to clean debris out of the pool every day. The debris can clog the filter and make the pool run less efficiently. Debris can also affect the swimming pool chemicals that you need to use. The debris can affect the pH level of the water which can lead to the need for additional treatment.

Maintain the pH Level

You should test the pH level of your pool regularly. You may need to use swimming pool chemicals to adjust the pH level if it is not appropriate. The level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. If the pH falls below this level, the pool, filter and generator can corrode. If the pH lever gets higher than 7.6, it can create scaling. You can use swimming pool chemicals to adjust pH levels when necessary.

Treat After Heavy Use

When you have a pool party or other event when your pool is heavily used, you will need to use more swimming pool chemicals to balance the pool. You may also need to do this when the water becomes cloudy. You can use a traditional chlorine shock treatment or you may have a “super-chlorinate” setting on your chlorine generator that can increase chlorine for you.

Use Appropriate Cleaners

Your pool may build up scale over time. You may also find that the tile in the pool becomes dirty. You will need to use swimming pool chemicals to clean these parts of your pool. A swimming pool tile cleaner can help you remove buildup on your tile and preserve its appearance over time.